Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 964

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Chapter 964: Demon Locust

Whether they were called crystal bees or locusts, these creatures had remarkable resistance compared to humans.

Ordinary toxins couldn't kill these resilient insects, especially when they were enhanced by the aura of Demon Worm Sutton. The transformed elite locusts had significantly increased their lifeforce.

But even the reinforced locust guards, who were protected by Demon Worm Sutton, were all quickly dissolved into green poison by the falling green acid bombs.

Every time a green poison ring appeared, it meant that thousands of crystal locusts had been corroded to the point of extinction.

What's even more terrifying is that as the crystal locusts are corroded, the poisonous water they turn into will evaporate and rise as toxic fog, becoming part of the cloudy sky.

"Hiss!" Demon Worm Sutton, who commanded the army of monsters in Crystal Creek Valley, raised his triangular head and stared fiercely at a lingering dark cloud in the sky.

Despite the continuous arrival of crystal bees from the hive to join the army of monsters and replenish the troops, the balance of the battlefield had already started to shift completely towards the domain of the noble families, or rather, towards the side of the creatures from the abyss.

That never dissipating green cloud is an interference of some kind, distorting the outcome of this battlefield.




Demon Worm Sutton emitted a chilling screech, a powerful sound possessed by the proud cosmic species who ventured across the stars, the mighty demon worms of the insect race.

Even though his body was corroded by green acid, releasing toxic smoke, Sutton remained brave and fearless!

The demon worms of the insect race were specially bred and transformed for the Insect Princesses to conquer countless realms. Each individual demon worm had its own unique name and possessed extraordinary powers beyond human imagination.

Although Sutton was only a rank below the top 100 demon worms of the race, his power was far greater than that.

His army's special ability was that the more locusts under his command, the stronger he became.

As a racial talent, he could release the demon locust virus, forcibly transforming other insect species unrelated to locusts into demon locusts.

When necessary, he could reverse the transformation!

"Become... my sustenance..." Using his superiority as a demon worm, Sutton commanded the crystal locusts that had transformed under his influence.

Millions of crystal locusts flew at Sutton like moths to a flame, one after another disappearing into his body in a burst of light.

This was a mandatory command to transform from the "Legion Battle" form to the "Ultimate Champion" attribute, signifying the sacrifice of over a million troops to strengthen himself.

Although it was only a very brief special enhancement, his combat power would rise to a terrifying level during this time.

Similar to the hidden boss, Crimson Bee, in Crystal Creek Valley, Demon Worm Sutton also carried part of the Insect Princess's will.

Appearing in Crystal Creek Valley at this moment, it was merely a clone and couldn't unleash its full power, but it should be enough to massacre this group of humans.

The furious leader bee showcased the dance of one of the strongest Insect Princesses in the starry sky, the Crimson Bee, whose special characteristic was an endless barrage of spinning attacks.

Childe Yun He was shocked to see Demon Worm Sutton's body transforming into a dark exoskeleton armor, revealing a menacing form.

"What? This guy turned into a human?" he exclaimed.

He couldn't believe how his once towering height was compressed to just two meters!

The sharp and cold lines, the purple-black antennas, and the deep black cloak unfurled behind him - they all emanated a sense of oppression as if he had emerged from the depths of hell.

Even with the White Crying Sword in his possession, Childe Yun He could still feel the deadly threat that he couldn't defeat this guy.

" a power close to the sixth rank!" Childe Sanquan couldn't believe that such a terrifying opponent would appear in just the first level.

"Hmph...I can transform too!" Quran didn't know why, but the human-like form of Demon Worm Sutton didn't sit well with him. Maybe it was because that magnificent black Demon Locust Suit looked so cool.

"One...two...three..." Demon Worm Sutton twisted his shoulders, and suddenly three black spikes protruded from his back, a unique combat auxiliary equipment of the king of the demon locusts.

This Demon Locust Suit was bestowed upon Demon Worm Sutton by the Insect Princess, whom he faithfully served. Its effect was equivalent to the original God Weapons of humans.

Moreover, it was custom-made specifically for the insect race, granting them devastating destructive power, just like a God Weapon.

"I only need one strike to defeat you..." The expression of ruthless cruelty intensified in Demon Worm Sutton's eyes. By wearing the Demon Locust Suit, he had forsaken his position as the commander of the legion and personally took the field to deal with his opponent.




The noble children who can summon acid rain still had creepy smiles on their faces and whispered in a chilling voice, like drug addicts who have taken too much.

From behind them, you could almost see with the naked eye a series of green threads connecting together, creating a sinister atmosphere.

Among the entire group of noble children, only the trio belonging to the other evil god, Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli, were not affected by this place.

"The first strike of destruction!" Demon Worm Sutton, the king of demon locusts, launched his destructive technique without caring about who his opponent was.

During the insect tribe's conquest of the stars, they encountered countless powerful enemies.

Wandering amidst the endless halo, representing the superior race of the evil gods, the shining colors of the stars.

The twisted divine messengers with strange wings, commanded by true deities.

A fantasy specie giant snake so huge that it can coil around the stars, but as timid as a mouse.

The insect army always follows the commands of the Insect Princesses and attacks all enemies without questioning who they are!

A burst of red and black light explodes from behind Demon Worm Sutton, and a black spike shatters into pieces, granting him immense strength for his punch!

This is a fist that smashes all obstacles, destroys everything, and wreaks havoc!

The aristocratic camp is instantly shattered by this punch, and over ten genius members with the White Lotus Secret Treasure mark are turned to dust.

The black shockwave even sends the concentrated group of aristocrats soaring into the sky, and their shattered bodies fall like dumplings, making a "crack! crack! crack!" sound.

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