Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 965

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Chapter 965: Ultimate Move

"Retreat! The best plan is to know when to withdraw!" Childe Sanquan, the priest of Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli, instantly discerns the strength of Demon Worm Sutton, who is now wearing the Demon Locust Suit.

Except for Prince Quran, the Black Demon Dog, if he and Yun He get hit by that punch, it would be a devastating outcome.

Even though they are both hero-ranked, the power of that demon worm is terrifying compared to human hero-ranked beings, it is a monster among monsters!

Luckily, he had his team hidden at the back of the entire group of noble children from the family camp, so they could escape immediately if things didn't go well.

"Crush them all!" After delivering the first destructive blow, Demon Worm Sutton opened his mouth, revealing sharp teeth, and then violently stomped his right foot.

An enormous wave of dark gray energy exploded, tumbling and shattering the incomplete noble children as if they were broken puppets.

With nearly four digits in number, the largest force in the entire White Lotus Secret Treasure exploration team was almost completely wiped out by Demon Worm Sutton's punch and kick.

This is the true power of Demon Worm Sutton, the destructive force of a lower-ranked demon worm from the insect tribe.

Except for small teams like Childe Sanquan's that fled early after sensing danger, there were only a few stray members left in the entire camp of aristocratic children.

Many of them were from the White Lotus Sword Palace and possessed high-level White Lotus Secret Treasure imprints. About half of the top ten seats of the White Lotus Sword Palace were once part of the teams of various aristocratic families gathered in the endless god's domains.

However, after Demon Worm Sutton displayed his overwhelming strength, everything became meaningless.

Just like when Xia Jie and Xia Ling faced the barrage attack from the angry leader bee, the entire camp of aristocratic children was crushed by the first strike of Demon Worm Sutton's destruction.

The barrage attack represented ultimate wide-range firepower, and wearing the Demon Locust Suit, Demon Worm Sutton represented absolute individual strength.

The first strike of destruction was such a dominating and unstoppable technique, leaving no way out. Even though there were more than ten hero-ranked experts among the aristocratic children, none of them could withstand this punch.

"Buzz! Buzz!" More crystal bees appeared, transforming into crystal locusts to replenish the Demon Locust Suit of Demon Worm Sutton at the cost of their own lives.

In just a few seconds, the black thorns, depleted from unleashing the first destructive strike, completed their regeneration.




Demon Worm Sutton stomped on several seemingly still-breathing humans, most of whom possessed high-level White Lotus Secret Treasure marks. Unfortunately, they had all become helpless losers.

Crushing the heads of all the remaining humans one by one, Demon Worm Sutton then noticed a few small insects trying to escape.

"Do you think you can get away?" The black exoskeleton behind Demon Worm Sutton opened up, revealing glossy black wings.

Locusts are insects that can fly, and the Demon Locust Suit naturally had incredibly high mobility.

To think that you could escape in front of the king of demon locusts, humans, you are mistaken!

"What do we do? That monster is catching up!" Childe Yun He's heart was pounding, he never expected to encounter such a monstrous creature in here, killing it was just like killing a bug.

"Quran, you protect the rear, we are preparing our special move!" Childe Sanquan didn't hesitate to command the highest fighting power among the three, Prince Black Demon Dog.

"Alright, I was just itching to try out my powers after transforming!" Quran immediately turned around, roaring as he unleashed his bloodline power.

Come on, let us show you the strength of the Dark Fury Beast, the Bloodthirsty Hunter!

"What is our special move?" Yun He looked at Childe Sanquan with a puzzled face, did their plan include such a hidden card?

"I'm preparing it... Let's first escape to a safe place." Childe Sanquan certainly didn't tell Yun He and Quran that the so-called special move was simply a fabrication.

Who would have imagined that a simple trial in the White Lotus Secret Treasure would bring about such strange phenomena?

No matter if they were members of an abnormal noble camp, glowing green all over.

Or monsters like demon worms, wearing black armor, emerging from the crystal bee's nest, they were nothing like what the White Lotus Sword Domain should have.

Childe Sanquan could be sure that something went wrong, and it was a major problem.

"Howl! Howl! Howl!" Quran transformed into a giant black werewolf, with red light bursting from its eyes, and rushed towards Demon Worm Sutton on all fours.

The speed was so fast that a series of black shadows appeared behind Quran, as if the ground resistance disappeared beneath its running feet.

The more Quran ran, the stronger and more powerful its limbs became, as the bloodline from Cerberus awakened, granting it greater speed, stronger strength, and a stronger craving for flesh.

It was time for the hunt!

"Hiss!" Sutton twisted its neck, and the black spikes behind it burst open again.

The first strike of destruction erupted for the second time!

"Bang!" The body of Childe Sanquan was cut in half, and his intestines flew everywhere. Only the dog head was still biting Sasson's arm, refusing to let go.

"Go away!" Sasson shook his hand in disgust, throwing Quran's dog head onto the ground, and then stomped on it with his foot.

"What do we do? Quran's dog head was blown up!" Watching Quran being easily killed, Childe Yun He felt a deep sense of sadness, like a fox mourning a dead rabbit.

"Is your special move ready?"

"I..." Childe Sanquan didn't have time to reveal the truth, when suddenly the green cloud in the sky split apart.

A torrential downpour of green rain fell from the sky.

The human remains, drenched in the green rain, began to stand up one by one.

Even those with heads blown open and brains oozing on the ground were no exception. Although they appeared imperfectly patched up, they all regained their consciousness.

Hmm, if we count the murmuring sounds of "Yiya!" as well, all the dead members were resurrected in the same spot.

"This ultimate move is really amazing!" After getting their head blown up, Quran touched their slightly twisted head and felt their morale rise by ten thousand points!

"This is the ultimate move, impressive! It truly turned the situation around, everyone is resurrected!" Childe Yun He looked at their friend as if they were meeting them for the first time, with a face full of admiration.

"Uh..." Childe Sanquan really wanted to say that he didn't have any cheat to use a group resurrection ultimate move.

If he could do such a thing, how could he still be just a low-ranking evil god priest in the remote God's Domain? He would have long become the chief evil god priest!

So, the question is, it wasn't him who made up this ultimate move, then what's happening now?


Demon Worm Sutton looked at the green humans that had sprouted up like mushrooms after the rain, and raised their black iron fist once again.

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