Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 956

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Chapter 956: Falling into the Trap

Looking at those instructions, Yun Xi could already imagine the frustration of the trialists who had finally gathered hundreds of illusory green crystals and worked so hard to strengthen their weapons to level six, only to come across this line of text. And from level seven onwards, the success rate of enhancement isn't even displayed anymore, clearly indicating some shady operations!

Where did this bonfire learn such a deceitful system? Did it also deceive Yun Hai the Sky Sword in the past?

Hmm, first of all, let's give it a try. After all, the opportunity to increase the maximum damage limit by sixty points with just one enhancement is quite tempting. Plus, the damage boost at level seven is already quite significant, making one eagerly anticipate what level eight will bring.

I wonder what the upper limit of this enhancement system is. Judging by the increasing consumption of enhancement stones, it might not even be enough with nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine crystals.

As three hundred illusory green crystals were thrown in, Yun Xi seemed to hear the sound of numerous gems being devoured by the bonfire.




Unlike the previous six successful enhancements, this time a hammer symbol appeared on the bonfire. After hitting it for a while, there was a light "snap" sound.

The moment Yun Xi heard this sound, he had a sense of foreboding.

"Enhancement failed!"

Three hundred virtual green crystals instantly disappeared, and the Mist Ghost Sword seemed to look at Yun Xi innocently, indicating that it wasn't its fault.

"Oh no... " Yun Xi wiped the sweat off his forehead. This was something he hadn't encountered in the Star Trials before. It turns out that after enhancing to level seven, enhancing weapons and equipment could fail.

All his hard-earned enhancement gems disappeared in an instant. This feeling was truly disheartening.

"Enhance again!" In order to prove himself, Yun Xi, without hesitation, once again invested three hundred virtual green crystals.

With plenty of enhancement gems in hand, Yun Xi had a showdown with this incomplete version of the bonfire's enhancement system.




The imaginary hammer struck Mist Ghost Sword in the void, making a clear and pleasant sound.

After a while of striking, there was a "snap" sound.

"Oh my!" Yun Xi covered his eyes, knowing the result just from that sound.

"Enhancement failed!"

If there was a blacksmith inside the bonfire, Yun Xi would have wished to draw his sword and kill him.

"I don't believe it!" Yun Xi held his breath as he smashed in three hundred illusory green crystals, his eyes fixed on the hammer in the void, which had started to move.




The hammer in the void struck Mist Ghost Sword leisurely, and a large number of green light spots scattered.

There's hope this time, it looks very promising!

With a loud "crack!", reality mercilessly mocked Yun Xi's confidence, as if placing a dark label on his head!

"Let's try again!" Yun Xi, feeling frustrated, thought that his strengthening stance must be wrong.

It was just a level seven, it shouldn't be this difficult!

But sometimes, that's just how challenging it is.

The hammer in the void leisurely pounded, each strike felt like it was hitting Yun Xi's heart.





This time, it wasn't the usual sound of failure that followed the strengthening process.

But something even more infuriating for Yun Xi.

The Mist Ghost Sword within the bonfire lost its radiance, and the additional patterns on the blade instantly shattered.

"Strengthening failed, weapon downgraded!"

From level six, it dropped all the way down to level four in one go!

Yun Xi felt like flipping the table, what kind of cursed strengthening system was this?

Thousands of shimmering green crystals were thrown down, but it only resulted in a downgrade. It was unbearable!

This happened because Yun Xi, a brave man, had collected nearly all the hidden level rewards in the White Lotus Valley using his Gigabit Wings. Other adventurers who tried to earn the green crystals with their lives would have had a heart attack by now.

The enhancement effect of real damage was indeed tempting, but the damn cost of failed enhancement was ridiculously cruel!

Even Yun Xi, who had conquered the hidden levels, only had a meager total of 9,999 green crystals. Now it seemed completely insufficient!

"Give me... more!" Yun Xi gritted his teeth as he watched his Mist Ghost Sword being thrown into the bonfire by himself. He continued to smash the crystals.

The enhancement system before the update was still reliable. After smashing over a hundred green crystals, Yun Xi's enhancement level returned to seven.

This time, Yun Xi took a deep breath, boosting his spirit to the extreme—even though it was of no use at all.

"Add seven!" Another three hundred imaginary green crystals went in, and Yun Xi could visibly see his pocket shrinking at a fast speed.




Once again, there was a "crack," causing Yun Xi to hold his head.

Oh my, what are the chances of enhancement? Just adding seven and already feeling like this. What about adding eight, adding nine, and so on? It's going to be hell.

No, I can't be defeated here. It's just an enhancement system, right? He has already overcome the hidden level of Crystal Creek Valley. How can he lose to this little enhancement?

Closing his eyes, Yun Xi once again smashed three hundred imaginary green crystals.

This time, he didn't even bother to look at the hammer representing them.

A calm heart brings a cool feeling. There's no need to care too much about the result of the enhancement. After all, it's only a system used in the trial of the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

Hmm, the bonfire of the magnificent star system must be different. Failure in enhancement and such things absolutely don't exist, right?




The familiar yet unfamiliar sound of Yun Xi rang out in the usual three-tone cycle.


The fourth sound was not the sound of failed strengthening materials disappearing with a "snap," nor was it the sound of a nightmare-like downgrade with a "clang." It was a clear and pleasant "ding."

Could it be? Yun Xi cautiously opened his eyes and glanced at the Mist Ghost Sword in the bonfire.

It was glowing!

After being enhanced to level seven, the Mist Ghost Sword clearly leveled up, emitting a spiritual light similar to the Twin Dragon Sword of the princess of the Great Xia, and displaying a clear and transparent color.

This... This is a successful enhancement!

It gained a substantial sixty-point increase in actual damage, and its material even upgraded!

In this moment, Yun Xi felt that all the setbacks from before were worth it. The current Mist Ghost Sword clearly possessed some attributes of a real God Weapon.

If a God Weapon had been placed in there, it would probably have received a similar upgrade after reaching level seven, gaining the support of the White Lotus Secret Treasure trial.

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