Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 974

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Chapter 974: Battle of Fantasy

The green tentacles, under the control of the crystal sword, struck down suddenly!

A series of green acid bombs were released, instantly dissolving the ground of the crystal disk like a storm, turning the entire area into a toxic zone resembling a poison pool.




More transparent green tentacles emerged from the ground, emitting a toxic aura. This was Russell's forbidden spell, a strategic spell that could completely modify the terrain.

Covering an area of over a hundred meters, the poison pool gave Russell a magic pool that exceeded his body's limits by more than a hundred times. It also elevated his sustained combat power and killing potential to a terrifying level.

"This..." Russell looked at his forbidden spell and couldn't help but feel that something was off about it.

Wasn't he a swordsman?

Why does his forbidden spell seem completely unrelated to swordsmanship?




The twelve Black Cavalry stood in a green poisonous pool, the armor on their feet corroded by the fierce venom, filling the air with deadly toxins. But they remained still.

No amount of poison could affect the Black Knights who were already dead.

The Black Dragon Emperor, wearing a black visor, raised his hand and swung it downwards.

The twelve Black Cavalry began to move.

They were as unstoppable as a thunderbolt!

Facing these colossal creatures over ten meters tall, the twelve Black Cavalry showed no fear!

The toxic tentacles released by Russell were severed, torn, and trampled before them like saplings.

It was clear to everyone that there was a huge difference in combat power between the two sides, and the potential shown by the Great Xia prince far exceeded that of Russell, the man.

However, Russell also possessed formidable forbidden spells.

"Since I am going to become a tentacle user, let's make it even crazier!" Russell, who was feeling a bit hopeless, gritted his teeth and stared at the other version of himself in the crystal ball, his future self, and gave an order.

As he held the crystal ball, he was closely connected to the Russell fighting on the crystal ball. His will also partially influenced that other Russell. This was the special feature of the second trial.

Wisdom, imagination, creativity.

Wisdom is the most powerful trait of the intelligent race and one of the greatest strengths of humans.

As a race in the endless god's domains with balanced qualities in all areas, humans can only compete with those incredibly powerful races and even create their own legend by unlocking the door of "wisdom".

Humans cannot actively push the limits of their race, so they can only chase after those beloved by the heavens and the earth in this way.

Even if such humans are only born once in billions or trillions of people, they are still the hope of humanity.

Among all the intelligent races, humans are the most numerous.

Among all the highly reproductive races, humans are the smartest.

The majority of humans lead ordinary lives, with the limit of their abilities being at the third rank of ordinary people.

Dreaming of advancing to hero-ranked through racial characteristics is simply impossible.

That's why humans have the largest variety of educational organizations across the endless god's domains.

The Sword Palace in the Sky Sword God's Domain, the various Daoist palaces and sects in the Eastern God's Domain.

The churches, noble families, and academies in the Western God's Domain.

"Learning" and obtaining "wisdom", humans cannot become stronger simply by sleeping like dragons. They must work hard in their own areas of expertise, constantly strive, and search for the essence of power in order to embark on the path of heroes and legends.

White Lotus Secret Treasure is a world treasure that can unleash the power of "wisdom" to an incredible extent. It does not belong to the category of any God Weapon and naturally possesses boundless wisdom.

Russell, a young man, had a simple wish for the White Lotus Secret Treasure: to become stronger. When he held the crystal ball, the treasure granted his wish and showed him a glimpse of his most powerful future.

However, this future was not set in stone. No one can accurately predict the future, not even Ouroboros, who can only occasionally glimpse fragments of time.

In response to Russell's urgent desire to become stronger, the crystal sword released even more powerful acid bombs, causing the toxic pool beneath him to boil. Suddenly, a poisonous dragon soared into the sky.

This was the evolved power of Russell's "toxic pool," the seed of his potential to reach the legendary rank. However, this was only a tiny possibility, and Russell would have to pay a great cost to truly reach this point.

The strength of the White Lotus Secret Treasure is that Russell can awaken this power through his unlimited wisdom, and then it can be manifested on the battlefield of the crystal ball.

Because this is a battlefield of creativity and imagination, a stage of wisdom and inspiration.

The flying dragon that flew out of the poisonous pool roared excitedly, and its wings had a horrific purple glow that indicated its extremely poisonous nature. It had three hollow areas on its abdomen that could release venomous attacks, and its tail had a terrifying large mouth.

This is not like the sub-species of the two-legged venomous flying dragon that people imagine. It looks more like a monster that has mutated after being eroded by an indescribable force.

"Dragon, attack his face!" Even though Russell knew that his command was ineffective in the battle on the crystal ball, he couldn't help but shout it out.

"One wave." Xia Jie extended his thumb and pointed it downwards.

Of course, this command was also ineffective, as the opposing sides on the crystal ball did not accept commands from outside the battlefield.

For them, who were created by the White Lotus Secret Treasure, this is a real battlefield. Those outside the battlefield can only provide material for wisdom and imagination.

The only way for those outside to influence the outcome of the battle is through their "acknowledgment" and "gaze" towards their own desires. This is the only way to enhance the fighting power of fantasy heroes.

With a roar, a poisonous flying dragon in the sky uses its advantage in aerial combat and swoops towards the Black Dragon Emperor, spewing deadly venom.

The Black Dragon Emperor pays no attention to the flying dragon in the sky, and directly unleashes a black flame shield, completely burning away the toxins, not letting a trace of the foul liquid touch him.

On the ground, the twelve Black Cavalry merge into a sharp blade that pierces through the pool of poison, destroying the troublesome tentacles one by one.

With the tentacles defeated, Russell screams in pain, covering his head and releasing the crystal ball.

On the crystal disc, Xia Jie's twelve Black Cavalry easily executed a strategy called "beheading tactics," swiftly defeating Russell who was holding a crystal sword and then killing him.

As Russell disappeared from the crystal disc, the Russell holding the crystal suffered a major blow to his spirit, looking confused and dazed.

"Yes, this is my Black Cavalry! My invincible cavalry!" Xia Jie watched proudly as his twelve Black Cavalry galloped across the battlefield, feeling satisfied and exhilarated.

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