Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 971

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Chapter 971: Eight Teams

It was an incredibly massive crystal disc.

On each of the eight sides of the crystal disc, there were eight different crystal spheres, each corresponding to a different team.

After the fierce battle in Crystal Creek Valley, these were the eight teams that managed to reach this place.

The first team was led by Prince Xia Jie and Princess Xia Ling of the Great Xia Dynasty. Yun Xi was also part of this team.

The second team was an alliance of many nobles' children, with the largest number of members. Childe Sanquan's team of evil gods was also included in this alliance.

The third team had the fewest members, consisting only of the owner of the Hundred Ghosts Sword, "Zi Yuan" , and a red-clothed archer named "Yun Hai" .

The fourth team was a joint team composed of the top eleven members from the White Lotus Sword Palace, including Xuan Yuan, who wielded the "Ice Spirit Sword," and the Han Sword Domain led by Xi Men Liu Yun, known as the "Triple Blade Sword."

The fifth team was led by Hua Yue and consisted of the Starwings Knights, who miraculously cleared all the obstacles.

The sixth team, the most eye-catching one, is Hua Huo's team of three dragons.

The seventh team, led by Dragon Shield Sword Rhode, is a team of powerful dragons in God's Domain, equipped with dragon-themed weapons.

The eighth team is led by Kingfisher, a fairy, and also includes Red Stone, a top-notch warrior from the Red Steel Genre.

Almost all of the top ten of the White Lotus Sword Palace have gathered together, along with Hua Huo, who surpassed them all and achieved great success in the second stage of the trial.

"Indeed... she is the strongest enemy..." Xia Ling's whole body tightened at the sight of Hua Huo.

She, who proclaimed herself the strongest after her first appearance in the White Lotus Sword Palace, will likely be the closest person to the White Lotus Secret Treasure among all the teams!

Look at the three young dragons behind her, they are genuine giant dragons, not some earth dragons or fake dragons!

Just how many aces does she still have hidden, being able to tame and command such young dragons!

"Look, is it a tournament?" Yun Xi looked at the huge crystal disc in the center of the eight floating platforms. Is this the battlefield for the second stage of the trial?

To be honest, when he saw Hua Huo he felt like the first trial of the White Lotus Secret Treasure was meant for her.

As long as Hua Huo participates, there is no place for anyone else. Are you all here to compete for second place?

Whether it's one-on-one or one against many, Hua Huo is invincible. There is no such thing as the legend rank here. It's not an exaggeration to say that Hua Huo's strength alone can dominate the whole field.

This is not Yun Xi bragging, but Hua Huo truly has this absolute strength. Yun Xi, who has always seen Hua Huo as his target, knows her power better than anyone else. It's not a joke.

"Is it a battle between individuals or teams?" Xia Jie, eager to try, is not afraid of anyone if it's a team battle with his twelve Black Cavalry.

Hmm, it seems like his sister suffered a great loss against this opponent named Hua Huo. No worries, if it's a team battle, he can avenge her.

He had twelve Black Cavalry with him, and he was not someone to be underestimated when it comes to fighting one-on-one.

Being hit six times by Yun Xi as Returning Swallow was not his full strength. That time, he had multiplied his hero-ranked power by five.

That girl named Hua Huo only had ten times the hero-ranked power at most, but when combined with the twelve Black Cavalry, they had a chance to fight against those three young dragons.

Unafraid of life and death, the twelve Black Cavalry, who had unleashed their sealed power, had the ability to fight even against true dragons!

"In this arena battle, we have the strongest berserker, we'll definitely win effortlessly," Childe Sanquan said with a smile as he looked at the huge crystal stage.

After the battle with the Demon Worm Sutton, he had no doubt about the fighting ability of this red-haired berserker.

Among the hero-ranked, there was absolutely no one who could match this monster.

A berserker who cannot die and possesses the power to tear apart a demon worm, this is such a freakish strength!

Similarly, when they saw the slowly unfolding enormous crystal disc, almost all of the teams made similar judgments.

After going through the intense battle in the first phase of the White Lotus Secret Treasure at Crystal Creek Valley, only the strongest of the strong could make it here.

With crystal bees at a million kills, crystal grass spirits at a hundred thousand kills, and crystal big grass spirits at fifty thousand kills, they achieved this accomplishment, even defeating the team that challenged the hidden level of the bug monsters, all of whom were the best of the best.

Hmm, the Starwings Knights, who have a prophet, but did not trigger the hidden level, can be considered a small exception.

In reality, when Yun Xi saw all the members of the Starwings Knights appear in the second phase of the trial, he could hardly believe his eyes.

They were clearly weak and shouldn't have been able to defeat the hidden monsters of Crystal Creek Valley. What kind of price did they pay to come here?

When Yun Xi saw the confident looks on their faces, he realized that his beloved Starwings Knights had grown so much without him even knowing.

They were now true knights who could stand on their own.

But even so, it was still too early to come here! Yun Xi looked at the other teams and saw that besides his invincible childhood friend Hua Huo and three Zaka, the other six teams didn't have any weak members.

The team from the Noble Clan Alliance, with their red-haired warrior, gave Yun Xi a huge sense of pressure, second only to his childhood friend.

Zi Yuan , who had visited the Heart Asking cabin before, and a familiar figure that made Yun Xi momentarily stunned - Yun Que , using her real name now, was truly a formidable opponent that the Starwings Knights couldn't fight against.

Yun Xi, who is also acquainted with Kingfisher from the fairy tribe and Red Stone from the Red Steel Genre, always feels a special sense of tranquility from Kingfisher, even though their team may look a bit worn out.

The Starwings Knights, which have only been established for a few months, shouldn't be on this level of battlefield! What kind of beliefs do they hold that they have overcome countless difficulties and finally stepped onto this stage?

Through the connection with the Starwings Knights, Yun Xi feels an unprecedented strong determination. It seems like they have all transformed after completing Crystal Creek Valley.

Yun Xi realizes that the current number of hero-ranked members in the Starwings Knights has exceeded double digits. They are no longer an unknown new group of knights.

Becoming a member of hero-ranked-

The leader of the Starwings Knights is Hua Yue , the vice leader is Xiao Cao, the secretary is Ling Ling , the treasurer is Mei Lan, the potion master is Lu Lu, the witch is Rose, and the diviner is Robin. In addition, there are three members of the knight and magic team: Alexander, Lancelot, and Mordred.

Finally, there is someone who surprises Yun Xi but seems perfectly natural. It is Mumu, who wears a large silver hair accessory and emits a holy radiance from head to toe.

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