Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 960

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Chapter 960: The Six Strikes of Returning Swallow

A fierce black dragon shadow rose into the sky, swirling and descending upon Xia Jie.

"Eeek!" Xia Jie shouted, emitting a non-human-like roar.

Compared to the last time, this black dragon shadow that appeared was even bigger, with dark scales that emitted a chilling black light.

Perhaps in terms of spirituality, this black dragon shadow was far inferior to Xia Ling's green dragon spirit, but in terms of sheer destructive power and cruelty, it far surpassed it.

Xia Ling's dragon spirit resembled an emerald gemstone, magnificent and noble, and its compatibility with Xia Ling was one hundred percent.

Xia Jie's dragon soul, on the other hand, was like burning black hellfire, fierce and unrestrained. The more Xia Jie's anger grew, the stronger the power of the dragon soul became.

This is a comparison between two extremes, and if we talk about pure destructive power, it is without a doubt that Xia Jie, who has the power of twelve Black Cavalry combined, is stronger.

"Firstly, it's triple!" Xia Jie felt the surging power in his body and activated the Dragon Soul, which triples his strength.

With time flowing ten times slower and the triple power boost from being hero-ranked, he has already surpassed his limit in battle when he was at the Great Xia's camp.

Power stacking is not as simple as adding one plus one.

Just like reaching the speed limit, the difference between running 100 meters in one second and 50 meters in one second may seem like just one-fold, but someone who can run at 100 meters per second can easily defeat someone who can only run at 50 meters per second with a strength difference of over ten-fold.

When reaching the limit, each breakthrough becomes incredibly difficult, so the Killing value rewards offered by Glory make the princess of the Great Xia and the crown prince excited.

In the same way, when Xia Jie combines his hero-ranked strength three times, he can easily defeat himself when he's not in Dragon Soul mode using just one hand.

"You used to be fast... but now I'm even faster!"

"Can you catch up to my speed now, sissy?" Xia Jie, who had suddenly tripled his strength, grinned confidently, and his figure split into three.

This speed was so fast that even human eyes couldn't recognize it, and with the enhancement of the black inferno power, it truly looked like there were three Xia Jie's appearing.

"Your insignificant tricks are nothing to me now!"

"Hahaha, can you figure out which one is my real body now?"

After gaining unprecedented power, Xia Jie no longer sees Yun Xi, who once defeated him, as a threat.

The combination of triple hero-ranked power has pushed his physique beyond the limits of normal hero-ranked humans. Without the support of the Great Xia's dragon pulse, he would not have been able to enter this [Field].

This is what Xia Ling meant by "monster," truly extraordinary and unstoppable.

Now Xia Jie is confident that he can take on ten of his past selves. With his speed and explosive power, he stands in an unbeatable position!

"Of course I can see it!" Yun Xi immediately locked onto Xia Jie, who was constantly shifting positions. The overwhelming killing intent was too obvious.

Furthermore, why did Xia Jie think that his move was invisible to him?

Compared to the highest-speed barrages commanded by the leader bee, this speed is like slow motion!

Draw your sword!

Death comes like the wind, always accompanying me but never staying for long.

Vacuum Blade, activate!

The invisible slashing blade hit Xia Jie accurately as he continued to move around, leaving a deep sword mark on the Black Flame Dragon Armor.

Great, both the power and range are satisfying!

After experimenting with the attack trajectory and range of the vacuum blade, Yun Xi expressed 200% satisfaction with the Mist Ghost Sword after being upgraded.

In anyone's eyes, this is truly a God Weapon now. The upgraded Mist Ghost Sword is so reliable and useful.

"No way!"

"How could you see through my speed!"

"I was clearly much faster!" Xia Jie looked at the slowly healing sword mark on his chest in disbelief. The development of the battle was beyond his imagination.

Why is this effeminate-looking person able to keep up with his speed and see through his true form at a glance?

This is unrealistic!

"This is because... I'm faster than you..." In the camp of the Great Xia Dynasty, during the battle with Xia Jie, Yun Xi did not reveal his true speed and strength.

With the power of a strong body, the flexibility of a supple body, and the support of Casina the Battle God as his teacher and the Battle God's Seed, his speed had already reached an unimaginable level for an ordinary person.

Otherwise, at the critical moment, he wouldn't have been able to save Xia Ling from the barrage of the leader bee.

The limits of the human hero-ranked flesh and blood are not the limits of Hua Huo , not the limits of the twin witches, and certainly not the limits of Yun Xi .

The so-called extraordinary is like this, it can't be explained by common sense, and you can't even understand the strength of these monsters.

In the process of chasing the monster (Hua Huo woman), Yun Xi himself also turned into a monster.

"Five times!"

Xia Jie's whole body made a crisp sound, it was the sound of the power loaded onto his body pressuring his flesh and blood.

Even with the help of the Great Xia's dragon vein to share the burden, the five times hero-ranked power still made his body feel heavy.

Stepping on the hard ground with his feet, Xia Jie yelled and leaped into the air, performing a powerful strike for justice!

Yun Xi, just like Xia Jie, lightly tapped the ground with the tips of his toes.

Having trained with the Flying Swallow Sword, and even experienced the magnificence of the Heavenly Soaring Divine Sword, he found aerial combat techniques to be truly delightful!

Returning Swallow, six strikes in a row!

Like a graceful antelope or a soaring swallow, the sword light flashed in the air, twice, six times in a row.

Xia Jie, who had just gained five times the power of a hero-ranked warrior, couldn't even complete his powerful strike for justice before Yun Xi, from the sky, shattered it.

With the power of the vacuum blade, Yun Xi's Flying Swallow Sword had surpassed the limits of ordinary swordsmanship, becoming a truly extraordinary sword technique.

The shining sword, even Xia Jie's strong Black Flame Dragon Armor couldn't withstand its attack. The sharpness of the invisible blades and Yun Xi's aerial sword techniques were a perfect match.

This was not a fair fight!

Xia Jie, wearing heavy armor and making grand movements, could be a terrifying tyrant on the battlefield. But to Yun Xi, who excelled in wielding his fast Yun Hai's Quadrant Sword and the Sky Flying Sword, Xia Jie was like a big target.

After the countless Flying Swallow Swords disappeared, Xia Jie fell from the sky and created a giant hole several meters deep when he hit the hard ground in Crystal Creek Valley.

"Hmm, still alive," Yun Xi said, poking Xia Jie's face with the tip of his sword. He was sure that this big guy had lost all ability to fight. Then, he grabbed the collar of Xia Jie's armor and dragged him towards the direction of the bonfire, like dragging a dead dog.

Hmm, strange. Why does this feel a bit lighter?

As Yun Xi dragged Xia Jie away, he felt a little confused.

The heavy armor looked really heavy, but when he actually tried to lift it, it felt surprisingly light.

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