Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 952

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Chapter 952: The Gigabit Wings

This is not a skill that a human hero-ranked can accomplish.

Or rather, it's something that can't be done by a human hero-ranked who doesn't have the "diamond body" or "flexible body".

From a seed called "Gold Diamond" obtained from Mumu, Yun Xi gained incredible physical strength that cannot be perceived from his appearance.

Blessed by Hydera the Water God, Yun Xi acquired "Flex Body," which added unmatched flexibility to his indestructible physique, enabling him to perform unimaginable feats.

With the strength of his solid body, he could shatter the earth and shake the sky with his powerful attacks.

With the characteristics of his flexible body, he could nullify any attack and transform into surging waves that covered the entire world, reaching for the stars and the moon.

In the eyes of others, Yun Xi appeared unreal and ethereally beautiful, to the point that Xia Jie dismissed his appearance as feminine.

If Xia Jie could witness the swordsmanship Yun Xi displayed at this moment, he would understand the vast disparity between them.

The flow of blood in Yun Xi's body resembled violent molten lava, the ultimate technique of the Red Steel Genre known as "Blood of Lava," igniting his solid body to its limits.

The sword's graceful and perfect circle can block the fierce storm of bullets with ease.

But that's not enough. It's still far from enough.

Even with a perfect defensive circle, if you only endure attacks, it will only delay defeat.

The leader bee, a hidden trial master in Crystal Creek Valley, commands an army of over millions of crystal bees.

And it has the ability to unleash the hidden power of this crystal bee army.

The crystal bee army consists entirely of third-ranked elite bees. They can only be killed one-on-one by a fourth-ranked hero. But with their numbers reaching millions and even billions, and with their concentrated power, they become a nightmare for all hero-ranked beings.

Only hero-ranked beings have the power to kill hero-ranked ones, and the leader bee who commands the crystal bee army is a special kind of hero-ranked. He gave up his physical strength and focused all his abilities on his leadership, becoming the king who controls his own army.

In terms of individual combat ability, this temporary red leader bee is perhaps the weakest among all hero-ranked creatures.

But with the support of the crystal bee hive and gaining some power from the Insect Princess from beyond the endless god's domains, this probably weakest hero-ranked leader bee in history instantly turned into a monstrous creature of hell-level strength.

Driven by the power of the entire crystal bee hive, it even distorted the entire Crystal Creek Valley with its own will, causing unexpected hidden levels in the trial of the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

The true anger of the angry leader bee brings forth a dance of ultimate bliss!

This is a hero-ranked challenge that humans cannot break through with their physical bodies. It is a magnificent swan song that announces death.

In order to perform this magnificent swan song, the crimson leader bee sacrificed its own life.

During this brief final trial, it serves as both a symphony announcing the death of the opponent and as a countdown to the leader bee's own life.

Even though it was bestowed with a hint of power from the Insect Princess, it is destined to perish here, paying the price with its own life to perform this symphony.

Wow, this is the trial of the White Lotus Secret Treasure!

Did Yun Hai the Sky Sword, in the past, also face such a despairing situation and continuously surpass his own limits?

Well then, I must also achieve that.

After mastering the basic sword techniques comes the divine sword techniques.

After being a bakery owner, the protagonist became the child of the stars, who had four ex-girlfriends that were creation-level deities.

In this world, everything develops according to its own rules.

Imagine, imagine the guidance of Casina the Battle God mentor, and show a stronger self!

Yun Xi, who was pushed into a desperate situation, had a determined flame burning in his eyes.

He never gave up hope, no matter when.

He never avoided facing any kind of opponent or his own fears.

To achieve his own sense of justice, he would do anything...uh, maybe not that extreme.

All these important things were taught to Yun Xi by Yun Que, based on her experience in the battlefield of the Water God's world.

Imagine what Hua Huo would do if she faced this situation.

She would probably just swing her powerful Dragon Emperor Sword and cut through all confusion and fear, crushing everything beneath her blade.

She could even shatter and bring down the stars in the sky - that's Hua Huo's style.

Yun Xi doesn't have that kind of ability yet. He's not even a proper hero-ranked fighter. (Well, comparing him to Hua Huo...)

So, what should he do?

Without any hesitation, Yun Xi activated the power of the Battle God's Seed within his own body.

The opponent's attacks were only at the hero-ranked level, but they were much more complicated and intensive.

If he couldn't surpass even this kind of trial, then he could only wait for death from the pursuit of his former girlfriend's apostles.

I will win!

Defeat the opponent!

Even if he couldn't use the divine sword technique, he would still unleash his power to the limit and attempt to challenge the hidden trial.

Activate the solid body!

Activate the flexible body!

Originally unable to switch completely, the two extraordinary constitutions, which could only display partial characteristics, finally began to merge under the barrage of bullets from the Insect Princess, and were simultaneously displayed by Yun Xi.

With his feet firmly on the ground, he became the lord of the mountains, and no one could knock him down!

With a sword in his hand, he could control everything, acting gently and without competition.

Countless red and blue dots stopped at the edge of the circle formed by Yun Xi swinging his Mist Ghost Sword. But this time, instead of being sliced apart or immediately reflected back, they were absorbed by this seemingly small circle, only about two meters in size.

This is the effect of flexibility, briefly halting the endless barrage of attacks and using the force of the bullets themselves to absorb their own attacks, turning their power against them.

Unlike the teacher who never used his own divine sword in battle, Yun Xi, who grew up with his childhood sweetheart and became a swordsman, has found a fighting style that suits him.

The power of rigidity and the power of flexibility both stem from the most basic talents, constantly refined and eventually evolving into divine talents.

All the divine sword techniques are derived from the foundation of swordsmanship.

After the foundation of swordsmanship comes the "Field" of divine sword techniques.

What Yun Xi is currently displaying is a sword technique that only he, possessing two divine talents, can use.

Yun Xi used his flexible body to absorb the power of the opponent's bullets, then when it reached its limit, he unleashed the power of his rigid body and returned all the bullets at once!

In just a few seconds, how many bullets did Yun Xi endure? Millions, tens of millions, or billions?

As the leader bee transformed into the Crimson Stance, he showered Yun Xi with the most malicious barrage of bullets.

This move is Yun Xi's exclusive sword style - Gigabit Wings!

A sword style specifically designed to counter bullet attacks, it reflects all the bullets!

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