Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 957

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Chapter 957: Special Enhancement

Yun Xi looked at the options for the next stage of enhancement and held his breath.

He had a feeling that he was about to be tricked.

It was a tempting offer that one couldn't resist, despite the fact that it could lead to trouble.

The bonfire enhancement system was completely trustworthy.

The effects of enhancing to +8 were clearly displayed.

Yun Xi didn't know what kind of enhancement effect other God Weapons would have when thrown into the bonfire, but it was obvious that the +8 enhancement effect was the most suitable for the Mist Ghost Sword.

Real damage - lower limit increased by fifty points, upper limit increased by one hundred twenty points. Since Yun Xi possessed the highest level White Lotus Secret Treasure mark, it meant that he would always obtain the highest upper limit points.

But in this case, Yun Xi who had been deceived by the enhancement system wouldn't lose control of himself.

The problem is the second effect.

This is the first time Yun Xi has seen such extraordinary power with an additional effect.

Vacuum Blade - with a swing of the sword, it can tear through the air and create a special ability for vacuum cutting, without requiring any extra spiritual power.

Death is like the wind, always by my side, never lingering in one place for too long.

This is the extraordinary power equivalent to the fourth rank of magic in the Western God's Domain. The problem is that whether it's a witch or a mage using this magic, they need to pay a magic cost.

And the additional effect of the bonfire system being enhanced to eight is - unlimited usage without any consumption. This is the first time Yun Xi , apart from his own Starwings, has seen the effect of a God Weapon that allows him to endlessly use extraordinary abilities.

Compared to the uncontrollable Starwings, which gives Yun Xi a heart-pounding feeling every time he uses it, the special abilities of the Mist Ghost Sword after being enhanced to eight are really tempting.

No matter if we consider the range of attack or the characteristics, Mist Ghost Sword, which possesses the ability of Vacuum Blade, can be considered as a smaller version of the Starwings – of course, that's not taking into account the power of the Starwings after it's unsealed.

Anyway, the rewards from the trial of the White Lotus Secret Treasure can't be taken out of here, so let's take a gamble!

Looking at the gemstone consumption required to strengthen it to level eight, Yun Xi suddenly felt that the 9,999 illusory green crystals he obtained this time were not enough at all.

1,000 crystals – that's the price to strengthen Mist Ghost Sword to level eight, and there is absolutely no guarantee of success.

Let's go!

Believe in yourself, believe in your golden hand!





"Phew, not bad harvest!" Controlling her green dragon spirit, Xia Ling floated out from the transformed Crystal Creek Valley with satisfaction.

After going through life and death trials, she made great progress in understanding the art of turning a sword into a spirit. The summoning technique that could only be used once before can now be maintained for a short period of time.

The green dragon spirit became her protector, helping her fight her way through thousands of crystal Grass Spirits without disappearing.

Estimating roughly, she can control the green dragon spirit for about fifteen minutes when she activates the sword transformation technique. Even though the dragon's power decreases after the initial burst, it is still her strongest weapon.

At least now she is a little closer to those monsters.

Her killing value has exceeded one hundred thousand and she has obtained over three digits of crystal drops.

Compared to the army of crystal bees, which numbers over ten million, the individual strength of the more powerful crystal Grass Spirits is slightly stronger. The drop rate for strengthening crystals is also not bad. Now Xia Ling can be considered eligible to activate the strengthening system.

However, when Xia Ling returned to the bonfire, she found Yun Xi, who always had a cold expression, staring blankly at the silently burning bonfire with a contemplative look on his face.

The long and slender Mist Ghost Sword was inserted into the bonfire, emitting an extraordinary light, showing that it had leveled up. However, why did he look so devastated despite the fact that the Mist Ghost Sword had been strengthened?

"To strengthen to level seven, it requires three hundred crystals..." Xia Ling curiously looked at the numbers displayed in the bonfire. She only had a little over a hundred crystals, so she was still far from reaching this stage of strengthening.

"Yeah, to strengthen to level seven..." Yun Xi had a dreamy look on his face.

Currently, the displayed strengthening level on the Mist Ghost Sword is +6.

Yun Xi felt like he had encountered a fake power-enhancing system. Why did his over 8,000 imaginary green crystals disappear without him noticing?

In his mind, there were only the continuous sounds of "ding! ding! ding!"

And the repeated sounds of "crack! crack! crack!"

Finally, there was a heartbreaking "swoosh".

I'm done for!

Waaah! Yun Xi thought this was the biggest setback he had faced since entering the White Lotus Secret Treasure trial.

This cursed power-enhancing system is just too dangerous! Over 8,000 imaginary green crystals vanished into thin air, turned into dust.

He felt a great sense of frustration, even starting to doubt his ability to enhance himself.

Could there be some special technique to this power-enhancing?

"Well, I'll give it a try too," Xia Ling said as she also put her Twin Dragon Sword inside.

"The enhancement level increased by one and two successfully, using up all the enhancement gems she had obtained, which made Xia Ling very satisfied.

"This enhancement system is really powerful, it actually increases the true damage that ignores defense!" Xia Ling took out her enhanced Twin Dragon Sword and swung it to feel the changes.

Reaching the level of a God Weapon, it was extremely difficult to strengthen and upgrade. Like the Twin Dragon Sword, it was a Dà Xià inheritance God Weapon nurtured by the Great Xia's dragon veins. Without a great opportunity, it was almost impossible to increase its power.

To make the power of a God Weapon stronger, most of the time it required the increase in strength of the God Weapon's owner. Being able to enhance the power of a God Weapon just by consuming gems like now, it was simply too good to be true.

"Um... can I give it a try?" Seeing Xia Ling's excited expression, Yun Xi had an impulsive thought.

"Um, just give it a try. I've already dropped down to level six, so it can't get any worse."

"How about helping me strengthen it?"

"Okay," Yun Xi said happily. Xia Ling had no idea yet about the terrifying aspects of this strengthening system.

Yun Xi handed over the remaining thousand illusion crystals to Xia Ling and asked her to hold his hand and close her eyes, waiting for a result.









Eight consecutive clear and crisp sounds echoed. Xia Ling opened her eyes wide and was stunned by the extraordinary effect of the Mist Ghost Sword after being strengthened eight times.

"I never knew it could be like this!"

"The Vacuum Blade even has no consumption!"

Yun Xi looked at the successful strengthening of the princess of the Great Xia without any failures and felt it deeply once again.

People truly are different from each other!

Was this darn strengthening system trying to mess with him?

Or, does this bonfire's strengthening system have special bonuses for women?

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