Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 948

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Chapter 948: An Annoying Situation

By unlocking the power hidden within the bodies of the Black Cavalry soldiers, Xia Jie paid a great price.

From now on, he had to supply the twelve Black Cavalry soldiers with his own blood every day to maintain their powerful souls.

This is still based on his inheritance of the Great Xia Prince's legendary weapon - the Black Flame Dragon Armor, which can use some of the power of the Great Xia's dragon veins to pay for these costs.

Otherwise, the consumption of maintaining the power of the twelve Black Cavalry's war souls would be enough to drain the vitality and eventually kill a hero-ranked individual within a day.

The twelve Black Cavalry are the maximum number that Xia Jie, as calculated by the Heaven's Path Palace, can control. Even one more would disrupt the balance and cause Xia Jie to be trapped in an irreversible state.

By paying with their own life force, Xia Jie has obtained twelve guardians with hero-ranked combat abilities and an unwavering dedication to protect him.

They will become his clones, the most loyal war tools, and from now on, they will be able to unleash the secret techniques engraved within their bodies by the Heaven's Path Palace.

"This is... the power of the treasure..." Xia Jie stretched out his fingers, then tightly clenched them.

As the leader of the Twelve Black Cavalry, he could temporarily combine all the strength of the Black Cavalry and instantly gain the power to enter the fifth rank.

But the burden on his body was too great, even the Dragon Soul couldn't alleviate it.

"Only... three minutes?" Xia Jie calculated his limit and took a deep breath.

Unleashing the power of the Twelve Black Cavalry was a double-edged sword.

But even so, he had no regrets.

After enduring the bullet barrage from the leader bee, Xia Jie, who had returned from the brink of death, desired power more than ever.

"Bring me to the princess." Having gotten used to the twelve additional viewpoints, Xia Jie quickly regained his energy.

"Your Highness... the princess... is not here." Xia Hu, the captain of the royal guard who had come to obey, shook his head and delivered this bad news to Xia Jie.

"How could it be possible? I clearly saw that effeminate looking person save him!" Xia Jie became furious, feeling a terrible sense of foreboding.

"The princess's soul lamp hasn't gone out, but she hasn't returned either."

"Perhaps... she's with the guest envoy from the Ghost Sword Domain." Xia Hu also looked troubled, wondering if their princess...

"What!!!" Xia Jie became enraged!

"That effeminate person actually kidnapped my sister!"

"This is outrageous! Where does he get the audacity to lay a hand on my sister?"

"Cough... Your Highness... Things shouldn't be as bad as they seem..." Xia Hu wiped his forehead, once again feeling the domineering presence of the Crown Prince of the Great Xia.

As the future heir of the Great Xia dynasty, Xia Jie possessed exceptional leadership abilities and remarkable personal strength. He was highly popular among the army.

Xia Jie, the pride of the Great Xia dynasty, was widely recognized as the most outstanding prince of his generation. With his strong family background, it was only a matter of time before he ascended the throne.

But there was one weakness in the eyes of everyone who saw him as the future emperor of the Great Xia - his sister, Xia Ling.

Unlike the ambitious and strategic Xia Jie, Xia Ling was a talented swordswoman who cared about nothing except the art of swordsmanship.

Having gained the approval of the Great Xia's God Weapon, the Twin Dragon Sword, she openly announced at the age of ten that she would give up her inheritance rights and steer clear of the political and military turmoil of the Great Xia dynasty. She dedicated herself wholeheartedly to honing her sword skills.

Despite being isolated by the royal family of the Great Xia, this princess was endlessly doted on by her brother, Xia Jie.

To put it bluntly, even if Xia Ling desired the moon in the sky, Xia Jie would do everything in his power to make the impossible possible.

When it came to his sister, Xia Jie, nicknamed the "tyrant" in the army, was capable of anything.

In the past, Xia Ling was forced by older family members to marry a talented person from another prestigious family. But Xia Jie used his power to banish that family to the border area of the Sky Sword God's Domain, causing them to lose everything and be devastated.

Since that incident, everyone knew not to mention Xia Ling in front of the Crown Prince of the Great Xia, as it would be putting themselves in great danger.

Most of the people who dared to speak ill of Princess Xia Ling have disappeared from this world.

"All a secluded place..."

"In the quiet of the night...that beast!"

"Oh, my poor sister!"

Xia Jie paced in circles, thinking about the worst possible outcome, his temples throbbing with anger.

Damn it, why did he faint at the most critical moment? Couldn't those stubborn Black Cavalry be a bit smarter and rescue Xia Ling from that wimp's clutches?

Now, it was too late to say anything. Could it be that his sister had already fallen victim to that wimp's treacherous hands?

From the moment he laid eyes on that person, his nose told him that this incredibly beautiful person with no clear gender might be the biggest enemy of his life!

He had never seen his sister act so friendly towards someone she just met.

Despite this person's cold and silent appearance, he couldn't trust them!

Who cares about the Ghost Sword Domain or the Hundred Ghosts Sword, none of that matters!

What's important is that this person's damn face, why would a man have such long dark hair!

"Sister... you must not be deceived!"

"This person is definitely someone who starts trouble and then abandons it, a heartless player who goes through countless relationships!"

"Yun Que is a creature that those lousy poets love the most, and anything that poets love can't be anything good!"

"Whatever you do... don't let his appearance fool you!"

Beside the bonfire, Xia Ling slowly opened her eyes. With her back turned to Yun Xi, she smelled the faint scent of his hair and her gaze became hazy and dreamy.

"Hey, why do you have such long black hair?"

"Does the name Yun Que have any meaning?"

Out of curiosity and trust, the delicate balance between life and death, like a drawbridge effect, always stirs up waves in a young girl's heart.

"Black hair... represents luck..." Yun Xi said, making up a nonsense story with a serious expression.

"Yun Que represents memories that will never be forgotten."

Yes, the memories of the red-clad archer who always stood in the center of the battlefield, aloof and proud.

Yun Hai and Yun Que.

The elusive clouds.

Birds soaring and dancing in the sky.

Perhaps, they may never encounter that resolute figure again, the one who could always handle everything perfectly, never giving up, no matter the adversity.

When they fought side by side, he could trust him with his back, and he never let him down.

Even the days when they argued over goals and methods seem very interesting in hindsight.

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