Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 976

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Chapter 976: That Black Dragon Seems Familiar

Can the human body endure such acceleration and changes in direction?

No, it's impossible for either side!

The twelve Black Cavalry accelerate, relying on their bodies that are not even within the realm of humans.

Once the Black Knights, who were already deceased, can withstand it and are infused with enough dragon energy, they can continuously unleash their power, unaffected by the ten-meter-long poisonous green tentacles.

Similarly, wearing the Black Flame Dragon Armor and supported by the power of the Great Xia's dragon energy, the Black Dragon Emperor can use the Dragon Soul Moment without any limits, surpassing the limitations of the flesh.

Controlling the power of dragon energy with the human body is the power of "wisdom" and the key for the human race to surpass its own limits.

Similarly, the running of Xiao Cao is based on the same principle, achieved through the mobility radiating from her mortal sword throughout her body.

The God Weapon is a special weapon that humans use to surpass their physical limits. It is the proof of being a hero-ranked hero and a miraculous fantasy creation.

A hero-ranked hero without a God Weapon is completely different from one with a God Weapon. No human can surpass the limits of being hero-ranked without the power of the God Weapon.

One can say that only those who possess the God Weapon are qualified to see the doors to higher worlds. Just like wisdom is the key for humans to unlock mysteries in the [Field], the God Weapon is the key for humans to unlock legends in the [Field].

With a "rumbling" sound of iron hooves, even though there were only thirteen knights in the group, they displayed the aura of a mighty army.

This is the battlefield of a lone swordsman and the king who controls the army. It is the clash between the shattered army and the destined king, the most thrilling battle in the Crystal Ball Tournament!

The girls of the Starwings Knights watched the battlefield with anticipation, hoping for Xiao Cao to create another miracle.

The soldiers of the Great Xia dynasty watched the battlefield, full of confidence in their prince, Xia Jie.

Other soldiers also watched, wondering what heroes their side would summon when they took the stage.

Thunder, fire, instant explosions.




A series of rapid and crisp sounds, Xiao Cao's lone figure charged into the twelve Black Cavalry, turning into a shining light that pierced the earth.

One flash, two flashes, three flashes.

Each flash of the sword represented a Black Cavalry being knocked away. The seemingly fragile figure of Xiao Cao revealed unimaginable terrifying power as they entered the Black Cavalry's ranks.

Even the members of the Starwings Knights looked surprised at Xiao Cao.

Is her power really that strong?

Not that strong, breathed out Yun Xi , who had excellent observational skills.

But something even more terrifying than sheer power!

Because she demonstrated exceptional sword skills at the peak level.

The power of the heavy swords struck by twelve Black Cavalry was mostly absorbed by the mortal sword, even using their own power to counteract the impact.

Yun Xi could not compare to the intuitive and computational abilities required for this. Will these skills be mastered by the future Xiao Cao?

After the talent of the mortal sword evolved to this stage, it has the miraculous effect of transforming decay into magic.

Despite being surrounded by enemies, Xiao Cao showed no signs of nervousness. With her braided hair fluttering, she parried and deflected all the attacks with the mortal sword.

The Black Knights, who possessed more than ten times the normal hero-ranked strength, were thrown off balance by Xiao Cao alone.

If Xiao Cao was only facing twelve Black Cavalry, the situation would have completely fallen apart.

But, don't forget, who is the person on the crystal ball representing the prince of the Great Xia fighting in the war?

Who is the true master of the twelve Black Cavalry?

The dark giant sword raised high, but instead of choosing to strike with justice like Xia Jie, it summoned the power of the black dragon veins, representing the Great Xia.

Amidst the roar of the black dragon, the future emperor of the Great Xia made his first real move, as foreseen in the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

When he made his move, it was earth-shattering.

The black dragon summoned by Xia Jie in his tyrant state was no different from a little bug compared to the black dragon that flew out in response to the Black Dragon Emperor.

Compared to Xia Jie's unruly black dragon soul that didn't listen to his commands, the black dragon flying above the Black Dragon Emperor's head was majestic, powerful, and perfectly combined with the Black Dragon Emperor's own aura.

At this moment, one could say that the Black Dragon Emperor and this black dragon were as one.

After appearing, the black dragon suddenly targeted Xiao Cao running amok among the twelve Black Cavalry, extending its dragon claws.

On its pitch-black claws, shimmered a chilling light.

One tear, one pull.

At the spot where Xiao Cao was, a deep claw mark several tens of meters long appeared suddenly, and Xiao Cao, who had been unharmed since the beginning of the battle, was sent flying for the first time.

Below the battlefield, Hua Huo's team.

"That black dragon... seems to..." Desert Dragon Zaka squinted at the black dragon appearing behind the Black Dragon Emperor, wearing an expression of "I know who you are."

"Mhmm... Mhmm... It can't be wrong..." Ice Dragon Zaka waved at the black dragon, showing a faint smile.

"If that's the case, this human..." Red Dragon Zaka looked quite interestedly at the Black Dragon Emperor clad in black armor, as well as Xiao Cao who stood up on the battlefield once again.

Xiao Cao was targeted by the black dragon with an attack that she couldn't avoid. She was blown away but it seemed like she wasn't hurt. Instead, it unleashed some kind of invisible energy.

On Xiao Cao's mortal sword, faint blood stains started to appear. Then, they spread and extended.

The second time, the black dragon's claws came rushing towards Xiao Cao.

This time, Xiao Cao skillfully took on the attack, without stepping back or being knocked away.

The power that appeared within Xiao Cao's body was not something that a human could possess. It was a kind of power even more mighty, comparable to the true Black Dragon Soul of the Black Dragon Emperor.

"Unmatched..." Xiao Cao spoke for the first time as she stepped onto the battlefield.

"Dragon Roar Wave..." Similarly, the Black Dragon Emperor also spoke.

Neither of them spoke first and those outside the crystal ball didn't even know that the hero who responded to the crystal ball's call could actually speak.

Even though it only appeared as if they were unleashing the power of their respective rules.

However, what puzzled Xia Jie was that her future voice seemed to be a bit too deep. Nonetheless, the genuine resonating power of the Dragon Soul within it was undeniable. It was as if she was speaking true Dragon language!

But Xia Jie was puzzled by the fact that his future voice seemed to be a little too deep. However, the resonance of the dragon soul power contained in it was real, just like genuine dragon language!

The black beam of light created a huge collapse, causing a massive black gravitational tide on the battlefield of crystal spheres. Yun Xi found this scenery quite familiar.

Then came the relentless flash of consecutive sword blades that cut through everything without mercy!

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