Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 953

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Chapter 953: The Carnival of Bullets

This is the first time Yun Xi relied solely on his own power to develop a sword style based on his understanding of swordsmanship and his own body.

Gigabit Wings, a sword forced out by the endless barrage of bullets from the crimson leader bee, is Yun Xi's first exclusive sword style.

The power of this move depends on the opponent's attack and has two stages.

The first stage forms a circular sword curtain using a flexible body.

The more frequently and densely the enemy attacks, the more power the Gigabit Wings' first stage absorbs from the formed ring, making it stronger.

When the power reaches the critical point that Yun Xi's body can bear, it erupts like a volcano that finally unleashes the power of moving tectonic plates, unstoppable.

The second stage is a mindless counterattack of the rigid body!

In an instant, all the power of millions and billions of bullets absorbed by the sword barrier of the ring is released.

The crystal bee army under the control of the crimson leader bee can unleash a barrage attack of millions per second without interruption.

The power released by Yun Xi's Gigabit Wings in one second is more than ten times that of the opponent, and this number can continue to increase without limit as Yun Xi's physical fitness increases.

The meaning of a gigabit is infinite!

The stronger the enemy, the stronger the counterattack.

An eye for an eye!

A tooth for a tooth!

Since there is no way to avoid it, then let's return it all!

Yun Xi, a young man, had just created a special sword technique called the Bullet Curtain, which symbolizes endless wings. At this moment, the system that returns all bullets activated.

The Gigabit Wings unfolded, resembling the shadow of Yun Hai's Quadrant Sword and the Sky Flying Sword. Combined with the extraordinary physical and flexible body of a hero-ranked individual, Yun Xi had accomplished a miraculous feat. Although he didn't fully understand the significance of this step yet.

In Xia Ling's eyes, it seemed as if Yun Xi had a pair of wings unfurling behind him, turning into illusions and disappearing.

Like a dream, like a fantasy, like bubbles, like shadows, like dew, like lightning.

Those were the shadows of divine swords. Perhaps they were still in their infancy, but Yun Xi had undeniably embarked on his own path to become the Sky Sword.

For the first time, Xia Ling started to doubt whether the man before her was truly a swordsman from the Ghost Sword Domain.

Did the Ghost Sword Domain possess such magnificent and dazzling sword techniques? Why did she, who was familiar with the various sword techniques of the Sky Sword God's Domain, know nothing about this?

The wings that constantly appear and disappear are so beautiful. They make people feel like they are immersed in an art piece.

The red and blue dots, which return ten times stronger, effortlessly suppressed the attack of the crystal bee army and repelled their unstoppable crystal bee storm.

One after another, the crystal bees were hit by an unstoppable barrage of bullets, thousands of them falling from the sky.

Using bullets to counter bullets, this is the method that Yun Xi discovered. It is not like the typical thinking of a swordsman.

Unlike Yun Que, who plans everything perfectly before battle, Yun Xi cannot. He cannot focus on every detail to such precision.

Yun Xi excels at using his imagination to turn the impossible into possible, especially in combat.

Gigabit Wings is the ultimate manifestation of Yun Xi's vibrant imagination.




After just one counterattack from Gigabit Wings, the army of crystal bees under the command of the crimson leader bee was defeated, numbering in the tens of thousands.

Amidst countless twinkling lights, the crimson leader bee, perched atop the crystal bee nest like a queen, began to display even more madness.

More crystal bees poured out from the immense crystal bee nest, responding to the leader bee's commanding gestures, dancing alongside it.

The faint feeling that Yun Xi had sensed earlier, which did not belong to the endless god's domains, became even clearer.

The sealed Crystal Creek Valley began to exhibit unstable and twisting phenomena. Cracks became visible on the impassable barriers on both sides.

This time, an army of over a million crystal bees appeared.

Like a final trial before death, the enraged leader bee began its most chaotic barrage of revenge.

Like endless swirling stardust, countless projectiles rained down upon Yun Xi at a rate of millions per second.

This is probably a powerful barrage that even a hero-ranked expert at the fifth rank would run away from. If it had been the princess of the Great Xia and the prince who encountered this barrage attack a while ago, they probably wouldn't even have a complete body left.

However, this time the leader bee's barrage encountered a natural enemy.

Using his imagination and his special abilities, Yun Xi successfully performed his first exclusive sword technique. He has begun to adapt to this type of barrage attack.

Gigabit Wings is the answer he has given to this cruel hidden trial.

First, he followed the opponent's rhythm and wielded his sword to create a circle. Although the speed of the opponent's barrage increased several times, the individual bee sting attacks still remained at the third rank, not exceeding Yun Xi's limit.

The barrage attack of ten million times per second only reduced the charging time for Yun Xi's Gigabit Wings circle from ten seconds to five seconds, which is still far from reaching Yun Xi's limit.

The special ability of Gigabit Wings allows Yun Xi to enter a brief invincible stage by forming a circle, absorbing the opponent's bullets as his own power.

After five seconds, Xia Ling sees the wings behind Yun Xi constantly appearing and disappearing, creating a dazzling and magnificent bullet curtain.

All bullets, return!

As many as you come, I will send back the same amount!

By absorbing more and larger bullet attacks and releasing them, Yun Xi is not afraid of this cruel barrage, unless the crimson leader bee increases its attack frequency to billions per second, it can break through his defense while using Gigabit Wings.

As long as the circle can withstand the bullet attacks, even if the invincible time is only one second, Yun Xi can avoid any harm in the countless unsolvable barrage.

The special ability of Gigabit Wings is truly miraculous and unbelievable.

The more bullets the leader bee releases, the crazier it gets, and Yun Xi's Gigabit Wings become stronger, like a carnival of bullets.

No need to lock onto opponents, the leader bee's barrage was so devastating that it returned with an endless shower of dazzling light bullets.

With this wave of Gigabit Wings, over five hundred thousand crystal bees were instantly shattered, triggering a special settings of this hidden trial.

"Ding!" "Ding!"

"Ding!" "Ding!"

Hundreds and thousands of gems fell, as the prince and princess of the Great Xia reached the critical point of a hundred thousand kills, but not a single precious gem fell. Now, in the sky of Crystal Creek Valley, they filled the air, only to be absorbed by Yun Xi.

This is a special reward that can only be triggered by achieving the "five hundred thousand kills" challenge once, a commendation for Yun Xi's perfect answer.

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