Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 975

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Chapter 975: The Running Xiao Cao

Ranking tenth, "Broken Iron Sword" Russell, a wish incarnation of the White Lotus Secret Treasure, lost the battle.

Ranking ninth, "Steel Thorn Sword" Wang Qi, also a wish incarnation, lost the battle.

Ranking eighth, "White Light Sword" Bai Yun, another wish incarnation, lost the battle.

Ranking seventh, "Blood Light Sword" Xie Huanzhen, the fourth wish incarnation, lost the battle.

In the beginning of the Crystal Ball Tournament, there were four battles. The Great Xia Prince, Xia Jie, who transformed into the Black Dragon Emperor, won all four battles. With the powerful Black Cavalry, they crushed many green tentacles.


Only victory can satisfy me!

Only victory can make me feel excited!

This is my future path!

Watching the Black Dragon Emperor dominate the battlefield and defeat the elite members of the noble alliance, Xia Jie felt his heart beating fast as he placed his hand on his chest.

Yes, this is his wish, his desired future.

That dark figure is the embodiment of his ideals.

The future emperor of the Great Xia, the Black Dragon Emperor!

On the other hand, there was silence and chaos among the members of the noble alliance.

A few talented disciples from the White Lotus Sword Palace, who came from various noble families in the Sky Sword God's Domain, looked at each other and found confusion in their eyes.

They were among the top ten in the White Lotus Sword Palace, each having been given the prestigious White Lotus mark. Their talent in swordsmanship was recognized.

But why is it that after gripping the crystal ball, they all ended up transitioning into being wielders of the green tentacles, which had control over them?

As they gradually regained their memories, they instinctively sensed that something was wrong. There seemed to be fragments of memories floating around in their minds.

These fragments were hazy and occasionally appeared as markings resembling deep-sea eels. Whenever these markings appeared, their pupils would turn an unnatural shade of green.

"Are we...?"

"Don't speak, staying alive is the most important thing."

"At this point, there's no turning back."

Witnessing the possible stance they could awaken to in the future, the partially sane elite members of the White Lotus Sword Palace were first shocked, then confused, and ultimately had to accept that this was their destiny.

As for where exactly their lives started to go wrong from the fork in their fate, they couldn't remember.

The judgment of the White Lotus Secret Treasure was almost never wrong. The figures appearing on the crystal ball had a tangible connection to their souls, only strengthened many times over, approaching their ideal perfection.

"A group of useless people. So what if it's the prince of the Great Xia? I won't lose to him!" Qin Su, the highest-ranked member among the prestigious family of the Heaven Child Sword, looked disdainfully at these tentacle users.

Compared to them, he had accepted the power from the abyss earlier, donning a yellow robe.

Since he couldn't become the true Heaven Child of the Great Qin Sword Domain, becoming the Heaven Child of "this side" was also acceptable.

With the highest talent and the highest level of contamination, he could now hear the voices of his own people belonging to his own country.

"Shh! Shh!"

That was the sound of countless king insect larvae crawling.

"Bzz! Bzz!"

That was the sound of electric rays swimming in circles.

"Splash! Splash!"

That was the sound of a lot of giant jellyfish entangled together.

And in the deeper, icy abyss, the gaze of the North Sea monster.

In this moment, his yellow robe had become extraordinary, like reaching the heavens in a single step!

Those who believed in Su had great fear and great wisdom!

Don't compare this Yellow-robed Emperor with those clueless fools who still haven't realized the truth. Once he understood what had happened to him, he fully embraced the side of the abyss.


Watching the cold and powerful Black Dragon Emperor on the crystal ball battlefield, someone from the Starwings Knights' camp was eager to try.

"I'll go!"

With her braids flying, Xiao Cao held onto the crystal representing the Starwings Knights.

Xiao Cao's wish was simple – to battle, a truly pure battle.

Go challenge opponents who are stronger than you, go across more battlefields, and alone you can achieve goals that nobody else can accomplish.

Going on solo adventures is perfect.

Being rebellious is perfect.

Being strong in solitude, not needing any support, and being able to change the course of a battle on your own, that's the strongest!

The sword of an ordinary person, after countless battles of training, is growing into a charging, god-like sword.

No matter what kind of dire situation, Xiao Cao can persevere and survive.

Even when facing powerful opponents, Xiao Cao will still go and challenge them.

After advancing from the ordinary person rank to the hero-ranked, every day Xiao Cao is getting stronger, like a tiny sprout struggling to grow out from under a huge rock, nothing can stop her growth anymore.

And what changes Xiao Cao is Mei, like the sunlight and rain that the grass needs. To Xiao Cao, Mei is the sunlight and the rain.

Once considered a girl with average talent, the village girl has started to grow towards becoming a warrior.

The power of the War God is being refined!

The wishful scenery of Xiao Cao reflected in the White Lotus Secret Treasure is none other than herself.

Compared to the current Xiao Cao, the future Xiao Cao seems to be quieter and her eyes are calmer.

What has changed the most is the mortal sword in her hand. This mortal sword, which was originally just a novice iron sword, has taken on a whole new color after being reassembled by Xiao Cao.

On the blade of the mortal sword held by Xiao Cao deduced by the White Lotus Secret Treasure, there are red marks that seem impossible to wash away.

These marks are traces of blood, whether it be tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even more, formed who knows how long ago.

As Xiao Cao grows a little, there are no freckles on her face anymore. Her braided hair gently sways, like a dragon's tail.

"Hmm, this is it!" Xia Jie felt threatened for the first time. A sudden opponent emerged from the camp of the Starwings Knights, causing the Black Dragon Emperor inside the crystal ball to take the initiative for the first time.

And not only that, they attacked along with their twelve Black Cavalry at once, launching a charge that had never been seen before against any enemy.

"............" Xiao Cao became even quieter and bowed its head slightly. It began to run, with its braids swaying like the tail of a dragon.

The running of the twelve Black Cavalry and the Black Dragon Emperor was like an earthquake, shaking the land and causing the thunderous sound of their footsteps to echo through the sky.

Xiao Cao's running was like a nimble antelope on the prairie, light and agile, smooth and flexible. Even Yun Xi watching this scene thought that Xiao Cao had awakened some kind of agile ability.

No, it wasn't agility!

It was proof that they had mastered a certain footwork technique to its limit!

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