Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 973

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Chapter 973: Linjia's Miraculous Power

"Next, I announce the rules for the second stage of the trial." As the eight teams observe and test each other's strengths, the voice of the twin witches resonates from the central crystal disk.

In the first stage, the trial in Crystal Creek Valley is testing your strength. If your team doesn't have enough strength, you won't qualify for the second stage of the trial.

In the second stage, the trial on the fantasy stage will test your intelligence and imagination. Can you make Linjia's petals display the most beautiful colors?

Remember, Linjia's flower is one-of-a-kind in the world and can perform great miracles.

So, let your imagination run wild. In front of you are eight petals of Linjia. Only those who can harness the power of miracles have the opportunity to come into contact with the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

Isn't this a battle on the stage? Yun Xi frowned, looking at the eight glowing crystal balls.

The goal of the first stage in Crystal Creek Valley is simple and clear. Anyone who reaches a sufficient number of kills can pass the level.

Why did the rules change so much in the second stage?

How will they test intelligence and imagination?

Luckily, the twin witches provided an answer.

"Eight crystals correspond to eight different teams."

"The crystals can reflect your wishes and the strongest beings you can imagine."

"The closer your wishes are to reality, the more real the imagined beings will become."

"In this trial, you don't need to personally fight, but instead summon the strongest beings you can imagine to battle."

"The one who can unleash their strongest imagination and summon the strongest being related to their wish will have the last laugh."

"The eight crystals can be used without limitations, but only recognized strong individuals are eligible for the final challenge."


"It's not real combat, but using crystals to summon powerful beings related to your wishes?" After understanding the rules of the second stage of the White Lotus Secret Treasure, Yun Xi had a puzzled expression.

No matter how you think about it, these rules give off a strange vibe.

Linjia's power of petals can turn the impossible into possible, making miracles happen.

Yun Xi is confused as to why they would use this method to determine the winner.

Imagination and desires, to decide the winner in this way.

Moreover, it seems like such a waste to have unlimited use of the eight crystal balls.

What kind of method do they want to use to select the winner of the White Lotus Secret Treasure trial?

"Hehehe, perfect, my dragon soul is already eager!" For Xia Jie, his desire is to become the emperor of the Great Xia and control the power of the strongest black dragon soul.

He is confident in the power he can summon, at least a hero-ranked sixth rank peak power, which is a privilege of the emperors of the Great Xia throughout history.

As long as he inherits the throne of the Great Xia, the prince wearing the Black Flame Dragon Armor will gain the power of the black dragon, instantly reaching an unimaginable level of mastery over the dragon soul.

"Well then, it's my turn!"

The power of the sixth hero-ranked is so strong that it can easily crush those people! Xia Jie is absolutely confident in his own power and desires.

His desires are not just empty dreams, but almost certain futures.

Those who fantasize about having powers and desires out of thin air have no right to compare themselves to him.

"Is your desire the Ghost Sword?" Xia Ling can probably guess her brother's choice, and she has had her own plan for a long time.

Her desire is to become the Sky Sword—perhaps she is still far from the world of the Sky Sword, but this goal will never change.

If she can't become the Sky Sword, she will never fall in love. This is the goal Xia Ling has set for herself.

The powerful existence born from her desires is definitely related to the Sky Sword.

"My desire is..." Yun Xi originally wanted to use his teacher, Casina the Battle God. She is the strongest person he has ever encountered, and it is effortless for him to imagine using her.

Having had previous experience using Linjia petals, he easily imagined what Casina the Battle God's teacher should be like in the crystal ball.

"Hahaha, I actually appeared as the Black Dragon Emperor!" On top of the central crystal disc, Xia Jie's figure had already appeared.

Before him stood the Great Xia Emperor, dressed in black battle armor with intricate dragon patterns that surpassed Xia Jie's current ones tenfold. Faintly, you could see the shadow of the present Xia Jie in his eyes.

However, compared to the present Xia Jie, the future Xia Jie seemed to have a slender figure and sharper eyes, and the aura emanating from the twelve Black Cavalries behind him became even more profound.

Other than his eyes, Xia Jie's entire body was wrapped in dragon-patterned armor, exuding an imposing presence without anger.

His power, astonishingly, exceeded Xia Jie's most optimistic imagination, possessing a dominance that surpassed all things, a chilling oppressive feeling that even vaguely exceeded the concept of being a hero-ranked.

"The legend rank, will I have the chance to become a legend in the future?" Xia Jie could hardly believe this was his future self, that he would actually have the hope of advancing to the legend rank.

This was a [Field] that even the emperors of the Great Xia throughout history had not achieved, a miracle that even the dragon veins of the Great Xia could not accomplish.

If this was a prophecy of the White Lotus Secret Treasure, it would be a hope that would make the royal family of the Great Xia ecstatic!

"So, there is a powerful existence related to my wishes."

"If this is the principle, perhaps I can..."

"Alright, even if I can't pass this trial, it's still worth it!"

Seeing Xia Jie's potential in the future, the other mark holders from different teams also showed eager expressions.

Soon, someone used the power of their team's crystal ball and challenged Xia Jie, who was feeling proud of himself.

This was a hero-ranked strong individual from the Union of Aristocratic Families, the "Broken Iron Sword" Russell from the top ten of the White Lotus Sword Palace.

The powerful presence summoned by the crystal ball about his wishes was a young man wearing a green priest robe and wielding a green crystal sword.

From his facial features, this young man was very similar to the present Russell, but he didn't have the physique of a traditional swordsman.

The crystal sword in his hand was only three fingers long, completely different from the sword that the present Russell uses.

"Ahis!" Upon seeing his opponent, the green-robed Russell uttered a simple spell and his right hand, along with the crystal sword, suddenly transformed into a huge green tentacle.

This tentacle was over ten meters long, covered with numerous suction cups engraved with various runes that the present Russell couldn't understand. As Russell cast his spell, the suction cups began to light up one by one according to some mysterious pattern.

Strange green dots began to dance around Russell, spinning and then turning into ferocious shadows appearing behind him.

Forbidden magic!

Russell immediately recognized the power he was using. It was a [Field] that he didn't even have the qualification to connect with now! Would he walk down this path in the future?

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