Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 949

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Chapter 949: The Attack of the Wild Bees

"Yun Que, what a nice name," Xia Ling began to move her body, enjoying the feeling of pushing her limits.

After passing through the gates of death, Xia Jie wasn't the only one who became stronger, Xia Ling also gained a profound understanding of something extraordinary.

The terror of life and death was overwhelming. This was the first time she had come so close to death, and it gave her a deeper insight into controlling the power of the dragon spirit.

Now, perhaps she could create an even stronger and more perfect green dragon spirit.

"Even if we have to stand against the world, we will uphold our own justice."

"Even if we are covered in wounds, we will never show our vulnerable side."

"No matter what kind of opponent we face, we will never give up the fight."

Yun Xi spoke of the beautiful bird gracefully soaring in the sky, a friend who fought alongside him.

He had very few friends, so he cherished the memories of fighting side by side with Yun Que.

Unfortunately, ever since the trial of the Water God world ended, he had not heard any news from Yun Que.

Perhaps she had left the White Lotus Sword Domain.




The terrifying sound of wings resounded in the darkness once again.

Dawn was approaching, the final moments of darkness before the arrival of dawn.

The crystal monster army, tracked from deep within the Crystal Creek Valley, launched their attack once more.

"It's here!"

"It's among this group of crystal bees!" Even without knowing the identity of the monster that had once brought them to the brink of despair, simply observing the extraordinary actions of these crystal bees would reveal the difference.

The army of crystal bees with "it" and without "it" were completely different concepts.

"Are they chasing us?" Yun Xi drew out his Mist Ghost Sword from behind.

Coincidentally, he also wanted to know what was controlling and dominating this army of crystal bees.

If you want to overcome the trial of Crystal Creek Valley, then you must face this unknown threat.

"Be careful, that kind of attack is unavoidable!" Once you experience a barrage like that, you will understand the desperation it brings.

Even now, with Yun Xi's improved physical limits and higher understanding of swordsmanship, Xia Ling couldn't think of any way to face this crazy barrage of attacks.

It was already an attack that reached the level of divine power, hardly resembling an ability in the hero-ranked field.

"Yes... unable to avoid it..." Yun Xi readily admitted this. The overwhelming barrage of crystal bee attacks had reached an artistic level.

Any humanoid creature would be powerless against this barrage of attacks.

No human army can launch millions or billions of attacks in an instant. The human body and fighting skills are not designed for such a style of attack.

Even if a million soldiers surround a hero-ranked individual, only a few dozen can actually attack the hero-ranked.

To most powerful heroes, the number of millions is just a meaningless number.

With this confidence, Xia Jie unleashed his killing spree.

The crystal bee army, led by the "leader bee," is a group that surpasses human understanding.

Just because humans can't do something doesn't mean "they" can't. The leader bee, born in response to the collective will of the crystal bee, possesses the power to bring together the strength of thousands and thousands of crystal bees.

"Since... we can't avoid it, then there's no need to avoid it!" Yun Xi swung his sword without hesitation, and all the crystal bees in front of him turned into numbers.

Memories from Yun Hai's Quadrant Sword told Yun Xi that the foundation of this divine sword technique was simply addition.

Yun Hai's Quadrant Sword is essentially a mathematical sword that interprets the truth of the world using mathematical principles.

Yun Xi doesn't have the same talent as Yun Hai the Sword Master, so he can only start his training from scratch using the simplest and most direct methods.

These stronger crystal bees became Yun Xi's training targets.

"Bees to kill in the thousands, victory will be divine!"

"A little bee fell down."

"Two little bees had broken wings."

"Three little bees lost their heads."

"Four little bees asked why."

"The fifth little bee never returned."

The mist spirits hummed strange nursery rhymes, appearing and disappearing in the hazy mist.

Countless red and blue dots burst forth, and Xia Ling once again felt the breath of death.

However, none of the red or blue light dots hit Yun Xi who is in the sea of bullets.

Yun Xi couldn't dodge all the attacks.

So, he chose to kill the attacking bees.

Bullets come from somewhere and go back there!

The Mist Ghost Sword created uncertain paths, reflecting back each bee sting aimed at Yun Xi .

It was an incredible sword technique, relying on superhuman reflexes and sword speed to accomplish.

Yun Xi possessed the tremendous power of the diamond body, giving him terrifying explosive strength.

The flexible body granted Yun Xi effortless skill in any action he performed.

The combination of a strong and flexible body allowed him to do anything he wanted!

Xia Ling's reaction abilities and Xia Jie's counterattacks were no problem at all for Yun Xi .

Even faced with thousands of crystal bees attacking, even when there are hundreds of thousands, millions of crystal bees turning into a barrage of bullets every second, they couldn't stop Yun Xi's killing moves.

The curtain of swords formed by the two-meter-long Mist Ghost Sword was like an insurmountable barrier, blocking all the bullet attacks within one meter of Yun Xi .

What's more, as Yun Xi swung his sword, these bee stingers would be reflected back, killing the attacking crystal bees.

Xia Ling stared at Yun Xi as he swung his sword, clearly understanding how he was attacking, but she couldn't even imagine being able to do it herself.

Is the swordsmanship in the Ghost Sword Domain really that terrifying?

Xia Ling could judge the intent and angle of every strike, but she could never do it herself.

This extremely elegant and almost like a dance swordsmanship requires a very high level of physical fitness!

A sword, capable of blocking a million bullets per second, what an amazing skill!

Xia Ling even thought she saw a glimpse of the legendary divine sword!




More crystal bees came to reinforce from the deep parts of Crystal Creek Valley. The angry leader bee clearly had no intentions of letting any invaders leave alive.

Which one could it be?

Moving with ghost-like steps, Yun Xi got used to the rhythm of the bullet attacks. The Mist Ghost Sword emitted a light laughter, sounding just like a young girl.

The adorable mist spirits lingered around Yun Xi, making his figure appear even more mysterious, like someone walking between the real world and the underworld.

"It's that one, oh."

The only girl in the mist spirit army who possessed the "eye of the heart," Yun Xi lightly pointed to one corner of the bee swarm.

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