Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 959

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Chapter 959: Men Should Come

There is absolutely no way his sister would turn against them and speak up for someone else!

A lonely man and a lonely woman, spending the night together. Coupled with the hazy look in his sister's eyes that he just witnessed, her expression full of sadness and yet having to endure something.

You! Say! There! Is! No! Problem! Here!

Who would believe that!

Xia Jie could feel his anger rising, just like watching pigs stealing his cabbage!

This is outrageous, I can't stand it! I can't bear it!

"If you... are a man, then come with me and talk!" raising his dark great sword, Xia Jie pointed at Yun Xi with a confused expression on his face.

Stop pretending, I'm talking about you with a feminine voice.

With that "what happened" expression on your face, are you really a woman?

"No, brother!" Xia Ling knew that Xia Jie must have misunderstood.

Last night, even though nothing really happened, all those things Xia Jie imagined didn't actually occur.

Yun Que is indeed a virtuous person.

"Sister, you shouldn't interfere in men's affairs." Xia Jie looked fiercely at Yun Xi, his black dragon soul faintly visible.

"Alright." Yun Xi shrugged, although he didn't know what tricks the Great Xia's crown prince was up to, he could honestly say he did nothing wrong.

"Great, at least he still has some courage." Xia Jie's mouth formed a wicked smile.

This effeminate boy could never have imagined the immense power he gained after unlocking the true abilities of the Twelve Black Cavalry.

They say a lot can change in just three days, and he has undergone a complete transformation!

Now, with the Dragon Soul awakened within him, he can harness the full power of the Twelve Black Cavalry, striking down gods and ghosts alike!

Even if he were to face another onslaught of bullets like before, he could easily defend himself. The multiplication of his hero-ranked abilities by twelve is no joke.

What's even more terrifying is that, in addition to the twelve-fold increase, he now possesses even more powerful hidden cards.

Effeminate boy, today I will show you why the flowers are so red!

"You shouldn't bully others just because there are more of you. Big brother shouldn't surround and attack with the twelve Black Cavalry." Sensing Xia Jie's intentions, Xia Ling stepped forward voluntarily to protect Yun Xi .

"You... fine... if you don't want to bring them, then don't bring them..." Xia Jie looked at his sister with a heartbroken expression.

Where had his independent and self-reliant little sister gone, who always called him "big brother"?

Oh, his dear sister, is she really gone forever?

It was all this effeminate boy's fault. Xia Jie vented all his anger onto Yun Xi , glaring at him with fury in his eyes.


In a corner of Crystal Creek Valley, the wind blew coldly over the Easy River.

Yun Xi looked at Xia Jie on the other side, feeling a palpable sense of naked hostility emanating from him.

It was just too obvious, beyond mere hostility, to describe the current prince of the Great Xia.

"Actually... I didn't want things to turn out like this..."

"I really... want to be a good person, the perfect big brother in my little sister's eyes." Xia Jie reminisces, as if in a dream, about the little moments he shared with his sister, Xia Ling.

As a member of the royal family in the Great Xia, Xia Jie is a descendant of the Sky Sword. Every generation produces various talents, and he is recognized as the crown prince and the heir to the Black Flame Dragon Armor.

Since he was very young, he has shown his remarkable abilities. With the support of his mother's clan, he easily became the designated crown prince.

Being surrounded by flatterers, everyone praises and adores him, bowing down in front of the future emperor of the Great Xia.

Only Xia Ling is different. She is his half-sister, but she never treats him any differently. She possesses a different world, a world she pursues that is higher and farther than that of the Great Xia Emperor. It is the legend that surpasses any dynasty or noble family—the Sky Sword.

Even Xia Jie himself dared not take that path. As the heir of the Great Xia dynasty, he had to carry more burden and couldn't give up everything to pursue the way of the sword.

But Xia Ling could. She never cared about her status as the princess of the Great Xia. She wholeheartedly immersed herself in the world of the sword.

While the other princes and princesses were riding horses and practicing archery, having fun at the garden festival, she was practicing swordsmanship.

When the other princes and princesses started to build their own influences and form little cliques, she was practicing swordsmanship.

In the court of the Great Xia, where the princes and princesses of the royal kin were plotting against each other, she was practicing swordsmanship.

Among all the princes and princesses of the Great Xia, only Xia Ling stood alone, never joining any group or doing anything to increase her influence.

She even decided to come to the White Lotus Sword Domain as a foreign student and became the chief disciple of the Sword Palace. She didn't listen to any commands from the Great Xia dynasty.

And because of this, even though she was a princess of the Great Xia, Yun Ling didn't even have a single maid at the White Lotus Sword Palace and had to do everything herself.

This was the kind of Yun Ling that Xia Jie was proud of.

"But... ever since you came, I realized that I can't be a good person!"

"If I continue being a good person, my sister will be killed by you!"

"To be honest, you are just a troublemaker among troublemakers!" Xia Jie, who had been pretending to shed fake tears like a fox in front of a dying tiger, finally spoke the truth.

This person named Yun Que, who acted feminine, was incredibly terrifying when it came to her charm as a woman!

His proud and confident sister, who had always been that way, was now rebelling against him because of him. Such a person definitely couldn't be allowed to stay; they had to be dealt with swiftly and without hesitation!

"When have you ever acted like a good person..." Yun Xi looked at Xia Jie, whose true nature was fully revealed in front of him, with speechless eyes. Don't you know that the black dragon with its jaws wide open behind you had already betrayed you?

He ran to this remote corner, with such a fierce expression that anyone could guess what he was up to.

It was like a textbook-level villain performance, the name of the tyrant was weeping.

"Do you have any last words?" Xia Jie twisted his neck.

Even if he had to face his sister's criticism or even a fight, he had to execute this abominable, effeminate person right here.

In the name of the tyrant Xia Jie, he would not tolerate someone betraying his sister and making her cry.

If this effeminate person stayed by Xia Ling's side for even a second longer, the situation would become even more serious. There was no more time to wait!

"Well, you won't die." Yun Xi's answer was simple and clear, indicating Xia Jie's fate.

This was in appreciation for Xia Ling's help in strengthening him continuously.

"Of course, I won't die." Xia Jie's face twisted with a distorted expression. He erupted with massive black flames, shouting angrily:

"Because it's you who will die!"

"Accept your punishment, Yun Que !"

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