Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 979

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Chapter 979: Desert Romance

"The true power of Sand of Time?"

Yun Xi looked around the vast golden desert with confusion.

This kind of scenery doesn't exist in the real world.

The sand, like crystal powder, gives off the scent of accumulated time.

Countless golden grains of sand piled up, making the world resemble the dawn of a mythical era. From where Casina the Battle God and Yun Xi stood, the entire world was filled with such scenery.

"What kind of swordsman do you think I am?" Casina the Battle God smiled at Yun Xi , sitting on a throne of sand with bare feet.

Those incredibly long and beautiful legs, with their pale brown skin emitting a healthy and enticing color, just casually crossed together, made Yun Xi 's breathing quicken and his heart beat faster.

"Teacher... Are you a swordsman?" Yun Xi has always been curious. His teacher, Casina, is clearly the strongest champion of the Battle God's Championship Contest, and recognized as the "Battle God" of the endless god's domains. So why has she never used her divine sword, the "Sand of Time"?

Even when facing Shaya Longnis in battle, she has never drawn her sword from behind her back, instead relying on fists and kicks.

Since becoming her disciple, Yun Xi has never learned anything related to "swords" from her.

However, the mysteries of "rigid body" and "flexible body", including the Battle God's Seed planted in his own body, all carry Casina the Battle God's unique and powerful style.

If it weren't for Casina the Battle God's reminder, Yun Xi would have forgotten that his teacher is indeed a swordsman, and a legend at the pinnacle of swordsmanship in the Eastern God's Domain and even the entire endless god's domains—the Sky Sword.

The Sand of Time, the Sky Sword—Casina, that is her title.

"Yes, I do practice swordsmanship."

"But it's probably not the kind of sword you imagine."

"As my disciple, you also need to understand what kind of sword I cultivate."

Yun Xi perked up his ears. This was the secret that Casina the Battle God, his teacher in the Battle God Genre, had never touched in the real world.

"My divine sword, the Sand of Time, is an auxiliary sword. It is not a sword for direct combat."

"The true sword of the Battle God Genre is within ourselves."

"Now, you should be able to feel the true power of the seed in your body." Casina the Battle God snapped his fingers, and a burst of energy hit Yun Xi in the stomach.

The exact spot where Yun Xi was hit was where Casina the Battle God had planted the Battle God's Seed.

"Boom!" The moment Yun Xi was struck by Casina the Battle God's powerful finger, he felt a fiery flame erupt from his stomach and spread throughout his body.

The power of his blood and energy was boiling.

Yes, this is the feeling!

He used the power of the Battle God's Seed for the first time, releasing all the built-up strength and energy in one powerful burst, giving him the feeling of overpowering the fallen king of the ancient dragon world.

At that moment, he experienced the true dominance of a strong body and the agility of a flexible body for the first time.

In the recent trial in Crystal Creek Valley, he took it a step further by combining the power of a strong body and a flexible body. He developed a unique sword technique based on this physical ability, which allowed him to deflect and return all the projectiles with Gigabit Wings.

When Casina the Battle God pointed at the Battle God's Seed in Yun Xi's abdomen, it was fully awakened. Perhaps it was because they were in the White Lotus Secret Treasure world, but once the power was activated, it couldn't be controlled.

An unimaginable surge of power erupted from the Battle God's Seed, granting him greater strength, faster speed, and extraordinary reflexes beyond what Yun Xi could have ever imagined.

Not only that, but a massive flow of information also bursts out from the Battle God's Seed, which is the next stage of training.

"Heh... Looks like you're learning well... Very energetic..." Casina the Battle God covered her mouth and looks at Yun Xi with a playful expression as his vital energy bursts forth.

Following her teacher's gaze, Yun Xi has a embarrassed expression on his face.

The side effects of this extraordinary burst of vital energy are several times stronger than usual.

Something with a strong vital energy is standing tall, just like raising a flag.

"Expansion is normal, but this is where you need to start controlling it," Casina the Battle God stretches lazily from her throne of debris, and stands up:

"Let me teach you the method of releasing the power of the Battle God's Seed."

"The fusion of rigidity and flexibility is the basic requirement for using the Sand of Time sword."

"Only by achieving this step can you truly see the door to the legend rank."

Yun Xi didn't even have time to react when he was punched in the stomach. He curled up like a shrimp, and his own teacher sent him flying into the sky.

"Feel the spinning of the eighteen levels of hell," said Casina the Battle God, as he began to teach his disciple step by step. Casina's eyes were serious, and his movements were very quick.

Yun Xi didn't have a chance to resist. His teacher locked his hands and feet with joint techniques, and then spiraled downwards towards the ground.

It was a true acceleration into the clouds. In the blink of an eye, Casina the Battle God hit Yun Xi , sent him flying, and then restrained him in mid-air. It happened so quickly.

The once lively Yun Xi was now captured.

"Boom!" Yun Xi was slammed into the ground by Casina the Battle God's throwing technique. He felt like the world was spinning, as if the whole golden desert had turned into a vast whirlpool of shifting sands.

"Look, this is how the river of time looks."

"No living creature can ever go back in time."

"What has happened has already happened, and what has ended has already ended. Even death is insignificant in the eternal river of time."

"At no time is it permitted to challenge the taboo of reversing time. Anyone who does so, even gods, will disappear into the river and be forgotten."

Yun Xi, who was thrown into the sea of quicksand, was floating involuntarily with the surrounding sand particles. Sometimes slow, sometimes fast, sometimes still.

"Can you feel it? This is the magic of the Sand of Time."

"We cannot go back to the past, but we can control the present and observe the future."

"If we think of our bodies as swords, the origin of the sword will not change, but the materials themselves are constantly changing, and there can be countless different states."

Countless coincidences combine to create miracles.

However, a normal human body cannot withstand such changes from the Sand of Time. In order to adapt to the power of the Sand of Time, you must change your own stance.

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