Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 939

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Chapter 939: A Different Bonfire

"What are you looking at, Yun Que?" After using a powerful technique, the Sword Spirit Transformation, to easily defeat a legion of three thousand monsters, Xia Ling's energy was temporarily depleted.

This is where the importance of Dragon Palace City comes into play. Without this fortress as a base, along with companions like Xia Jie and Yun Que, who are hero-ranked, Xia Ling wouldn't use such an ultimate move in this battlefield with no escape.

The tactic of saving the ace battle power for the last moment is not suitable for this trial, where enemies keep respawning endlessly. Whenever there is an opportunity, causing massive damage with the strongest means possible is the most effective and simple tactic, which is especially suitable for this trial.

"Can you see it?" Yun Xi extended his hand, pointing towards a bonfire at one corner of the battlefield.

"It was just a pile of bonfire that hadn't burned out... Huh?" After Yun Xi reminded her, Xia Ling also noticed that something was off about this bonfire.

Of course, she had never seen this bonfire before, but after carefully observing it, she immediately noticed something extraordinary.

"Why is the firewood in this bonfire not being consumed at all?"

"What is that sword?"

"Come, let's go and take a look." After observing for ten seconds, Xia Ling's intuition told her that there was some kind of incredible power inside this bonfire.

This is the trial of the White Lotus Secret Treasure, anything could appear.

"Hey, wait a minute. What kind of potion did you give my sister to make her talk like that?"

When Xia Jie led his Black Cavalry triumphantly back to the city, what he saw was Xia Ling and Yun Xi walking away together.

"Wait for me!"

Dreaming that you could be alone together, how foolish!

"Unbelievable, it's such a divine object!" Xia Ling gently touched the warm bonfire with her fingertips, her face filled with shock.

"Weapon enhancement... requires gemstones as materials..."

"Collect Killing value to enhance the innate abilities of your body's race."

"How could there be such a heaven-defying divine object in this world!" The more Xia Ling felt the immense information contained in the bonfire, the more shocked she became.

Especially collecting Killing value can enhance the racial talents, enough to drive any hero-ranked individual mad.

The upper limit of racial value is directly related to advancing to the legend rank!

In this trial, there is actually such a heaven-defying reward!

White Lotus Secret Treasure, it's so terrifying!

Yun Xi also sighed, so it turns out to be a weakened version of bonfire.

Unfortunately, this bonfire here doesn't have the ability to resurrect.

It seems that without the blessing of the will of the stars, infinite resurrection is still impossible.

But just by enhancing weapons and improving racial talents, it is already very powerful. It seems that the abilities of this bonfire are based on the one he is familiar with.

Even with the simplified version, Xia Ling, the princess of the Great Xia, seemed scared judging by her astonished expression. However, Yun Xi was perplexed as he calculated the "Killing value" in the bonfire, the ratio of racial talents and the number of gems needed to enhance a weapon. He had a puzzled look on his face.

The requirements here seemed much higher compared to the original version of the bonfire. The "Killing value" needed to increase physical abilities had increased more than a thousand times, and the number of gems needed to enhance weapons was calculated in the hundreds. As for the final option to enhance racial talents, it was an astronomical number that was intimidating. Compared to Yun Xi's speedy enhancement using the seed system, it felt like a shady business that took advantage of people.

However, it seemed like only Yun Xi, who had enjoyed the original version of the bonfire, thought this way.

"Thirty million, how can thirty million be enough!" Yun Xi arrived late, and learned about the mysterious power of the bonfire from his sister Xia Ling, causing his eyes to turn red.

He excitedly rubbed his hands together and paced back and forth by the bonfire, with a look of fanaticism on his face.

"My Killing value is three hundred and fifty, sister, what about yours?"

"Probably around three thousand two hundred." Even Xia Ling, who was always focused on swordsmanship, seemed excited.

Three thousand, not even enough to increase basic physical attributes a little. And according to Yun Xi's experience, the higher the value needed to advance later on, the more it increased.

Compared to the settlement mechanism of the Star Trials, the trial of the White Lotus Secret Treasure was simply outrageous, trapping people and not worth the risk.

But in the eyes of the princess and prince of the Great Xia, this place was like a sacred land, and this pile of bonfires was a miraculous object that could change fate.

In the endless god's domains, humans wanted to improve their physical abilities. Especially those who had reached the hero-ranked level, they had to work hard day and night to achieve this.

Just like the Red Steel Genre, a genre that aimed to push the limits of the human body, they spent years wearing heavy chains like sinners, bravely challenging terrifying monsters. They often ended up in a state of silence, just to improve their physical limits by a small amount.

But here, all they needed to do was to kill, to engage in frenzied slaughter, and they would have the chance to enhance their physical abilities to the limit. The experts of the Red Steel Genre realized this and were willing to risk their lives to come here.

As for enhancing innate talents, it was an opportunity that could drive countless hero-ranked experts insane, as they saw their future limits.

Humans were not an incredibly powerful species, their greatest advantage was being average.

Compared to the natural talents of fairies and dragons, who are known as world favorites, human talents are far inferior.

To advance to hero-ranked status, there is a race limit that acts as a barrier. All human strongholds who are able to break through that barrier are, in a sense, monsters.

Any method that can increase the race limit, even forbidden techniques, are considered priceless treasures.

To enter the world of the legend rank, countless humans are driven to madness in search of this method, no matter the cost or means.

Even Princess Xia Ling of the Great Xia dynasty was shocked upon discovering the abilities of this bonfire.

No wonder the legendary Sword Master, Yun Hai the Sky Sword, rose so rapidly after obtaining the power of the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

From being a mediocre pharmacist who failed the test, to becoming a prominent Sword Master, many have studied the rise of this commoner, the Sky Sword. In the end, they could only speculate from the notes he left behind that there may be a connection with the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

Now, Xia Ling finally discovered how Yun Hai the Sky Sword improved her racial talents and ultimately reached the legend rank.

White Lotus Secret Treasure turned out to be even more magical than she had imagined.

This trial between life and death was the biggest opportunity of her life.

"30 million is definitely not enough!" Calculating the kill limit of crystal bees in Crystal Creek Valley, Xia Ling even had a displeased expression similar to Xia Jie's.

Why is there a limit to monster kills?

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