Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 970

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Chapter 970: Trials of the Second Stage

The central area of the sword, changed by the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

The branches of Sacred Tree Linjia spread out unnaturally, and numerous green threads appeared on its once sacred branches.

In addition to these unexpected green threads, there was a faint black mist covering the trunk of Sacred Tree Linjia.

These foreign elements made the aura of Sacred Tree Linjia murky, but at the same time strengthened its life force.

The Linjia flower, which was supposed to take decades to fully mature and bloom, had now blossomed completely after Yun Xi took one petal from it.

A large, white ball of light rolled sadly in front of Sacred Tree Linjia, as if a child was confiding in its parents about the mistreatment it had endured.

White Lotus wearing white clothes.

Red Lotus wearing red clothes.

Following the ancient covenant, the twin witches who were guardians of the White Lotus Secret Treasure, Linjia, and also the overseers of the trial, gazed at the scenery reflected in the petals of Sacred Tree Linjia.

Several beautiful scenes of Crystal Creek Valley were reflected in Linjia's petals. They belonged to the teams that still had hope of passing the challenge. As for the teams whose images disappeared, they had already failed completely.

In the trial of the White Lotus Secret Treasure, failure meant death. This means that the remaining teams are the last few with hope of advancing to the next stage.

In contrast to these teams who were still battling, the team that passed the trial of Crystal Creek Valley had already begun the next stage. However, since the first stage hadn't ended yet, the teams that reached the second stage now had a rare opportunity to rest.

Among them, one of the earliest teams to pass attracted special attention because there was a figure in that team that caught the notice of Red Lotus.

"That Yun Que, I always feel something's not right about her," Red Lotus couldn't help feeling uncomfortable every time she saw the figure with dark, mysterious long hair that seemed inhuman.

"Why, sister, don't you know him again?" White Lotus looked at her sister, who was obviously anxious, with a half-smile on her face, revealing a mysterious smile.

"He feels dangerous to me, and there is definitely no one like him in our White Lotus Sword Domain." Red Lotus, as the high priestess of the White Lotus Sword Domain, was absolutely certain. She knew everything about the talents in the entire domain.

"This person, Yun Que, does not exist, not even recorded in the archives of the priestess palace, as if he just appeared out of thin air."

"Speaking of danger, isn't Zi Yuan over there even more dangerous, along with that strange team?" White Lotus knew where her sister's anxiety came from, but she still didn't tell her the truth.

With the Star Moon Ring and her innate wisdom and perception, she could see through the prince no matter what he looked like, but it was her secret.

Despite the great change, she could still sense that something was wrong. Sister's intuition is really powerful.

However, once the gears of destiny start to turn, no one can stop them.

Just like the swinging golden balance at this moment, the fate of White Lotus Sword Domain is about to undergo a huge change.

The transformation has begun.

What kind of future will be brought to White Lotus Sword Domain by the things that are entangled with Sacred Tree Linjia?


"Gao, oh, oh, oh, oh!"

The dragon - no, the baby dragon - roared and spat out a stream of dragon breath about ten meters long, burning through the tails of the crystal bee army.

"Take my sandstorm attack!" With a pair of Sand Eyes opened, Desert Dragon Zaka compressed several tons of sand together to form a constantly spinning sandball, and then it exploded.

Ice walls rose up one after another, dividing the battlefield in Crystal Creek Valley, making the two baby dragons play with great joy.

The enormous crystal bee army, which had terrified other teams and had been chased to the ends of the earth, was defeated by this baby dragon team.

As for the creature that would be triggered after reaching a Killing value of one hundred thousand, it was pierced through by a powerful and dominating heavy sword, without stirring up the slightest commotion, and was pinned to the ground.

In the following time, it was purely a game time for the owner of the young dragon team - the original dragon Hua Huo, to train her three Zakas.

For Hua Huo, the trials of this White Lotus Secret Treasure were nothing to mention except for the final stage.

Among the entire White Lotus Sword Domain, only the White Lotus Secret Treasure itself would pique her interest - a position still below her Little Xi.



"Ice wall!"

The three Zakas, who were being observed by their mother, the original dragon, fearlessly practiced their skills with a massive army of crystal bees, enjoying themselves immensely.

It wasn't until the sun began to set that they finally gave the huge crystal bee nest a good fight, breaking through the entire Crystal Creek Valley.

And thus, the sixth team to conquer Crystal Creek Valley was born.


Crystal Creek Valley, the team of the dragon God's Domain.

"Phew! Phew! Finally held on!" Dragon Shield Sword Rhode, once one of the three members of the White Lotus Sword Palace, wiped the sweat off his forehead and watched as the enormous bug slowly retreated.

Without the guidance of a prophet, his team inevitably triggered the hidden boss of Crystal Creek Valley. It was a bug-like creature the size of a small mountain, resembling a unicorn.

In the end, they were unable to defeat this giant bug.

Fortunately, it wasn't necessary to defeat the boss monster of the hidden level in order to pass the trial of Crystal Creek Valley.

Rhode used the power of the ancestral God Weapon - Dragon Shield, luring the seemingly not very intelligent unicorn bug on his own. By relying on the power within his bloodline, he managed to hold on until the moment his teammates fulfilled the requirements to break through Crystal Creek Valley.

And so, another team that successfully completed the trial of Crystal Creek Valley was born.

One day later, the final group to complete the trials in Crystal Creek Valley appeared. Originally a large group of almost four digits, only eight teams made it to the second stage of the trials.

The largest group was the Noble Families Alliance, with over three digits of members. They were the team with the most participants from the White Lotus Secret Treasure trials. All of them were full of energy, except for a few members who had crooked mouths and walked stiffly.

The smallest group was the team from the Ghost Sword Domain, with only Zi Yuan and "Yun Hai" making it to the end.

The most eye-catching team was the one including Hua Huo , who had been childhood friends with someone. Three young dragons, each ten meters long, had left many people in awe.

With the arrival of the final team, the second stage of the trials was about to begin.

On eight floating stages, teams from White Lotus Sword Palace, the Great Xia, the Noble Families Alliance, the Dragon God's Domain, and the Three Dragon Team stood in eight different directions.

As the final team arrived, the enormous stage in the center of the floating island slowly started, revealing its true face.

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