Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 944

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Chapter 944: Curiosity Killed the Cat

"Um... um..." The princess of the Great Xia, Xia Ling, felt utterly devastated after swallowing the life-saving pill.

In her entire life, she had never felt such embarrassment.

Although Yun Xi had maintained his gentlemanly demeanor throughout, only providing necessary treatment without any inappropriate actions, once something is seen, it's seen. Once something is touched, it's touched. Every part of Xia Ling's body had been touched by Yun Xi's fingertips, even the most private areas...

"Why...why did this happen?" The princess of the Great Xia exclaimed, looking utterly dejected as she struggled to sit up.

The miraculous medicine called the Heaven Reversal Pill, refined from a thousand-year-old herb, truly lived up to its reputation as a magical remedy that could save someone as long as they had a breath left. It had brought her back from the brink of death, despite losing a significant amount of blood and suffering multiple internal injuries.

However, some things lost can never be regained.

"............" Yun Xi, pretending to be a genius swordsman from the Ghost Sword Domain, could only be grateful for his cold and aloof demeanor. Silence was his answer to all the nonsensical and unanswerable questions.

Silence is golden, silence is eternal, silence is the truth of this world!

"Thank you." Although she had been taken advantage of and never wanted to think back on the scene just now, Xia Ling knew that without Yun Xi's intervention, she would have been doomed this time.

Yun Xi, the hero-ranked warrior, was surprised by the danger of the trial of the White Lotus Secret Treasure. When the overwhelming red and blue lights appeared, Xia Ling could sense the presence of death.

".............." Yun Xi nodded and patted Xia Ling's shoulder. He sat by the bonfire, pondering why this trial had such excessively difficult challenges.

There was no doubt that the last wave of attacks by the crystal bees was beyond the capabilities of a normal hero-ranked warrior to survive.

Even the princess of the Great Xia, wielding the Twin Dragon Sword, was overwhelmed by the onslaught.

The crown prince of the Great Xia, who had activated the Dragon Soul moment, couldn't last for even ten seconds.

Even Yun Xi, who was mentally prepared, almost failed to save anyone. If the previous Yun Hai the Sky Sword had encountered this wave of crystal bees, he would have been resurrected by the bonfire countless times.

"Strengthen the body." Recovering some strength, Xia Ling immediately used all his Killing value to enhance his physical limits.

The feeling of surpassing limits dispersed the shadow of death and gave her strength.




The girl's heartbeat gradually grew strong and powerful. Her once gloomy eyes were now shining with a new light.

Death didn't make her stop here.

She is the princess of the Great Xia and a swordsman following the footsteps of the Sky Sword.

"I won't stop."

"I must become taller, faster, and stronger."

"I will always remember today's shame..." Xia Ling bit her lip and looked at Yun Xi, who had his back turned to her, with a complex expression in her eyes.

Coming from the Ghost Sword Domain, he was as silent as always, exuding a mysterious aura.

Why did you see the hidden danger in the crystal bee from the beginning?

How many secrets do you still have?

Is the Hundred Ghosts Sword really that powerful?

More and more questions filled the princess of the Great Xia's mind. Having narrowly escaped death, she now realized how little she knew about the mysterious Ghost Sword Domain swordsman.

Curiosity, an unstoppable curiosity.

Could it be true that black hair brings good luck?




By the never-ending bonfire, the girl's heartbeat began to quicken.





In the battlefield filled with countless crystal bees, the sound of the girl's heartbeat echoed throughout.

It was the call of war.

It was an endless assault.

It was a war that transcended all obstacles and showcased itself in the purest form!

Moving forward, never stopping!

Slaughter, even if it means rivers of blood and bodies piled high, one must forge ahead!

The sword in her hand, as if possessed by a life of its own, was light and deadly. No one could have imagined that this once ordinary iron sword, seen everywhere, could be like this.

Because of the girl's choice, the ordinary sword transformed and became a proof of heroism.

On this chaotic battlefield, the girl shines brighter and inspires everyone more than anyone else.

"The vice captain is so cool!"

"No wonder she is the strongest hope of our commoner faction, the ruler of the battlefield!"

"She doesn't need anyone's help, she can do whatever she wants!"

In the stronghold of the Starwings Knights, more than half of the people's eyes are fixed on the lone figure who charges into the center of the crystal bee army with unstoppable momentum.

The vice captain of the Starwings Knights - Little Grass.

This is the first time the commoner girls of the Starwings Knights have seen their vice captain in action on the battlefield.

Powerful and dangerous.

Beautiful and deadly.

Although her moves may seem ordinary, each one tears through the enemy's defense. Those third-tier crystal bees are no match for her, just like regular bees.

And, the more she kills, the faster and stronger her attacks become.

Born for slaughter, a hero born from the sword of mortals, a legend who marches over countless corpses.

Facing the trial of the White Lotus Secret Treasure, Little Grass showed an adaptability beyond imagination.

For her, facing enemies who are a hundred or a thousand times stronger actually awakened a dormant talent.

"You can't learn from her, you know."

"Without her talent, most people who charge into enemy territory alone on the battlefield are just asking for death," warned Hua Yue, the leader of the Starwings Knights , to her team members.

That talent, the elegance of beheading enemies as if they were nothing, even amidst thousands of troops, is the true star of destruction, an unparalleled general that any army dreams of.

No matter how strong the defenses, they cannot stop her, as she breaks through all obstacles with absolute strength, turning strategies and tactics into mere jokes. This is the talent possessed by Little Grass.

Once such a destiny appears, it can even change the fate of an entire historical era and cause the collapse of a thousand-year-old dynasty.

This is the power of "heaven's will," rising from the ordinary grassroots, a genius who disregards the royal family and nobility, appearing only once in hundreds of years.

When it is revealed, it will surely shock the world, leaving behind a monumental legend.

Hua Yue, a mere mortal, never expected to awaken this legendary gift. She truly is the child of destiny.

"It's okay, even if it is bestowed by heaven's will, I am a knight of the plum." Hua Yue smiled and raised her platinum cross sword.

She also possesses a talent that rivals this, the talent of the "sacred platinum rose."

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