Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 947

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Chapter 947: Xia Jie's Determination

On the other hand, the Great Xia prince, Xia Jie, who was rescued by his own twelve Black Cavalry, had also regained consciousness in the Great Xia camp.

Ouch! It hurts! It hurts!

There was no part of his body that was intact. Perhaps it was because his Killing value was much higher than his little sister's, and he had gone on a rampage together with the twelve Black Cavalry, resulting in Xia Jie taking over half of the leader bee's anger. Even the Black Flame Dragon Armor couldn't withstand the frenzy of bee stings.

In comparison, the twelve Black Cavalry, who were only wearing the Black Sword Armor set, had all been riddled with holes, yet they still faithfully protected Xia Jie and helped him escape from the battlefield, demonstrating their absolute strength surpassing that of the Great Xia Imperial Guards.

However, it was easy for the Black Cavalry to kill, but rescuing someone was another story.

In the end, the healers from the Great Xia kingdom were extremely surprised and rushed to save Xia Jie. With the help of magical potions from the Heaven's Path Palace, they managed to bring Xia Jie back from the brink of death.

"Wow! Are those little bees going crazy?" Xia Jie, lying motionless, looked at his heavily wounded body with a frustrated expression.

It was really close. The mighty crown prince of the Great Xia almost died at the hands of those little bees. It would be quite embarrassing if word got out, just like a powerful general being defeated by a lowly soldier.

"You guys... Remember to protect me with all your might next time, and kill fewer enemies. You should shield me from bullets more often." Reflecting on his achievements on the battlefield, Xia Jie realized that the Black Cavalry was extremely useful and had potential for further development.

"... " The silent Black Cavalry didn't respond at all.

And rightfully so, as they were not human anymore, but rather "secret treasures" created through extremely cruel methods.

The prince and princess of the Great Xia were attacked by a storm of bee stings that put them on the brink of death. Even though the Black Cavalry, who were normally weaker than the two of them, it was impossible for them to survive.

As long as they were human, they had no way of escaping the relentless stings of the crystal bees. Their hearts, necks, and even heads were subjected to lethal injuries over dozens of times in order to save Xia Jie. Any other human would have died long ago, but the Black Cavalry did not have the means of self-preservation that the prince and princess had.

That's why Yun Xi always felt that these Black Cavalry had a trace of the underworld about them. They were actually already dead.

In order to be loyal to the Great Xia and protect their homeland, these elite soldiers from the Great Xia Dynasty, many of whom became generals, willingly sacrificed their bodies. In the end, they became the "secret treasures" they are now.

This forbidden technique that transcends life and death comes from the true legacy of the Heaven's Path Palace.

In the process of transformation, they were still alive and had to endure the brutal torture, which felt like hell, with their own will. Only after surviving all the refining procedures could they put on the Black Sword Armor, representing the curse, and become fearless black knights.

Death was not the end for them, but the beginning.

The resources consumed by each Black Cavalry were astronomical, and so far, the number of completed ones produced did not exceed three digits. They were considered one of the national treasures of the Great Xia dynasty.

Because they were not living beings, they could be regarded as "treasures." Even without the mark of the White Lotus Secret Treasure, they could be brought into the trial by Xia Jie and become his ace.

Compared to the princess of the Great Xia, Xia Ling, Xia Jie obviously had more resources, thanks to his inherent gender advantage.

No matter how outstanding a princess is, unless she enters the legend rank and inherits the position of the Sky Sword, she still has to marry.

And the Crown Prince is going to inherit the throne of the Great Xia and become the prince who will eventually reign over the world. He carries the blood of a true dragon.

Facing a life-or-death crisis, the twelve Black Cavalry were given the order to protect Xia Jie at all costs. As for Princess Xia Ling, she was abandoned.

"No, this can't go on. We can't be stopped by those annoying bees!" After thinking it over, Xia Jie finally decided to use his own trump card.

The strength of the twelve Black Cavalry was far greater than it appeared.

Back at the Great Xia's camp, Yun Xi even felt a genuine threat emanating from these silent black knights.

It was a pressure that not even Xia Jie, who unleashed his Dragon Soul, had. It was a power belonging to a non-human realm.

"You all, start unsealing!" Struggling to stand up, Xia Jie began reaching out his hand to manually modify the runes on the Black Sword Armor of the twelve Black Cavalry.

Representing the highest level of craftsmanship from the Heaven's Path Palace, the Great Xia has only produced less than three-digit war tools in its thousands of years of history. The Black Cavalry holds many forbidden techniques hidden within.

Just in the process of creation, numerous elites from the Great Xia army have lost their lives. Although these elites willingly accepted the transformation and most of them were orphans, the rate of loss is still too high for the entire Sky Sword God's Domain, especially the Great Xia, to afford.

The runes inscribed on the Black Cavalry, the Black Sword Armor, are mostly used to enhance the power of these Black Cavalry. However, there are several hidden runes that are used to restrain some of their instincts.

Their essence is that of "dead people," living beings crafted into precious "weapons."

The real beings from the Heaven's Path Palace who created these weapons have embedded earth-shattering means within the bodies of these war tools, allowing them to unleash terrifying power.

However, using these methods comes at a cost.

This cost is not only borne by the Black Cavalry but also by those who command and control them.

The principle of equivalent exchange is still one of the highest truths in the endless god's domains.

"From today onwards, you will become my clones!" Xia Jie said seriously, biting his finger and adding his own blood to the runes of the Black Cavalry.

Twelve Black Cavalry is the maximum he can handle.

Gaining the true power of the twelve Black Cavalry also means he must bear an equal curse.

"Give me your power!"

"Give me everything you have!"

"I will win! For my sister!"

Xia Jie's shouts echoed in the sky, it was the oath of the Great Xia prince, the will of a tyrant.

The previously silent Black Cavalry soldiers started to sparkle with red light in their eyes, as the energy surged back into their depleted bodies after receiving Xia Jie's blood.

Half of the twelve Black Cavalry soldiers kneeled beside Xia Jie, their once lifeless demeanor now renewed.

The dormant spirit of the Great Xia army, sealed within the body by the secret techniques of the Heaven's Path Palace, awakened at this moment.

From this moment on, Xia Jie gained the power equivalent to twelve hero-ranked knights.

They were the shields that protected the Great Xia dynasty, the black knights born to face any obstacles in the way of the Great Xia dynasty.

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