Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 945

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Chapter 945: Girls on the Battlefield

The talent of the little grass does not require any assistance. She alone charges into the enemy's territory, using the relentless power of "breaking the army" to mercilessly slaughter the enemy's frontline.

Like a god of war on the battlefield, causing countless people to fear, flee, and lose their morale in the face of the bath of blood.

Hua Yue, on the other hand, is completely different.

Her ability is to strengthen the "army" itself. If the small grass is an endless slaughter god on the battlefield, then Hua Yue is the "queen" who commands the army.

The bloodline of the platinum rose gives Hua Yue a super high charm and innate leadership ability. She is the golden rose blooming on the battlefield, the core of the Starwings Knights.

"Grant me, the one I protect, the sacred shield!" Hua Yue raised her platinum cross sword, and golden light poured onto the Starwings Knights, blessing everyone with a sacred shield that greatly enhances their defense.

Afterwards, the entire Starwings Knights launched a well-organized attack, following the path cleared by the small grass, annihilating large numbers of crystal bees.

No one could ever imagine that this group of girls, who were just ordinary girl swordsmen a few months ago, could now be called an elite knight squad even in the God's Domain of knights. They are a new team consisting of commoner girl swordsmen and a few noble ladies.

With the courage of a little grass and the leadership of Hua Yue, the Starwings Knights shine brilliantly on the battlefield of the White Lotus Secret Treasure trial.

In the current Starwings Knights team, there are no members below the third rank. Under the knight secret technique guided by Hua Yue, they can all share and withstand damage together, truly becoming an extraordinary knight squad.

The newly joined "Knights and Magic" team also compensates for the original weaknesses of the knight squad.

"Eat my magic missile storm!"

Rose, a little witch whose interest and hobby are magic missiles, and who excels in magic missiles, releases a colorful barrage of magic missiles with the protection of her three companions.

In the land of the Great Xia, the Starwings Knights, led by Hua Yue, fought against the crystal bees using powerful magic missiles. These missiles were like colorful rainbows, hitting and knocking down the bees one by one from the sky.

The Starwings Knights, equipped with the knight secret technique "Sacred Shield," advanced steadily. Hua Yue, with her sword, skillfully killed the flying crystal bees, deflecting their stingers with ease. Even if some stingers got past her, they couldn't break through the knights' platinum shields.

Although the speed of their killings couldn't match that of the prince and princess of the Great Xia, the formation of the Starwings Knights remained perfect throughout. Their killing speed was stable.

This was a knight formation similar to a war formation, where close-combat swordsmen protected the long-range attackers. If someone grew tired, they would be immediately replaced.

In the ever-changing battlefield, maintaining this formation and being able to switch at any moment required a high level of cooperation and understanding.

Even among the renowned knights of God's Domain, the knights who can freely use this strategy are the elite of the elites. They all belong to ancient knight orders with a long history.

Perhaps compared to those knight orders with ancient legacies, the Starwings Knights led by Hua Yue may still be considered relatively young, but they have already shown unlimited potential.

Their talent is visible to the naked eye. Even though they have only been together for a few months, including newcomers like the "Knights and Magic" team, the operation of the entire Starwings Knights is incredibly smooth.

Each member knows when to attack and when to defend.

Everyone has absolute trust in their comrades behind them, willingly exposing their vulnerable backs to them.

Whether it's the little grass who charges alone into enemy territory or the healer and support mage, Little Bunny Lulu, everyone contributes their strength without any waste.

"Eighty-eight thousand..."

"Ninety thousand..."

"Ninety-three thousand..."

By Hua Yue's side, Robin, who had almost become completely invisible on the battlefield, reported the numbers he had observed.

When the number reached "ninety-nine thousand," Hua Yue suddenly waved her hand.

"Swish!" The Starwings Knights, acting in unison, stopped their fight and quickly retreated in an orderly manner.

The Grassling, who had infiltrated the army of crystal monsters and had already cut down hundreds of them, also withdrew cleanly and efficiently, without any hesitation.

Their actions were decisive.

As fast as the wind, as patient as the forest, as fierce as fire, as steady as a mountain.

Although it was their first large-scale battle in the real world, the tactical prowess displayed by the Starwings Knights was enough to put to shame numerous famous knight orders.

The demeanor that only ancient knight orders, with their long lineage and the establishment of their own knightly spirit, could possess.

"Defend, rest!" Hua Yue calmly commanded the Starwings Knights, who had suppressed the Killing value to just over 99,000. They began to switch to a defensive stance.

This number was predicted by Robin and represents the threshold of death. If the killing surpasses this number in a short period of time, unpredictable disasters can occur. Robin's predictions were almost always accurate, and it was because the Starwings Knights believed in her predictions that they chose to stop before reaching the critical point of killing.

This process had been repeated about seven times, and the Starwings Knights had accumulated over 600,000 in Killing value. Unlike other teams who immediately used up their Killing value, the Starwings Knights chose to store it and concentrate it on two individuals.

Leading the army in battle was Hua Yue, the commander of the Starwings Knights.

In charge of leading the charge is Lieutenant Xiaocao, the strongest spear of the Starwings Knights. Everyone is pleased with the decision made unanimously by the Starwings Knights. With the enormous Killing value they have obtained, both of them have successfully increased their racial talents.

Hua Yue possesses the "Platinum Rose Bloodline," which grants the Starwings Knights more divine shields. Xiaocao's "Sword of Mortals" becomes sharper and more powerful. The more monsters Xiaocao kills, the more noticeable the changes in her become.

At the same time, the Starwings Knights, who have experienced the real battlefield, are becoming more and more confident. They are no longer the common girls who were once unsure about joining the Sword Palace a few months ago, nor are they the noble ladies from prominent families participating in exams to gain a higher status.

Because of someone, their fates have been completely changed.

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