Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 972

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Chapter 972: Mumu's Transformation

Yun Xi rubbed his eyes. The bright and shining little princess who stood among the Starwings Knights, like a moon being held by countless stars, was indeed the Mumu he knew. But when did Mumu acquire this silver-white halo?

That's not all. How did she undergo such a huge change with her enormous silver hair accessory and the special silver-white dress she's wearing?

The beautiful outfit, which was already expensive-looking, became even more dazzling with a layer of silver brilliance.

At this moment, Mumu looked like a princess made of silver gemstone, emitting a dazzling light.

The members of the Starwings Knights treated her completely differently than before.

In the past, everyone was very careful and protective of Mumu, treating her like a delicate little princess who they were afraid of dropping or melting.

Mumu, who had always been well-protected by the twin witches, was seen by everyone as a girl who needed constant care and had run away from home to find her dad.

However, in the battle of Crystal Creek Valley, Mumu finally showed her true power and completely changed the girls' impression of her in the Starwings Knights.

Mumu was incredibly strong, so strong that it was beyond imagination.

She had a special power called the Absolute Barrier, which was the Starwings Knights' guarantee of zero injuries. Just by standing there, she could boost the morale of the entire Starwings Knights permanently.

It seemed that she naturally possessed an inspiring power.

As long as she was in the Starwings Knights' camp, they would become exceptionally skilled in battle and have no worries about the future.

After getting used to this, Mumu's status in the Starwings Knights soared, and someone even suggested that she become the second vice captain.

Little Mumu had a great power!

"Has she awakened?" From a long time ago, specifically from the day of the White Lotus Sword Palace entrance ceremony, Yun Xi knew that Mumu possessed an incredibly powerful hidden power.

The Diamond Body, a god-like talent in battle, was obtained from Mumu's seed.

In the past, Yun Xi always believed that this special physique came from Mumu's ancestors, a hidden divine talent within her body.

But now, Yun Xi has discovered that he was completely wrong.

This is not some hidden talent, but a power that Mumu naturally possesses. Her diamond body is innate.

Now, standing among the Starwings Knights, she has started to show this power.

Wherever she stands, there are mighty mountains that cannot be moved. She can even turn her power into a halo to bless all her Starwings Knights companions.

With her diamond body, once she grows up, she will definitely become an extraordinary strong person, even now she is already ranked among the top in this trial.

No wonder, with her presence, it is not impossible for the Starwings Knights to pass the trial of Crystal Creek Valley.

That little Mumu is now beginning to radiate her own brilliance.

Not only her, but the entire Starwings Knights are constantly growing. Just a few days apart, they have relied on their own strength to come this far.

With the power of their seeds, Yun Xi has grown step by step to where she is now.

They have also used the seeds they shared with Yun Xi to take different paths.

Swords and magic.

Divine herbalists and platinum roses.

Mortal swords and foreseeing the future.

The current Starwings Knights are no longer just a small team made up of inexperienced young ladies from prestigious families and ordinary girl knights.

They have entered the second phase of the trial in the White Lotus Secret Treasure without any casualties. They now have the strength to compete against powerful teams from higher sword domains such as the Great Xia, the Great Han, and the Great Zhou.

The trial in the White Lotus Secret Treasure is both a challenge and an opportunity for them.

Some teams were wiped out by the flying crystal bees.

Some teams fell under the barrage of hidden insect beasts.

And so, the Starwings Knights successfully completed their trial and arrived on this stage, feeling completely at ease.

In order to catch up with "Mei" and exceed their own limits, they exerted all their effort.

At this moment, standing proudly on the floating island, they were already one of the strongest eight teams in the entire White Lotus Sword Domain.

"What should we do next? These teams are not to be underestimated," observed Hua Yue, the leader of the Starwings Knights, as she looked at the remaining seven teams and quickly came to a conclusion.

The current Starwings Knights were unable to compete with these teams.

Especially the Great Xia, the Family Alliance, and Hua Huo's team, their chances of winning were practically zero.

"Don't worry, we still have a possibility to move forward," reassured Robin, the only mysterious fortune teller in the White Lotus Secret Treasure trial. Even before entering the trial, she had glimpsed some of the paths of destiny.

The Starwings Knights were not the main characters in this trial, but they were not just supporting roles that would disappear soon.

Among them, there was a girl who had a great connection to this trial.

If there was a crucial moment for the Starwings Knights to break through, it would be her.

"Are we going to fight?" Mumu raised her small hand, looking eager.

Since coming here, Mumu noticed that her body seemed to have undergone some changes.

Well, maybe her muscles became a bit tighter, and her chest grew a little bit. But Mumu's intuition told her that it wasn't just a little change, it was a very, very significant change.

It seemed like once she entered the secret realm of the White Lotus Secret Treasure, her almost stagnant body suddenly returned to normal time.

Many things that she didn't understand awakened like instinct.

For example, the revival of her strength.

How to use your own power to protect everyone in the Starwings Knights?

And there, echoing in your ears, is an unfamiliar dragon language.

Dog! Dog! Dog!

What does this mean? It seems like "go forward!" "go forward!" "go forward!"

Mumu, it's your turn!

Protected by the older sisters in the Starwings Knights all along, this time she will help everyone achieve victory!

A silver-white halo spreads out, and Mumu's gaze becomes unprecedentedly calm and sharp.

Mumu, you are growing up!

Seeing Mumu like this, Yun Xi is extremely joyful, but for some reason, there is also a sense of uneasiness.

It's strange, why is Mumu getting stronger, and why does he feel uneasy?

That silver-white radiance, it seems strangely familiar.

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