Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 966

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Chapter 966: A Punch

The children from prestigious families who had been resurrected once again felt like they had just woken up from a dream, finally regaining a part of their true strength.

Compared to their lifeless and dreamlike state just moments ago, although their bodies still emitted a green light, as the chosen ones by the White Lotus Secret Treasure, they finally displayed their corresponding abilities.

Especially the five individuals from the White Lotus Sword Palace, who were the first to receive the favor of the White Lotus Secret Treasure, their strength progressed rapidly and became the backbone of the group of children from prestigious families this time.

Ranking tenth, there was Russell, known as the "Broken Iron Sword."

Ranking ninth, there was Wang Qi, known as the "Steel Diamond Sword."

Ranking eighth, there was Bai Yun, known as the "White Light Sword."

Ranking seventh, there was Xie Huanzhen, known as the "Bloody Light Sword."

And ranking fourth, there was Qin Su, known as the "Heaven Child Sword."

Half of the past top ten geniuses of the White Lotus Sword Domain gathered here, and this group of children from prestigious families can be said to be the framework they formed together.

In the family of Xuan Yuan, Xuan Yuan Xiao Yue, and in the family of Xi Men, Xi Men Liu Yun, didn't like to eat candy. So they formed a team together and went on an adventure.

Yin Su, who was once one of the Three Seats, using the Hundred Ghosts Sword, has disappeared and no one knows where she is.

Rhode, who was also one of the Three Seats, using the Dragon Shield Sword, has formed a team from the God's Domain of the mighty dragons to take on a challenge.

Xia Ling, who was once the strongest among the Three Seats, is now working together with Yun Xi.

After regaining some of their intelligence, the top ten experts from the White Lotus Sword Palace finally showed their talent in swordsmanship. And their once scrapped spirit weapons have transformed into cursed God Weapons, similar to the ones used by Childe Sanquan and Childe Yun He, due to some unknown power.

"Blow, wind!" A large amount of flesh and blood emerged on the broken iron sword, and Russell swung the most crazy and powerful sword of his life.

The sword winds that can cut through steel converged together, forming a continuously rotating tornado that swept towards Demon Worm Sutton.

"Steel Diamond, fly!" The excited Steel Diamond Sword Wang Qi separated the hundreds of steel diamond pieces from his God Weapon for the first time and felt the sword's sound for the first time.

The spinning and dancing steel diamonds turned into intertwined shadows, targeting Demon Worm Sutton.

"When you see my sword, it will be your end." The sword disappeared from White Cloud's hand, and he vanished from the battlefield.

"I am the chosen one by destiny!" As the only true strong warrior to possess the ancient God Weapon, Qin Su had regained the most rationality, and the transformation of his Heaven Child Sword was the most powerful.

The more you gaze into the abyss, the more it gazes back at you.

The stronger you are, the greater the changes you gain from eating candy, and the higher the level of madness.

Although it seemed that Qin Su had regained his rationality, he was actually more insane than before, with text and images appearing in his vision that didn't belong to this world.

That was a distorted representation of the world's true nature, whispers from indescribable beings. The more you see, the more you understand, the harder it becomes to break free!

Despite being crazy, Qin Su felt better than ever before, not even realizing that his head had mysteriously grown larger.

He finally caught a glimpse of the secrets of the Heaven Child Sword.

The Emperor, superior to all things, the will of the Emperor cannot be defied by mere mortals!

If the ruler wants the subject dead, the subject has no choice but to die!

"In the name of the Heaven Child Qin Su , I declare you sentenced to death!" Holding the Heaven Child Sword, a halo appeared around Qin Su's head and he wore half of a yellow robe.

By donning the yellow robe, he was forcibly ascending to the position of the Emperor. To ascend is to reach the heavens, but to fall is to lose everything, even one's family.

Under normal circumstances, it would be impossible for Qin Su to unleash the power of the Heaven Child Sword.

Destiny did not choose him, just like how the Dragon Vein of the Great Xia acknowledged Xia Jie as the Crown Prince of the Great Xia and bestowed upon him the legacy of the Black Flame Dragon Armor.

Qin Su lacks the qualities of a person, especially when compared to those who currently possess the Great Qin Sword Domain. The people live in peace and prosperity, but Qin Su, as a foreign exchange student, has no connection to it.

Qin Su has never possessed either of the two essential elements for mastering the Heaven Child Sword: destiny and virtuous character.

The God Weapon, Heaven Child Sword, is a heritage only accessible to the most esteemed individuals. It is just like the "Hundred Ghosts Sword," a separate form of the Ghost Sword, and serves as a fraction of the true imperial God Weapon of the Great Qin Sword Domain.

Qin Su is not even the Crown Prince within the Great Qin royal family, let alone capable of unleashing the true power of the imperial God Sword.

Forcibly seizing the position of the Heaven Child is only going to cause a violent backlash from the Dragon Vein of the Great Qin Sword Domain, leading to complete destruction.

However, the current Qin Su is not the same as before – he has ascended!

He wanted to become the ruler, but not just any ruler of the Great Qin Sword Domain, something else entirely.

The contaminated Heaven Child Sword pushed Qin Su to a different position.

In a daze, Qin Su found himself standing on an ancient altar surrounded by strange creatures that resembled octopuses. These creatures had constantly moving tentacles and made strange sounds like "yiyaa! yiyaa!".

Qin Su heard it, he heard the voice of destiny.

"You will become a king!"

Yes, I am a king, carrying the honor of a king!

Look, all these intelligent beings around me, aren't they all my people?

Everyone loves me and I love everyone!

Even Qin Su has obtained virtues!

Foam spilled from his mouth, and in the midst of his laughter, Qin Su put on his yellow robe.

However, the embroidered pattern on this robe was not a real dragon, but a colossal creature that reached out its tentacles to explore countless worlds.

Well, this can be considered as completing the coronation process of the Heaven Child Sword.

Although the fate he obtained did not come from the dragon veins, but from "it".

The people who live in his kingdom are not "humans", but a group of deep-sea creatures.

However, the contaminated Heaven Child Sword truly acknowledged Qin Su .

Today is the day he ascends to the throne.

By drawing this Heaven Child Sword that makes a "yia!" and "yaa!" sound, he becomes the supreme being!

As the Heaven Child, he possesses the qualification to give orders to the world.

"Who dares to defy the fate that belongs to me!"

Wielding the divine sword of the Heaven Child, Qin Su's momentum skyrocketed. A wave of black energy instantly descended upon the head of Demon Worm Sutton, causing all the lifeless aura around Demon Worm Sutton to tremble.

The black antennae wavered uncertainly, and a disdainful look appeared in the eyes of Demon Worm Sutton. The black spikes behind it exploded.

"The first strike of destruction!"

The earth trembled and shook as a powerful gust of wind swept through, creating a massive crack on the ground. Flashing red and black lights erupted, causing an earthquake-like shockwave.

The techniques of the Iron Sword Wind, Steel Diamond Reaping, White Light Assassination, and Divine Punishment meant nothing to Demon Worm Sutton.

With one punch, the world fell silent.

If one punch wasn't enough, then let's seriously throw another punch!

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