Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 943

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Chapter 943: Administering Medication

"Ah..." Seeing the dying princess of the Great Xia before him, Yun Xi knew he couldn't stand idly by.

Even the best medicine, if those terrible bee stings are still inside the princess's body, it would be deadly poison, not a miraculous cure.

If you look closely, Xia Ling is indeed a remarkable beauty.

At the age of seventeen or eighteen, she has thin and arched eyebrows, dense eyelashes, a straight nose, a petite rosy mouth, white and neat teeth, slightly pale but crystal-clear cheeks, a slender and elegant neck like a swan, smooth and snow-white skin on her chest, and a face that glows with a slight blush. From her flushed jade cheeks, to her fair and slender neck, her alluring and sexy collarbones, delicate and slim arms, graceful jade-like back, flat stomach, slender waist, round snow-white hips, and long and slender legs, she would be even more beautiful if it weren't for the large amount of blood staining her body.

She was wearing a pure white silk dress that Yun Xi couldn't tell the material of. It seemed to have a very high level of defense, but unfortunately, it was completely ruined in the barrage attack from the crystal bee army.

Now, the princess of the Great Xia said that it was not an exaggeration to say that she was barely covered, with more than two-thirds of her skin exposed to Yun Xi , especially her long and beautiful legs, which were completely uncovered.

"Let's start from this side first," Yun Xi said helplessly. He wasn't a pharmacist like Yun Hai the Sword Master, so he had no idea how to treat injuries.

He held Xia Ling's ankle, his fingers hooked onto the ribbon on her slender ankle, and carefully removed her exquisite silver-threaded shoes.

The princess of the Great Xia had snow-white, delicate, boneless feet, with barely any signs of joints. They had perfect curves, just like flawless artworks, delicate and transparent.

Yun Xi lifted Xia Ling's delicate foot higher, causing the worn-out hem of her dress to slide down, revealing her pristine white legs. With tender and soft soles, her trembling little toes resembled those of a small rabbit, all passing through the palms of Yun Xi's hands.




Yun Xi's fingers flicked away the transparent bee stingers that had pierced through Xia Ling's body, shaking off these terrifying killing instruments from her battered form.

Only now could one understand the horror of the previous barrage of crystal bee stingers.

In her final moments, Xia Ling had pushed her agility and speed to their limits. The Twin Dragon Sword had even been pushed to the brink of exhaustion, yet within a few short seconds, all her defense systems had been destroyed, and she had been pierced by hundreds of bee stingers.

The number of stingers on her legs and arches alone exceeded three digits.

"Ouch..." Xia Ling slowly opened her eyes, feeling a sharp pain. She didn't know why her breathing was getting heavier and faster, like she was panting after running. Her cheeks turned rosy and her lips trembled as she let out a soft cry.

"No... Don't touch me there..."

"I'm sorry, but if I don't remove it, you'll really die," Yun Xi shook his head and continued working on removing the thorn.

"No... Please, don't..."

"Please... Remove it quickly..."

The princess of the Great Xia sobbed sorrowfully by the bonfire, her beautiful face flushed with an intense red. Her eyes were filled with tears, and her body twitched slightly. Liquid flowed out of her, and her chest rose and fell dramatically, causing the ground to shake.

The sensation of the girl's smooth skin on Yun Xi's hand felt like touching a burning volcano. A certain uncontrollable desire was growing stronger, stirring within him.

"Don't worry, this is just healing. It's a sacred act of saving lives and a virtue of a noble person!" Yun Xi kept reminding himself as he continued to pull out the thorns for the princess of the Great Xia, who was crying in pain.

As the thorns were being removed, the delicate robe, which was already on the verge of being damaged, finally gave in and fell apart without any warning.

Xia Ling's slender and youthful body immediately exposed itself to the air, radiating a beauty that was even more dazzling than the white bedsheets.

"Eek!" Xia Ling instinctively crossed her legs and raised her arms to protect her firm and soft bosom, but soon they became weak and drooped down.

Her graceful breasts trembled in front of Yun Xi.

"Don't worry... I wasn't looking..." Yun Xi closed his eyes and said a lie that wasn't entirely untrue.

He wasn't intentionally staring, he just accidentally saw a little bit, really just a tiny bit.

"Keep going...pull it out..." Xia Ling took a deep breath. At this point, she had no other choice. She didn't even have the strength to lift her hand.

"Mhm." Yun Xi continued his noble task, gently flicking Xia Ling's body with his fingertips, shaking out those deadly bee stingers.

But the slippery feeling of his fingertips against her skin, and the occasional painful cry of the princess of the Great Xia biting down on her own lips, was making her heart race and her mind wander.

If Yun Xi could open his eyes at this moment, he would see that the tiny protruding cherry had turned into a dripping pink, giving off a deadly enticing scent.



The soft, vulnerable moans of the young girl touched Yun Xi's heart, making him unable to resist the urge to open his eyes and see the princess of the Great Xia under his fingertips, looking lovely and enchanting.

The smooth and delicate feeling, the petite and slender body, became more sensitive as the thorn removal work progressed.

" thorns..."

There, which position?

Ah, this position is... Yun Xi felt the soft touch of his fingertips, shaped like the meeting of lips, and his face blushed in an instant.

As Xia Ling was being touched by Yun Xi , she wished she could find a hole to hide in.

How am I supposed to get married like this!

Sobbing, I'll never get married in this lifetime. I should just dedicate my life to swordsmanship!

"Sorry, it looks like you can take medicine now." Yun Xi took out the life-saving elixir he obtained from Xia Ling's secret pocket and closed his eyes, waiting for her to take it.

"I...don't have the strength..." Xia Ling had never been in such a miserable situation before. If possible, she even thought that dying in the midst of the magnificent barrage of bullets would be better.

"Ah... I forgot..." Yun Xi had to take off his own clothes and wrap them around the immobile Xia Ling. Then he opened his eyes and placed a small pill the size of a soybean in Xia Ling's mouth.

"Ah... um..." With only the strength to chew, Xia Ling bit onto Yun Xi's finger and slowly crushed the pill, filling her mouth with the scent of a thousand-year spiritual medicine.

However, there was also an unexpected taste mixed in, one that would embarrass her for a lifetime.

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