Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 958

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Chapter 958: Sibling Reunion

"Thank you, these are all for you as a reward." After much deliberation, Yun Xi decided to conduct an experiment.

After strengthening the Mist Ghost Sword to level eight, it once again displayed the next stage of strengthening effects and the required materials.

Strengthening once with three thousand Illusory Crystals.

Increase in minimum real damage by one hundred points, and maximum by two hundred and forty points.

Extraordinary Power Effect One - Vacuum Blade level increased.

Extraordinary Power Effect Two - Added freezing effect, especially effective against fire monsters.

Extraordinary Power Effect Three - Added Shadowless Steps, increasing movement speed by thirty percent.

Hmm, all of them seem so captivating.

This is the madness of the strengthening system. Judging from the strengthening effects that have appeared so far, the effects of the ninth and tenth upgrades are simply unimaginable.

Even Yun Xi, who possessed the Starwings, would be enchanted. One can only imagine how crazed the others who want to enhance their God Weapon power would be.

"So many gems, but I can't take them," Xia Ling shook her head. The chances of strengthening gems appearing were few. After killing nearly a hundred thousand monsters, she only managed to collect over a hundred gems.

It was impossible for her to challenge the crystal bee like Yun Xi did, slaying thousands. She didn't have the courage for that kind of suicide mission.

"Consider it a debt from you to me. Just give me something of equal value after the trial is over," Yun Xi lied naturally, but it was a lie that wouldn't be exposed.

After the trial of the White Lotus Secret Treasure, Yun Que would cease to exist, and there would be no need for the princess of the Great Xia to repay the debt.

"All right!" Xia Ling believed it to be true. This was a fair exchange, as it should be.

And because she was serious by nature, she decided to give "Yun Que" treasures worth more than ten times its value as a repayment.

There were two kinds of treasures in this peaceful world: treasures that were valuable and treasures that could enhance one's fighting abilities in this brutal trial. It was not an exaggeration to calculate their worth as ten times their value.

Xia Ling was a genius who was serious and hardworking.

With hundreds of virtual green crystals borrowed from Yun Xi, Xia Ling quickly strengthened her Twin Dragon Sword to its critical point.

The next step was to go from quantity to quality.

When Xia Ling saw the light that appeared after Yun Xi strengthened his Mist Ghost Sword from six to seven, it was undoubtedly a qualitative leap.

In terms of numerical value, starting from plus seven, the strengthening system became increasingly crazy, with each increase in value making one's heart race, and even special additional effects would appear.

The extraordinary power that appeared after strengthening to plus eight with the Mist Ghost Sword appeared earlier with the Twin Dragon Sword, which had better materials.

Just like how the special enhancement of the Mist Ghost Sword was tailor-made for this sword, the Twin Dragon Sword, with its extraordinary material, was also enhanced to +7, which made Xia Ling really excited.

It cost her 300 Illusory Green Crystals.

The enhancement effect was to increase the minimum damage by 20 points and the maximum damage by 60 points.

The extraordinary power attached to it was to increase the time of Dragon Spirit domination by 30%.

For someone skilled in the art of turning a sword into a spirit, this extraordinary additional effect was amazing. It was so good that she didn't even bother reading the special instructions for +7 and directly smashed in the 300 Illusory Green Crystals.

Anyway, enhancements aren't always 100% successful, right? She had successfully enhanced Yun Que's sword to +8 before, so enhancing it to +7 seemed easy.

Well, that's what Yun Xi thought at first too.





A strange sound echoed in Xia Ling's ears as she stared blankly at her Twin Dragon Sword, which now showed +4, not understanding what had just happened.

Oh! Oh! Oh!

It turns out that even strengthening can fail!

No, wait, it's not just a simple failure, it's actually a downgrade!

She had worked so hard to enhance her Twin Dragon Sword to +6, and now it dropped all the way down to +4!

What's going on? Did she encounter a fake enhancement system?

How can this be!

Hmm, it doesn't seem like there's any special treatment for women. Maybe it was just beginner's luck earlier?

Too bad, there's not enough virtual green crystals left to continue testing.

Yun Xi patted the princess of the Great Xia on the shoulder, who stood there motionless.

Don't be disheartened, if you got downgraded, you still have a chance to start over.

"No... No, please!" Xia Ling hugged her head, unable to accept the sudden fall from heaven to hell.

Her +7 Twin Dragon Sword, her control over the dragon spirit, all gone!

Sob... Sob... It's not fair! Why was it so easy for Yun Que to enhance her sword to +7 and +8 without any failures?

She started to strengthen herself by seven, without even failing once, she directly lost a level, ah!

Seeing Xia Ling's despairing expression, Yun Xi deeply empathized, because this was just like himself not long ago.

Xia Ling only lost a few hundred pieces of illusionary green crystals, but Yun Xi had smashed over eight thousand of them into ashes.

Ah, truly, strengthening can ruin one's life.

Just as Yun Xi was about to console Xia Ling, a furious and desperate roar echoed from the entrance of Crystal Creek Valley:

"Release my sister, you sissy!"

In this world, there was only one person who could speak to Yun Xi with such a tone.

The destined son of the Great Xia Dynasty, the future Xia Emperor - Crown Prince Xia Jie.

"Boom!" The twelve Black Cavalry, with an imposing force to sweep everything away, escorted Xia Jie as they slaughtered the scattered Crystal Grass Spirits and the Big Grass Spirit, all the way to the edge of the bonfire.

"You deserve to die a thousand times!" Xia Jie, who was hot-tempered and caring towards his sister Xia Ling, could tell from their current positions that something was terribly wrong, the worst possible situation.

Look at the hazy and lost expression in his sister's eyes, as if she had lost the most precious thing to her.

The smug and pitiful expression on this effeminate person's face.


The anger meter of the Great Xia Crown Prince instantly reached its maximum, and a fierce black dragon shadow appeared on the Black Flame Dragon Armor.

"Let her go! You're never allowed to get close to my sister in this lifetime!" Xia Jie pulled out his dark great sword, his anger reaching uncontrollable levels.

"You despicable and wretched creature!"

"Brother, you've misunderstood. He actually saved me." Xia Ling stepped forward to defend herself.

"I know, because he saved you in the end, I won't kill him!" Xia Jie felt like the epitome of a gentleman and couldn't believe he hadn't killed this damn effeminate person yet.

If he had known, he would have taken action when this feminine-looking person came to join the Great Xia team, unleashing the true power of the twelve Black Cavalry in advance.

Now, everything might be too late.

Wuwuwu, his sister, the shining pearl of the Great Xia dynasty, might have... He couldn't even bear to think about it.

Sometimes, things just happen that way. The more you try not to think in a bad direction, the worse it becomes.

"My affairs, it's not up to you, big brother!" Xia Ling's voice made Xia Jie black out and almost burst his blood vessels.

It's over, it's over!

What kind of confusion has this person put in his sister's mind!

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