Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 978

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Chapter 978: Many Futures

Could there really be so many different futures for me?

If we consider the second stage of the White Lotus Secret Treasure trial as a kind of future career advancement test, then this pile of paths means that there are dozens of futures that suit him.

And, none of them are repeated!

"Why didn't I even know that I had so many options for future advancement?"

"Obviously, I chose to be a swordsman..."

Hmm, Yun Xi's way of thinking is simply straightforward like this.

Since he already learned the basic moves of Hua Huo's Sky Flying Sword and Yun Hai's Quadrant Sword, maybe there are other career choices besides being a swordsman?

Out of curiosity, he wanted to know what kind of person he could be on these paths, so he chose the one on his left and touched it with his finger.


A golden, fiery flame rushed towards him, surrounding him and dancing along with him.

Countless golden and crimson lights and the spirits of fire cheered around him, speaking to him in a language that humans cannot understand. It was the voice of the essence of the world, the purest and most innocent song of these spirits.

They were welcoming him once again as he arrived here.

In the endless god's domains, one of the most powerful ranks in the whole starry world, the Sunwalker, was waiting for Yun Xi .

One, two, three, twelve Light Furnaces surrounded Yun Xi , each one a perfect creation with the power of a sun, and this was far from their limit.

As long as Yun Xi wished, he could use the countless spirits as materials to create more Light Furnaces, even forming a destructive army of suns.

Covered in a golden robe, the Sun God adorned Yun Xi , allowing him to walk among the clouds and illuminate the sky and earth.

With every step he took, the path of the sun changed, a stellar-level way of shifting its trajectory.

This world could accommodate such a sun, and even more suns to come, because it was the legendary God's Domain, located at the highest level of the entire endless god's domains, spanning thirty-three days.

Even if there were two suns in the sky, the creatures on the ground still lived their lives freely. Some creatures even enjoyed the hot and sunny weather.

A magnificent bird, just like Yun Xi, the Sunwalker, with wings spread wide, eagerly flew over. It was the dream-like bird during the pregnancy of the Queen Mother of Kunlun God's Domain.




The little Golden Crow Princess spread her golden wings, now big enough to cover Yun Xi. She cheered and walked with him in the sky.

The heavens and the earth.

Light and fire.

Yun Xi and the Golden Crow Princess.

The whole world blessed this couple with happiness.

Everywhere they walked, there were golden fragments scattered around. These were the essence of the sun, attracting many birds from Kunlun God's Domain to absorb the abundant energy.

"Oh, I see... Is this where the princess and our future lies?" Yun Xi could feel a connection between himself and the Golden Crow Princess, as if they shared the same bloodline. They both carried the scent of being Sunwalkers.

"Mmm... Mmm..."

"Mei... let's fly together..."

The Golden Crow Princess took Yun Xi by the hand, and they soared above the thirty-three heavens. Whether it was a dream or something else, any dream they could have together was the best dream.

"What a beautiful world."

"Just like you."

Yun Xi looked at the mountains, seas, and land beneath his feet. This was the most mysterious and beautiful scenery in the Eastern God's Domain, a world unknown to the endless god's domains. It was still untamed and home to many ancient fantasy species.

And what about that fantasy species which emerged from the sea, transforming from a huge fish into a black-winged bird soaring into the sky? What could it be?

There was also another bird, somewhat resembling the Golden Crow Princess, with one side of its body being blue and the other side being red. It looked truly adorable.

"Wow, there's such a big nine-headed snake in the swamp, it looks like it's lazily sleeping."

Of course, the strongest, most beautiful, and cutest one is the Golden Crow Princess by their side.

She is like the sun in this world, bringing sunshine and more life to the world. And the person walking with her seems to be seen as the sun of this world too.

In your eyes, this world is the scenery you see.

In other people's eyes, you are also the scenery they see.

As Yun Xi touched the feathers of the Golden Crow Princess, he also transformed into a radiant sun, feeling the sensation of illuminating everything from above the thirty-third heaven.

Hmm, this feeling is not bad at all, maybe one day he will fall in love with this feeling.

To become the sun, there is such a future, he realized.

"Mei... come with me..." The Golden Crow Princess transformed into a human form, shyly hugged Yun Xi , and then kissed him.

The blazing sun, which can burn mountains and boil the sea, has now turned into a soft blanket, allowing this couple to enjoy sweet moments together, very, very passionately.

Opening his eyes, Yun Xi woke up from the gentle affection of the Golden Crow Princess. It felt like there was still a lingering warmth of a girl's skin on his fingertips, and his gaze seemed dazed.

In that moment, the future was within reach, and even the method to achieve it was crystal clear. All he needed to do was embrace the Golden Crow Princess and obtain her blood, sharing their lives together.

Perhaps it was a special privilege as the bearer of the highest level White Lotus Secret Treasure imprint, but the White Lotus Secret Treasure even clearly deduced the method to realize this future. The success rate was over ninety percent, meaning that as long as he chose this path, he could definitely marry the Golden Crow Princess and become the sun.

However, Yun Xi felt that something was not quite right.

It seemed like when Yun Xi was flying together with the Golden Crow Princess in the Thirty-Three Heavens, they could always feel someone watching them.

"I am an honest person and cannot deceive a little girl," Yun Xi said to convince himself, temporarily putting aside the future.

Even if he wanted to take action, the Golden Crow Princess was still inside the egg, and no one knew when she would be hatched by the great Queen Mother of the West.

This road represents the possibility of living and flying together with the Golden Crow Princess. So what about the other roads? Yun Xi wondered, filled with curiosity and decided to try another one.

This time, in front of him, appeared an endless golden desert.

The sand in the desert, every grain was almost transparent golden, like crushed fragments of crystal.

"Do you know the meaning of Sand of Time?" Casina the Battle God stretched lazily and pulled out the hourglass-shaped divine sword Sand of Time from behind her, smiling at her disciple.

Is this the future, Teacher Casina the Battle God?

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