Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 967

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Chapter 967: The Legendary Sword

The insect clan doesn't believe in destiny, mysticism, or the orders of emperors.

Using absolute strength and overwhelming numbers, the insect clan crushes everything in its path.

When it comes to Demon Worm Sutton, it doesn't matter what kind of divine skills or God Weapon powers you have. One punch is all it takes!

The first devastating blow struck Qin Su who had just put on a yellow robe. It pierced his heart, shattered his body, and even sent the twisted Heaven Child Sword soaring into the sky.

No one could stop this punch. In Demon Locust Suit-wearing Sutton's eyes, there was no one here who could fight back!

Swords broke, arrows snapped, and blood splattered as the recently revived aristocratic camp turned into unrecognizable piles of debris.

Demon Worm Sutton stood atop the ground, with a constant supply of regenerating thorns pouring out from behind him, feeding into Sutton's Demon Locust Suit and forming a massive army of insects.

"This monster is too strong!" Childe Yun He couldn't even imagine how many sacrifices it would take to match this [Field].

"Hmph, if I reach my full potential, I won't lose to it either!" Quran bit down on his wrist, feeling the ancestral power in his boiling blood.

"It's okay, it's not over yet." Childe Sanquan tried to appear calm, but the slight trembling in his feet betrayed his true feelings.

There's no way to escape!

With this kind of monster around, the aristocratic camp was certainly on track to be completely annihilated.

"Oh, and I have a special move too, a double special move!" Childe Yun He's eyes sparkled with confidence in his own team for no reason.

"Quick, release it!" Quran was even more excited than Yun He, with his blood boiling.

Where do I have a double special move? Special moves are not as easy as picking vegetables. They have long cooldowns, you know!




More green raindrops fell.

The green clouds in the sky slowly descended, and one after another, thin green threads emerged from the wreckage on the ground. Even the devastating blow from Demon Worm Sutton couldn't completely destroy these resilient little things.

"Now I don't have to waste any more time..." Demon Worm Sutton watched the falling clouds and cracked a smile.

This thing is the root of all evil, and even it doesn't understand what it is.

However, now the truth is finally revealed, it's the end of the road.

Let it see what mysterious figure is hiding behind this group of green little people.

One by one, the green threads that exist within the noble camp started to gather together, as if there were incredibly skillful hands weaving something.

At first, it was just a blurry outline, almost like a three-year-old child's knitted doll.

Gradually, this doll took on a human-like form, and its fleshly outline started to become more real.

It was an epic that people didn't remember, a hero destroyed by tragedy, and remains forgotten by time.

Covered in a dismal shade of green, even so, the sturdy body refused to submit, even though it was bound by countless chains. Its true name had long been devoured by the abyss, but it didn't bow its head.

Every nerve, every muscle was corroded by the green flames. Memories were erased, forgotten by history and the people. This was a complete loss of the qualifications for legend, a forgotten "nameless" hero.

Once upon a time, there was a hero who possessed half the power of a god. They accomplished many great feats and were praised by countless people. However, after their death, they transformed into an ancient evil entity. They devoured the power of countless souls and eventually fell into a city beneath the sea, where they were chained in the deepest abyss.

"Ha!" The ancient, unnamed hero opened their eyes. Their body was filled with a bloodthirsty rage, wild long red hair, and magical runes engraved on their skin, which began to awaken one by one.

They had no knowledge of their past or their former glory. After losing everything, all that remained was their instinct for battle and a wild, bloodthirsty power that had been corrupted by the abyss.

Only the battlefield could satisfy this monster, for they no longer belonged to the realm of humanity.

Once a hero among heroes, now a monster among monsters.

The hero, once hailed as a demi-god, bore a tragic magic sword known as the "Godslayer." At this moment, it had become an uncontrollable force of destruction.

As a hero, they were an epic-level powerhouse.

As a monster, he was also the craziest and most powerful monster.

The War Apostle who entered into a contract with "Su".

"Soul returns to the soul."

"Blood returns to the blood."

"You are the king of kings, the ruler who tramples everything."

"In the name of Su, return from that world."

Whispers from the depths of the sea echoed around the ancient ruler, awakening the power within this revitalized body.

"Who... who am I?" The red-haired berserker roared and drew out his sword.

On this sword, there were hundreds of densely engraved ancient language magic runes. Compared to Yun Xi obtaining the enhanced Mist Ghost Sword, it was like a toy.

Simple increase in values from ancient language magic runes—

"Strength +1, enhancement limit 20 times!"

"Strength +2, enhancement limit 20 times!"

"Strength +3, enhancement limit 20 times!"


"Sword damage +1, enhancement limit 20 times!"

"Sword damage +2, enhancement limit 20 times!"

"Damage of the sword increased by 3, can be strengthened up to 20 times!"


An ancient magic rune that enhances sword attacks—

"Increases sword swinging speed by one percent, can be strengthened up to 20 times!"

"Increases sword strength by one percent, can be strengthened up to 20 times!"


An ancient magic rune that increases damage against specific races—

"Lizardfolk Slayer, increases damage against lizardfolk by three percent, can be strengthened up to 99 times!"

"Undead Slayer, increases damage against undead creatures by three percent, can be strengthened up to 99 times!"

"Beast Slayer, increases damage against beasts by three percent, can be strengthened up to 99 times!"

"Fairy Vanquisher, increases damage against fairy creatures by three percent, can be strengthened up to 99 times!"

"Magician Vanquisher, increases damage against magicians by three percent, can be strengthened up to 99 times!"


An ancient magic rune that imbues extraordinary power—

"Sword Master Secret Technique, doubles critical strike rate!"

"Plasma Orb, releases an electric ball that deals critical damage to all creatures."

The hero with red hair had a magical sword that was used to defeat evil gods. When using the sword, his maximum magical power was halved but his life force tripled!

He had a strong body that made him immune to most control magic and gave him extra protection.

If he was injured but not killed, he could heal within ten seconds due to his super-fast regeneration.

This magical sword was known as the "Magic Sword +257," representing the 257 times it had been enhanced.

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