Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 955

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Chapter 955: Strengthening System.

"It's not enough..." Yun Xi said indifferently, fitting his aloof image.

"Even so... is it still not enough?" Xia Ling couldn't help but feel that the "Yun Que" in front of her, even without the treasure of the White Lotus, was still an exceptional monster among monsters.

Such a constitution is definitely inhuman.

It should be said that, as long as one is human, they would never possess such a physique.

With their own strength, they can withstand attacks from millions of bullets per second. Even someone of the Fourth Rank would have been blown up long ago. Even Xia Jie, who wears the Black Flame Dragon Armor, wouldn't dare to do such a thing.


Being aloof is so useful, quietness is good.

"You monsters... each and every one of you..." Xia Ling lowered her head and sighed.

Soon, she lifted her head.

Being affected is natural, as someone who has always been called a prodigy in the way of the sword, she once again saw monsters among her peers completely surpassing her.

Now, there are only two names on that list.

Hua Huo .

Yun Que .

But the realization she gained in the Heart Asking cabin made her understand that no matter how difficult the obstacles in front of her were, they were challenges she had to surpass.

Giving up just because her opponents are stronger? That's not the style of the princess of the Great Xia.

Her Twin Dragon Sword is trembling, the spirit of the dragon within the sword eagerly emanating, producing a pleasant sound of swords clashing.

She wants to fight!

She wants to display her swordsmanship like "Yun Que " in front of her and step onto a higher [Field].

She wants to become the Sky Sword!

Next, leave it to me! Xia Ling proudly pulled out her Twin Dragon Sword from behind and charged deeper into Crystal Creek Valley.

The army of crystal bees has already been wiped out, but there are still quite a number of crystal Grass Spirits, and new ones continue to appear.

She wants to prove that she is definitely not a burden.

The roar of dragons sounded, and a green dragon soared into the sky. Together with Xia Ling, they fought their way into the army of crystal Grass Spirits, unleashing a fierce attack.

Hmm, there is no doubt about her words. Yun Xi can feel the vibrant energy emanating from Xia Ling.

After passing through the life-and-death barrier, her sword skills have indeed improved, and the green dragon spirit has become more lively than ever.

That is another type of sword technique called [Field] that Yun Xi is not familiar with. It seems to be related to the dragon veins of the Great Xia dynasty and can be said to be a top-level sword skill exclusive to the royal family of the Great Xia.

She, perhaps, is the princess chosen by the power of the dragon veins. Yun Xi who once possessed the power of four Zakas can clearly feel the blessed aura of the true dragon.

The feeling coming from that Xia Jie is completely different. It's more like he's been "possessed" rather than "blessed". His Black Flame Dragon Armor doesn't look like a blessed God Weapon at all. It always emits a cursed aura.

Thinking of the Black Flame Dragon Armor, Yun Xi remembers that he also obtained 9,999 gemstones used to strengthen weapons.

The name of this crystal is "Illusory Green Crystal".

"These are special strengthening gemstones for the White Lotus trial. They can be used to enhance any weapon, but the effects are only limited to the use of the White Lotus Secret Treasure trial."

"The level of the White Lotus imprint determines the enhancement effect."

"With each level upgrade, more gemstones are needed and the enhancement effect becomes stronger."

This rule is very similar to the enhancement rule in the Star Trial, but it only applies to "weapons" and specifies that the only material for enhancement is the "Illusory Green Crystal," not the gemstone shards that Yun Xi once used to enhance weapons.

Yun Xi couldn't help but notice that the rules of this White Lotus Secret Treasure trial are quite similar to the Starwings trial.

So, let's try to strengthen the weapon.

Looking left and right, Yun Xi quietly summoned his own unique God Weapon, while the princess of the Great Xia was busy killing the Crystal Grass Spirits.

In the memories of the Starwings, there are three divine swords located at the top of the starry sky.



The bonfire showed no response, not even an option for strengthening.

"The God Weapon's level is too high for strengthening," was the final message that appeared.

"Oh, so the Starwings can't be strengthened," Yun Xi felt disappointed, thinking that even the powerful God Weapon could be enhanced by the bonfire in the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

Since the Starwings can't be strengthened, the only option left is... Yun Xi looked at his Mist Ghost Sword, which was originally a disguise as a temporary God Weapon. He decided to use it to test the enhancement data of this trial from the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

Anyway, after the trial of the White Lotus Secret Treasure ends, the enhancement will naturally disappear.

Unlike the Starwings, which couldn't be enhanced by the bonfire, Yun Xi placed the Mist Ghost Sword on the bonfire and soon saw options for enhancement.

It was similar to the enhancements he had done in the previous trial with the Starwings. As long as corresponding gems were consumed and placed in the bonfire, the weapon would naturally get stronger.

Moreover, because Yun Xi possessed the highest level White Lotus imprint, all the enhancement data would be the highest.

In the normal enhancement stages, the first to third levels were guaranteed to be successful, but the enhancement data would fluctuate between increasing attack power by one to three. The required Illusion Green Crystals for enhancement were one, five, and ten respectively.

Yun Xi, a young man, threw sixteen green gemstones at the Mist Ghost Sword, instantly enhancing its power by three points.

Starting from the fourth enhancement, the numbers fluctuated even more, with the attack power ranging from three to nine. The number of gemstones required also changed to twenty, fifty, and one hundred. However, the success rate remained one hundred percent. The higher the enhancement level, the greater the increase in attack power.

After smashing one hundred and seventy illusory green crystals, Yun Xi obtained a "enhancement level six" Mist Ghost Sword, with its attack power now at thirty-six points.

Don't underestimate the thirty-six points of attack power. Yun Xi conducted an experiment and found that after the level six enhancement, the Mist Ghost Sword's attack power increased by a remarkable one-tenth. This is a significant improvement in the attack power of a God Weapon.

Even though this enhancement system from the bonfire only works in the world of White Lotus Secret Treasure, it is truly extraordinary.

After the level six enhancement, even more terrifying options appeared.

Strengthening to +7 instantly increases the minimum damage number to twenty, and the maximum is sixty!

You will need three hundred virtual green crystals as a cost.

At the same time, starting from here, there will be a chance of failure in the strengthening process, and the punishment for failure will be more terrifying.

Yes, starting from +7, the weapon might be downgraded, and it will go down by two levels at once!

In other words, there are three possibilities for the strengthening process starting from +7, resulting in three different outcomes: higher, medium, and lower.

If the strengthening is successful, it will bring great fortune.

If the strengthening fails, it will just be a false alarm.

If the strengthening is downgraded, please start from the beginning.

"What? There is also a punishment of downgrading..."

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