Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 946

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Chapter 946: Xia Ling's Confusion

"Everyone, take a rest!" With the kill count around ninety-nine thousand, following Robin's prophecy, Hua Yue commanded all the members of the Starwings Knights to cease fighting and switch into complete defense mode.

The Starwings Knights orderly withdrew from the battlefield and entered their camp. They set down their weapons and some exhausted squads even fell asleep back to back.

Thousands of crystal bees attacked, shooting out sharp stingers. Ripples spread across the massive shield surrounding the Starwings Knights' camp, resembling raindrops. However, not a single stinger could break through this seemingly transparent silver shield.

"Thank you, Mumu. We will rely on you next," Hua Yue patted Mumu's head beside her.

This massive shield was not Hua Yue's doing; it was the smallest Mumu of the Starwings Knights who had opened the shield.

Hua Yue's "Sacred Shield" is a protective skill that is cast on all the members of the Starwings Knights. Mumu's silver shield, on the other hand, is a huge stationary shield that resembles a war fortress.

Thanks to the presence of these two shields, along with Robin's prophecy, the Starwings Knights were able to stand out and achieve great success in the trial of the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

"Mumu will do her best." Mumu, who has always been taken care of by the twin witches and hasn't had many chances to show her true strength, now has a large silver hair accessory on her head that radiates a soft glow.

The icy crystal on her chest seems to be melting away, and the restraints that have always been worn on her body also show signs of loosening.

Her once timid expression has become radiant and confident as she has become closer to the Starwings Knights.

This place is her favorite place.

The girls of the Starwings Knights treated her with love and care, and she had long fallen in love with these cheerful and innocent girls.

Hmm, Mumu will protect them.

Mumu is actually very powerful, as both Red Lotus and White Lotus have told her.

"Did those crystal bees just become stronger?"

"I also feel that the more we kill, the more intelligent these crystal bees become."

"If they weren't enemies, I would love to keep some as pets. They must be great at making honey. It would be amazing if Mei could use it to make bread!"

"Mei would definitely love these crystal bees."

During their break, the Starwings Knights often talked about "Mei".

After Mei left, everyone missed her black-haired figure even more.

"What do you think Mei is doing right now?"

"Robin, make a prediction. Yours are always accurate!"

"Yes, please make a prediction."

All the girls who were severely affected by the "plum" poisoning looked at the Starwings Knights' only fortune teller with hopeful eyes. The genius from the Heaven's Path Palace.

"I advise you not to get your hopes up too much, what that person said..." shrugged Robin.

"Perhaps a disaster is about to strike."


Now a disaster was about to strike!

Yun Xi looked at Xia Ling, who was wearing his coat, with a headache. He looked at her from left to right, up and down, as if trying to see through her completely.

Due to the crystal bee tearing and completely destroying her original spiritual clothes, along with her underwear, Xia Ling was only wearing Yun Xi's coat, revealing all her curves. Whether it was the little bumps on her chest or her delicate and cute body, everything was on full display.

The problem was, she seemed completely oblivious to the fact that she had been exposing herself since a while ago.

Since a little while ago, she had been looking at Yun Xi with a stubborn and serious expression.

"Did you... see it?" This is not a question, but a statement.

... Yun Xi couldn't say "yes" or "no", instinctively knowing that either answer would be wrong.

Sometimes, girls have the privilege of being unreasonable.

Hmm, staying silent is the best option at times like these. Silence is golden!

Yun Xi kept a calm and composed expression, observing with his eyes and contemplating with his heart.

"Are you... really a swordsman of the Ghost Sword Domain?"

"I've never heard of that Hundred Ghosts Sword." The more Xia Ling looked at Yun Xi , the more she doubted.

A genius swordsman of such beauty, who could rescue people from the endless storm of bee stings, how could they remain unknown?

The Ghost Sword Domain should have long been famous for having such a peerless talent, who wields one of the "Hundred Ghosts Swords", just like Zi Yuan , one of the candidates for the position of the Master of the Ghost Sword Domain in this generation.

"Yun Xi continued to pretend to be ignorant, neither admitting nor denying anything. After all, he had never claimed to be the owner of the Hundred Ghosts Sword. It was rather perplexing to him why the prince and princess of the Great Xia had such an assumptive look, mistaking his Mist Ghost Sword for that so-called Hundred Ghosts Sword. Actually, it was just a fake God Weapon that he had the mist spirit legion create for him to disguise his identity. When did it become a separate entity of the legendary Ghost Sword Domain and the supreme Sky Sword?

As for the secrets of the highest level of the Sky Sword God's Domain, Yun Xi, who used to be a plain pastry shop owner not long ago, claimed to have no knowledge about them!

"If you don't want to answer... that's fine. Your only purpose for coming here is the White Lotus Secret Treasure, not to pledge your loyalty to me," Xia Ling figured it out.

No matter which true disciple of the Ghost Sword Domain Yun Que was, she truly saved him, and her performance in battle side by side with him was satisfactory to her.

With a temporary formed team, it's best not to expect too much.

But when he saved her from the brink of life and held her in his arms, breaking free from the surrounding army of crystal bees amidst a sea of red and blue lights, she felt a string in her heart being plucked.

That black hair became a symbol of luck in her memory.

Sometimes, the many coincidences make you have to believe certain things.

"Lucky black hair..." Xia Ling remembered the revelation she received in the Heart Asking cabin. At that time, she was determined to challenge Hua Huo and thought it was just an unreliable rumor.

Perhaps, sometimes, it's okay to believe in miracles.

"Let me lean on you for a bit."

Closing her eyes, Xia Ling willingly leaned against the back of Yun Xi, letting down her guard completely and falling into a deep sleep under the effects of the Return to Heaven pill.

When she woke up, the battle had to continue.

But for now, let's take a short rest.

Yun Que's hair smells really nice, with a hint of a hazy mist.

Like mist, like clouds, ethereal and unpredictable, it was clearly in front of them, yet as mysterious as the clouds on the horizon.

Who are you, really?

The bonfire burned quietly, casting their shadows like a beautiful painting.

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