Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 968

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Chapter 968: The Fury of the Berserker

"Ah, ah, ah!" The red-haired berserker, surrounded by green flames, regained consciousness after death and held his head.

He couldn't remember who he was, why he had a sword that had been enhanced 257 times, or why he felt so angry.

The green flames engulfing his entire body felt like a curse penetrating his very bones, destroying all of his wisdom and turning him into a complete berserker.

The angrier she got, the more the violent power in her body boiled uncontrollably and couldn't be stopped.

Once a glorious symbol of epic, the magic sword created with the goal of "killing the gods" couldn't save the ancient hero who had lost both glory and wisdom.

The nameless hero, who had lost everything, could only watch with red eyes as the cloak girl who woke him up screamed unintelligibly.

"Fight for me, my disciple," Su calmly sat on the shoulders of the red-haired warrior, who would destroy everything if he lost control. His fingertips still had traces of green thread.

"Why!" The red-haired warrior extended his huge hand, fiercely grabbing Su by the throat.

On the girl's pale neck, there was a deadly red mark from being choked, as if the petite body would be crushed by the raging warrior in the next second.




Su hummed a song that could make humans see things they couldn't see before. It was a song of praise to ancient gods, a call with unbelievable magical power.

Come, come into my deep sea.

Spread the legend, sing the song, of those ancient gods.

They arrived long before humans existed, watching over this race—indescribable beings.

Su, who is gentle and kind, caring so much for humans.

Eat delicious candy, become Su's companion.

"Ah, ah, ah… You are, you are, you are…" The red-haired warrior squeezed Su's neck, his muscles twitching, his eyes becoming confused.

Gradually, Su's figure became familiar to him, but even though it was so familiar, he couldn't even say the name.

It seemed that simply uttering that name would lead to an irreversible end.

"Can you hear me, my disciples?" Su chuckled softly as she placed a sticky, sweet black candy into the mouth of the red-haired warrior.

All of this went unnoticed, unseen by anyone.

Whether it was from the perspective of Demon Worm Sutton or the evil god trio, the bloodied red-haired warrior was merely clutching at air and making random angry roars.

It wasn't until his mouth twitched and his body, which had been contorting nonstop, stabilized and gradually began to resemble a "human".

However, how could a human possess such twisted muscles that were intertwined like countless eels, along with green lines appearing on their skin?

Releasing her grip slowly, the red-haired warrior's confused gaze shifted towards their opponent – Demon Worm Sutton.

Finally, you've appeared... You are the real enemy! Sutton, the demon worm, was also excited. There's no point in just killing a bunch of weaklings, it gets boring after a while.

Roar... Roar... The red-haired warrior's mouth twisted as if he was placing something on his shoulder, and then he gripped the terrifying Magic Sword +257.

However, he didn't use the magic sword to attack others. Instead, he directly stabbed it into his own shoulder, causing a large amount of blood to splash out.

Even though his bones were surrounded by green flames, his blood still flowed red. It was the remnants of the bloodline of a king within his body.

Even though his royal name had long been forgotten by history.

Hehehe! The red-haired warrior, empowered by the ancient magic runes engraved on his Magic Sword, laughed loudly and without hesitation, charged straight towards Demon Worm Sutton, who was even larger than himself.

"You are the opponent I've been looking for!" exclaimed Demon Worm Sutton, raising his black iron fist in excitement. Suddenly, the first black spike reappeared on his back and burst open, releasing a surge of hot red and black energy.

The first strike of destruction!

The red-haired warrior also threw a punch, but this punch contained the power of ancient language magic.

Plasma Orb, go!

Hundreds of electric balls exploded in an instant, creating a small sun-like appearance at the center of the battlefield.

"The second strike of annihilation!" The second spike burst open, unleashing the terrifying ability of the Demon Locust King technique. A red and black energy flow, twice the size of the first strike, shot out from behind Demon Worm Sutton.

The power of this strike was twice as strong as the first strike of destruction!

The red-haired warrior was pushed back by the sudden increase in power, and more plasma orbs were released from his fists, ruthlessly pounding against Demon Worm Sutton's Demon Locust Suit.

If it weren't for the super-strong defense of the Demon Locust Suit, this round of plasma spheres would have been enough to roast Demon Worm Sutton.

"The devastating third strike!" shouted Demon Worm Sutton with a high-pitched voice. This was the maximum output that the temporarily condensed Demon Locust Suit could unleash, reaching four times the destructive power of the first strike.

With a stream of red and black light, Demon Worm Sutton and the red-haired warrior soared into the sky, reaching thousands of meters high in an instant, as if they were about to break through the heavens.

If the opponents were those aristocratic children, just the shockwaves caused by the two of them right now would be enough to completely annihilate them.

The red-haired warrior also roared, giving Demon Worm Sutton the strongest response!

He spread his hands apart, embracing the spiky Demon Locust Suit of Demon Worm Sutton, and then pulled with all his might.

"Hiss!" Demon Worm Sutton's chest was torn open, revealing a clearly non-human exoskeleton structure within.

The red-haired warrior in a frenzy mode tore open Demon Worm Sutton's chest with both hands, and then pulled apart forcefully.

Demon Worm Sutton, along with the incomplete Demon Locust Suit, was torn in half, while the red-haired warrior's severely crushed head from the third strike by Demon Worm Sutton visibly began to regenerate at an incredible speed.

This is one of the characteristics bestowed upon the red-haired warrior by the divine slaying magic sword - super-speed regeneration. No matter how fatal the injury, as long as they are not dead, they can recover within ten seconds.

Compared to Demon Worm Sutton, the red-haired warrior, fused with the divine slaying magic sword, has a higher constitution and stronger strength!

In the battle between monsters, the victory went to the stronger monster and the battle ended.

A large number of illusionary green crystals floated in the air, which was the reward given to the red-haired warrior for breaking through the hidden level.

However, the red-haired warrior didn't even bat an eyelash at these illusionary green crystals.

Hmm, the reason is quite simple. It's because his magic sword needs "mithril" as material for reinforcement, not "crystals."

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