Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 940

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Chapter 940: Fervor

"Alright, I'm going to kill with gusto!" After discovering the mysterious rewards hidden in the bonfire, Xia Jie swept away his previous dissatisfaction.

Even for the prince of the Great Xia, this was an extraordinary stroke of luck.

After the conclusion of this trial of the White Lotus Secret Treasure, those who missed out on this opportunity would likely regret it endlessly.

Once word gets out about the rewards for the White Lotus Secret Treasure trial, the next opening of the White Lotus Secret Treasure would probably trigger a bloody catastrophe in the endless god's domains.

The prices of houses in White Lotus Sword Domain might go up to the sky!

But all of this is a story for another time. As the chosen one for the trial of the White Lotus Secret Treasure, killing is everything right now!

The crystal monsters, which used to bring great pressure, have now become experience treasures in Xia Jie's eyes.

As long as he can level up, even if he kills until it's pitch dark here, with no light from the sun and moon, he won't get tired.

With this pile of bonfires to enhance weapon levels and physical limits, the seemingly impossible task of killing a million crystal bees and a hundred thousand crystal Grass Spirits, and fifty thousand Big Grass Spirits, is no longer impossible.

For a hero-ranked strong individual, even a slight improvement in physical fitness is a breakthrough that sets them apart from ordinary people.

At this stage, even a tiny breakthrough is important for advancement.

Not to mention, there is also the final reward of enhancing racial talent.

In the land of legends, the hero-ranked warriors all strive for the immeasurable power of racial talents. It is the key that leads them to the rank of legends.

In the legends, true dragons have no limits between mortal and hero-ranked. As they age, all dragons can reach the peak of hero-ranked and even surpass the concept of hero-ranked for humans.

For humans, even those known as the rare geniuses among thousands, most of them exhaust their potential after reaching hero-ranked. To advance further, they can only rely on the power of God Weapons.

"Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!" Leading their Black Cavalry, Xia Jie fearlessly charges into the depths of Crystal Creek Valley.

"Do you want to give it a try?" Xia Ling also eagerly raises her small hand and consumes a precious elixir, rapidly restoring her energy.

This kind of special pill that is useful for hero-ranked individuals is a rare creation by the Medicine Pill Master, a special profession in the Heaven's Path Palace. Each pill is very valuable and cannot be bought with money. It is a true strategic resource.

If Xia Ling, the princess of the Great Xia dynasty, wasn't who she is, she wouldn't be able to buy even a single pill like this in her whole life. It's not something that can be acquired with money; it's a truly precious item.

"Hmm, be careful." Yun Xi always felt that obtaining these Killing values wouldn't be so simple.

Considering the difficulty he faced during the trial of the stars, it seemed too generous for him to be able to constantly gain Killing values by killing third-level monsters with his hero-ranked strength.

The trial conducted by Yun Hai the Sky Sword was a path of killing for him, a mere mortal, challenging monsters far beyond his limits.

In order to achieve the goal of killing ten million, he must have died many times without even realizing it.

"As for what's behind me, I'll leave it to you, Yun Que." Xia Ling had an unusual sense of trust in the newly joined "Yun Que," although she didn't know why.

Ever since Yun Que appeared by her side, good luck followed one after another. The bonfire she found seemed to completely change her destiny.

Does black hair really bring luck? Xia Ling glanced at the ponytail behind Yun Xi for the first time, thinking that perhaps there was some truth to the legend.




Inside the gigantic crystal bee hive, countless crystal bees were busy buzzing around, their wings making crisp sounds.

"Attack!" Xia Jie, who had come here for the second time, raised his dark sword and led his twelve Black Cavalry charging towards the hundreds and thousands of crystal bees.

The tireless Black Knights tore through the ranks of the crystal bees like sharp blades.

Flashes of black light appeared, defeating these elite monsters whose power was equivalent to the third order, enough to make ordinary people despair.

"Hahaha, killing monsters is so thrilling!" Xia Jie laughed gleefully, watching his Killing value continuously increase.

If we keep killing like this, even if we kill for seven days and seven nights, he won't get tired.

The exhilaration of leveling up is better than anything else!

Compared to the tyrannical Xia Jie, the later Xia Ling is more rational. The Twin Dragon Sword always uses simple and effective moves to quickly kill the monsters within its attack range.

Even though Xia Ling knows about the incredible power of bonfires, she remains clear-headed and doesn't fall into the same killing frenzy as Xia Jie.

Stable, efficient, and never wasting any strength. This contrasts sharply with Xia Jie's wild and frenzied slaughter.

As for Yun Xi, he walks leisurely on the battlefield, sensing the increasingly bloodthirsty taste of killing.

It's strange, these monsters, but they can't seem to trigger any bloody impulse in the Killing Princess.

These crystal bees look like pure creatures of nature.

But why do these natural creatures have an infinite respawn mechanism?

In a world that seemed like it wasn't real, there was a small bonfire. Even though it was a smaller version, the mechanics of this place were very similar to the world of trials.

Was this world always this unreal, or was it the essence of the trials themselves...

Yun Xi, who had sensed something unique about the trials a long time ago, once again discovered some of its secrets.

Was he like a butterfly that had entered a dream in the world of trials?

Or perhaps, the whole world of trials was just a butterfly's dream?

Which side was the reality?

Or maybe, from the very beginning, there was no such thing as reality?

"We can level up now!" After hours of relentless killing, Xia Jie led his Black Cavalry out of Crystal Creek Valley, rushing towards the bonfire to obtain that crucial reward.

Not long after, Xia Jie came back and he looked extremely excited, all the exhaustion from the killings disappeared.

"It's true, I have truly become stronger!"

"My power, I am the chosen one!"

With a powerful swing of his dark sword, Xia Jie easily defeated dozens of crystal bees. The Great Xia's prince was thrilled beyond measure by his unstoppable strength.

Even as the prince of the Great Xia, he never imagined that there could be such incredible trials in this world.

Just by killing third-tier monsters, he could improve his physical abilities. And there was even a reward to enhance his racial talents. It was really amazing!

On the other hand, Yun Xi smelled danger from the crystal bees hovering around him.

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