Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 950

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Chapter 950: Captivated by the Sword

If it weren't for her guidance, Yun Xi wouldn't have noticed the bee that appeared to be slightly smaller than the usual crystal bees, but was actually the leader of the entire crystal bee army.

Just by sensing its presence, there was no discernible difference between it and the surrounding crystal bees.

Only when she pointed out its true form, did Yun Xi realize that on the stinger of this smaller crystal bee, there were faint hints of red and blue lights.

Amidst millions of red and blue bullets fired per second, these faint glimmers of light were as insignificant as fireflies under the sun.

"Lock on!" Yun Xi's gaze became calm, and her swings of the Mist Ghost Sword became lighter and more concise.

Using a two-meter-long blade, she effortlessly deflected and reflected the millions of bee bullets per second, displaying Yun Xi's terrifying swordsmanship with near-impossible speed and reaction.

Yun Xi has always looked up to Hua Huo , who has mastered the Sky Flying Sword. He has used her as a reference for his own sword practice. He has even experienced the realm of the Sky Flying Sword using Yun Hai's Quadrant Sword as the key.

Therefore, Yun Xi never feels qualified to be satisfied with his current level of swordsmanship. Compared to the Queen of Assyria's Spider Blade and Red Dragon Zaka's powerful Dragon Roar Wave that covers the sky and earth, his sword skills are still not strong enough.

However, this is obviously his personal opinion. Xia Ling, the princess of the Great Xia, is amazed by Yun Xi's sword speed and reaction at this moment. Her sword skills, which involve turning the sword into a spirit, are completely different and belong to another realm of swordsmanship.

In terms of the expression of sword skills, simply swinging the sword at high speed is far inferior to the princess of the Great Xia, who can transform into a dragon with the God Weapon and deliver a powerful strike.

But this is only what an outsider sees in swordsmanship.

As one of the most talented swordsmen in the royal family of the Great Xia, Xia Ling saw incredible talent in Yun Xi's swordsmanship.

Yes, she couldn't unleash a 40-meter sword aura or transform into a dragon to attack her opponents.

Yun Que, who came from the Ghost Sword Domain, simply used the basic technique of "swinging the sword" repeatedly at high speed, cutting through all the bee-shaped projectiles and reflecting them back.

It seemed like a simple shield skill, only capable of passive counterattacks.

Only those who have experienced such projectile attacks know what a nightmare the attack frequency of millions of strikes per second can be.

Even a fifth-ranked hero couldn't withstand such a dense barrage of attacks for more than a second.

Even the mighty Black Flame Dragon Armor of Prince Xia Jie, supported by the power of the Great Xia's dragon veins and inheriting the God Weapon, was riddled with holes by the overwhelming barrage of bee-shaped projectiles.

With his simple sword skills, Yun Xi swung his two-meter long sword, effortlessly cutting through all the projectile attacks and reflecting them back. His physical fitness, sword speed, and quick reflexes were extraordinary!

Xia Ling couldn't believe her eyes. She never thought that someone could achieve such feats with just a sword.

Throughout the entire battle, Yun Xi remained calm and composed, as if he could take on the whole world as long as he had a sword in his hand.

The princess of the Great Xia couldn't help but be captivated by his intense focus on the sword and his flowing black hair behind him.

Only a genius in the way of the sword could truly comprehend the awe-inspiring and extraordinary swordsmanship Yun Xi displayed. It was a terrifying talent that surpassed human limits by countless times.

No matter how powerful the sword technique, it all came down to the most basic act of swinging a sword!

In the Great Xia royal family, Xia Ling is hailed as the most talented sword practitioner. She can wield her sword with incredible speed and can even feel her heart racing with excitement.

Only someone like Xia Ling has the qualifications to follow in the footsteps of the Sky Sword.

Similar to the monster Hua Huo, the person standing before her, Yun Que, is also a monster as she swings her sword.

Turning impossibilities into possibilities!

Breaking all norms and surpassing all limitations.

Yes, Xia Ling also wants to become someone like that, someone who can handle all the Sky Swords without a doubt.




Gazing at the flowing black hair, Xia Ling's heart stirs, her eyes becoming heated, as if she has found a treasure beyond compare.

Yun Xi, on the other hand, knows nothing about this.

After all, his knowledge of swordsmanship is somewhat lacking.

His journey in mastering the sword is slightly different from the normal process.

Take Princess Xia Ling, for example. She started with military sword techniques from the Great Xia dynasty, gradually progressing through the entire system of basic swordsmanship.

After Yun Xi practiced more than seventy-two different sword techniques, from the lowest level to the highest level, he finally entered the realm of the sword turning into a spirit.

As for Yun Xi, he learned the Flying Swallow Sword from his childhood friend using a special seed, and then he directly started practicing the Yun Hai's Quadrant Sword. He even had a chance to feel the power and grace of the Sky Flying Sword with the help of the Starwings.

This journey of progress was like a monkey climbing down a tree and immediately leaping into the starry sky.

So, in Yun Xi's eyes, the level of sword skills can be categorized into only a few stages. The basic sword technique that even a monkey could learn - the difficult Yun Hai's Quadrant Sword, and the divine Sky Flying Sword that can fly into the sky.

Hmm, these two stages do exist, but many steps in between were skipped. It's all because the seed Yun Xi obtained from his childhood friend was so magical and unbelievable.

This extraordinary seed, Yun Xi, is taking a different approach. The more Yun Xi improves himself, the more insane the acceleration from this extraordinary seed, which comes from his childhood friend.

Now, in the eyes of the princess of the Great Xia, Xia Ling, Yun Xi has become a "monster" like Hua Huo.

Yun Xi feels that he needs to achieve what Hua Huo can do in order to catch up with her.

He doesn't realize how insane this chase after Hua Huo is.

One could only say that treating Hua Huo as a reference for his swordsmanship is not something a human should think about, but Yun Xi naturally thinks this way.

Not being able to reach Hua Huo's level of swordsmanship means he is not strong enough, not remarkable enough.

Hmm, this reasoning seems correct. After all, Yun Xi's most familiar peer in this world is his childhood friend and first love.

Even the presence of his first girlfriend cannot be caught, let alone the terrifying ex-girlfriends he will face in the future.

Yun Xi's vision is so lofty.

Countless red and blue dots started spinning and dancing, making the princess of the Great Xia feel the shadow of death once again.

The dance of the angry leader bee—the Milky Way spins!

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