Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 954

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Chapter 954: Defeating the leader bee

All the flying gems were counted as Yun Xi's spoils of war, acquired by him.

On the very first day of Gigabit Wings' birth, Yun Xi achieved a magnificent victory.

The angry leader bee continued to control its army of crystal bees. There were over eight million troops in the hive that it could use. However, the outcome had already been decided.

From the moment Yun Xi, a brave man, understood the power of Gigabit Wings, the scales of victory had already tipped in his favor, even if there was a golden balance of victories between the twin witches.

For the hero-ranked leader bee, who was weakest in a certain sense when it came to bullet attacks, Yun Xi was its natural enemy!

The endless rotation of bullets, which made Xia Ling's heart pound, was like a stage specially prepared for Yun Xi, allowing his ever-changing Gigabit Wings to take the spotlight in the endless god's domains for the first time.

In the first round, Gigabit Wings eliminated over a hundred thousand crystal bees.

In the second round, Gigabit Wings eliminated over five hundred thousand crystal bees.

In the third round, Gigabit Wings eliminated over six hundred thousand crystal bees.

Compared to the predecessor, Yun Hai the Sky Sword, who killed the crystal bees one by one, Yun Xi faced a stronger army of crystal bees controlled by the leader bee, but he handed in a more perfect answer.

In the fifteenth round, Gigabit Wings defeated the entire army of crystal bees.

During this battle, Yun Xi triggered special rewards more than ten times in a row and obtained nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine gems to strengthen his weapons, reaching the maximum reward limit for the White Lotus Secret Treasure in Crystal Creek Valley trial.

In other words, Yun Xi obtained all the reward gems in Crystal Creek Valley.

Even with Yun Xi's super physique, it was still quite difficult to endure the fifteenth round of Gigabit Wings, and there was very little energy left in the Battle God's Seed.

But the result was glorious. The final barrage attack launched by the increasingly insane leader bee reached a level of utter madness.

It seemed like the red leader bee realized its impending demise and performed its most brilliant and dazzling dance. Yun Xi, too, responded with his most spectacular and awe-inspiring barrage counterattack under the shining light of Gigabit Wings.

Under the dominance of the red leader bee, the million-strong army was nearly wiped out, with the number of eliminated bees even surpassing the upper limit of Crystal Creek Valley, which is ten million.

Unable to find any remaining crystal bee nests, there was only one red bee left, teetering on the edge of disappearance at any moment.

The scenery of Crystal Creek Valley, distorted by a terrifying force from beyond the endless god's domains, began to gradually crumble.

The crystal barrier that restricted Yun Xi's mobility collapsed, leaving him to face an endless barrage of projectiles.

As a result, the entire crystal bee nest began to self-destruct because the core supporting it had long reached the point of exhaustion.

The endless and magnificent barrage festival has exhausted all the power of this crystal bee's nest.




Only a lonely crimson leader bee remains, still flying and playing the symphony of wild bees.

However, its life fire has long been extinguished. Now, what is flying is just a body following the final will of the dead leader bee, attempting to complete this symphony.

Yun Xi puts away his Mist Ghost Sword and walks up to the crimson leader bee that is still flying even after death. He gently reaches out his hand to grab this leader bee, which is smaller than the usual crystal bee in size.

Very light, almost weightless.

It's hard to imagine that such a small crimson bee can release the overwhelming and despair-inducing barrage attack they just witnessed.

"The battle... has ended..."

"Rest in peace."

"You are strong."

Simple words, but they are Yun Xi's respect for this leader bee.

Burning all of its life, playing the most magnificent barrage melody, this leader bee has done everything it could do.

As a hidden level in Crystal Creek Valley's trial, it is truly worthy.

"Buzz!" After enduring countless years of time, the deceased crimson leader bee turned into a sparkly red amber gem and fell into the palm of Yun Xi's hand.

Through this deep red gem still radiating a hint of warmth, Yun Xi could vaguely feel a power that didn't belong to the endless god's domains.

Insect Princess - Crimson Bee, that is the name or code that appeared in Yun Xi's mind.

Giving this crimson leader bee the power of the barrage, the main culprit that raised the difficulty of Crystal Creek Valley's trial.

However, the power remaining in this red amber gem has almost completely disappeared. Perhaps that Insect Princess - Crimson Bee wouldn't even know what happened here.

Hmm, Yun Xi believed this, so he kept the red amber as his own trophy.

"You won... Yun Que ?" Even though Xia Ling saw everything from the beginning to the end, she still couldn't believe that Yun Xi had really defeated this army of millions of crystal bees.

Even if she and her brother Xia Jie gathered the forces of the entire Great Xia dynasty, it would still require a great sacrifice to complete this trial. Perhaps in the end, only she and her brother would survive.

The leader bee's barrage of attacks in the final stage had reached a level that made her tremble just by looking at it. But Yun Xi somehow emerged completely unscathed.

That mysterious and miraculous sword technique made him appear so calm and graceful amidst the endless barrage. He effortlessly broke through the circle of bee stingers within a mere two meters without even a scratch.

"Yes, there will be one million kills for the Crystal Grass Spirit next, and five hundred thousand kills for the Big Grass Spirit," nodded Yun Xi .

He didn't expect that in this trial of Crystal Creek Valley, the highest difficulty was not the individual strength of the Crystal Grass Spirit and the Big Grass Spirit, but rather the seemingly weakest crystal bee.

This triggered a hidden setting, giving birth to a legion of leader bees among the crystal bees, truly formidable enemies.

If he hadn't comprehended his exclusive sword style, Gigabit Wings, under the relentless barrage of bullets, he might have had to fight and retreat with Xia Ling, relying on the Dragon Palace City of the Great Xia Dynasty to engage in a protracted battle with this terrifying crystal bee legion.

Fortunately, the problem was solved. He felt that his swordsmanship had improved slightly, but it still paled in comparison to the divine sword technique.

After all, Yun Xi 's understanding was simple - basic sword techniques are followed by divine sword techniques.

"With you here, it's not just a simple matter."

"Why are you so strong, yet you still join my team?" Xia Ling looked at Yun Xi, who had just finished killing ten million crystal bees, unwillingly.

Humans, how could they have the constitution to absorb such crazy barrages and return all the bullets at once.

There is only one truth!

This monster is just like Hua Huo!

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