Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 969

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Chapter 969: The Gates of Ghosts

"Did we win?" Childe Sanquan gazed in astonishment as he tore apart Demon Worm Sutton with his bare hands. The red-haired berserker fell heavily to the ground. With a sharp magic short sword piercing his shoulder, it was hard to tell if he was a swordsman or a berserker.

More green threads of rain fell. The aristocratic camp, which had been completely defeated three times by Demon Worm Sutton, resurrected once again at full health. However, each time they resurrected, a strange aura grew stronger on their bodies, indicating that this kind of resurrection came at a price.

"Sanquan, your special move is amazing!" Yun He patted Childe Sanquan on the shoulder, looking very pleased.

"Yeah, if only we had more time, I could have developed even further." Quran licked the blood from his wrist.

The boss, Demon Worm Sutton, in the hidden level, was defeated, and the remaining army of crystal monsters, numbering in the tens of thousands, could not resist the advancement of the zombie army of noble descendants. They were quickly wiped out.

The second team to break through Crystal Creek Valley made it through.


In the same Crystal Creek Valley, a light blue leader bee was flying, releasing countless ice blue bullets.

This was a trial in Crystal Creek Valley that triggered a killing value of a hundred thousand. The team challenging this trial now consisted of only two people.

Initially, when the team entered this level in Crystal Creek Valley, there seemed to be more than a dozen people, with everything from logistics to tanks.

Unfortunately, when the Killing value reached one hundred thousand, a sudden barrage of ice-blue bullets wiped out the entire team, leaving only these two people now.

However, the leader of the team didn't seem to be bothered at all. She didn't even draw her sword, but simply extended her fingertips to summon more subordinates to command.

These were one creepy creature after another.

Ghosts! Water spirits!

Tongue-puller! Red giant demon!

Zombie general! Flying white-haired corpse!

Like the gates of hell being opened, a constant flow of ghosts emerged from the Gate of the Yellow Spring behind the girl, resisting the overwhelming barrage.

The archer in red behind her calmly drew her black longbow, shooting out one transparent spiral sword after another.

The crystal bees struck by these spiral arrows instantly burst apart, taking out all the surrounding crystal bees within a ten-meter radius.

As more and more ghosts emerged from the Gate of the Yellow Spring, their levels and strength increased. Even white ghosts, as powerful as a hero-ranked, appeared. The tide of battle began to shift towards the side that summoned these creatures.

This is the true power of the "Hundred Ghosts Sword," the power that connects the mortal world and the underworld. By unleashing the power of the Hundred Ghosts Sword, the gate to the Yellow Spring would open. The creatures from the underworld would come rushing without any need for sacrifices. The energy from the mortal world alone would attract them.

In a way, the Hundred Ghosts Sword is a cursed "God Weapon." Anyone who wields it would become tainted by the essence of the Yellow Spring, turning into something inhuman.

"One hundred, two hundred..." the red-clad archer, skilled in recording data, diligently noted down the years of the emerging ghosts from the Gate of the Yellow Spring.

The longer they exist, the older they become, and the stronger their powers. This is an undeniable truth in the underworld.

And when "a hundred years" are the dividing line, there will start to appear ghostly creatures with hero-ranked strength like humans.

In front of them, most are tragically killed by accidents, their vengeful spirits lingering in the underworld, unable to be reincarnated or pass away, ultimately becoming powerful ghostly creatures.

In life they were hero-ranked, and even in death they possess abilities far beyond ordinary people, growing stronger as the underworld energy within them increases.

Compared to the intelligent beings living in the endless god's domains, there are more ghostly creatures dwelling in the world of the deceased, with a higher probability of giving birth to powerful ghostly creatures.

Humans who are not strong enough and lack sufficient obsession are not qualified to become ghostly creatures after death.

Ghostly spirits who can awaken in the underworld in a sinister form, there are no weak ones!

Among them, there may even arise super ghostly creatures that are on par with the ancient races in the real world!

It's ironic that humans are considered the most average race in the endless god's domains when they are alive, but they have the highest probability of turning into ghosts. Many seemingly ordinary humans become stronger after death. Freed from the constraints of their bodies, they can develop unimaginable powers as ghosts.

The Ghost Sword is a magical sword that can control ghosts, especially those who were once humans. When the Gate of the Yellow Spring opens and countless ghosts emerge, everyone can understand the terrifying nature of the Ghost Sword.

The scale of the Gate of the Yellow Spring that is currently open is only less than one-tenth of the true and complete Gate of the Yellow Spring. It is only at the level of "hundred ghosts."

"It's almost done," said Zi Yuan, the owner of the Gate of the Yellow Spring, after killing tens of thousands of ghosts. Finally, she drew her God Weapon.

The Hundred Ghosts Sword represents a sword that can control the spirits of a hundred ghosts.

After sacrificing tens of thousands of ghost creatures, Crystal Creek Valley has completely transformed into a haunted place.

Now, this place has become the main stage for the Hundred Ghosts Sword.

"Yes, that's right!" The archer dressed in red, called Yun Hai , opened his black longbow and now held a pair of red and black swords.

Running amidst the barrage, the swords danced in the air. The red and black lights constantly reflected and diverted the icy blue barrage with freezing soul energy.

With his eyes wide open, he saw the leader bee that was different from all the other bees.

Kill it!

"Come... I'll open the door for you..." Zi Yuan swung the Hundred Ghosts Sword in her hand, summoning the first "millennial" level ghost using the sacrificed spirits of tens of thousands of ghosts.

It was a thousand-legged, thousand-eyed centipede, one of the ghost kings deep in the underworld.

The door of the underworld, which was only one-tenth the size, could barely contain its massive body. After a while, it squeezed out and greedily stared at the army of crystal bees in front of it.

In the next moment, the entire battlefield was divided by dazzling divine lights.

The ghost king possessed the power of Thousand Eyes, releasing a thousand beams of light that could kill souls. In just one second, it instantly killed all the crystal bees and Grass Spirits.

Swords danced through the air, and despite being an archer, Yun Hai joined forces with Zi Yuan to successfully achieve the feat of killing the leader bee without much effort.

"Let's keep moving forward," said Yun Hai, combining his red and black swords to form a longbow. He looked at Zi Yuan, who was comfortably staying among the shadows.

She was no longer human, was she?

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