Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 941

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Chapter 941: The Scarlet Letter

It was a very subtle change, probably only noticeable by Yun Xi, who had experienced even more brutal trials.

The crystal bees, which had been treated as practice targets by Xia Ling and Xia Jie, were quietly changing their behavior patterns.

Initially, these crystal bees, who had never encountered any foreign creatures in Crystal Creek Valley, would only attack and pursue their opponents according to a fixed pattern.

That's why Xia Jie was able to effortlessly summon an army of three thousand crystal bees and have Xia Ling wipe them all out in one move.

But as the killings continued, these crystal bees, who originally acted solely on instinct, were evolving.

At first, the encountered crystal bees only had one fighting pattern.

Acting on their instincts, they would fly up and shoot their crystal stingers, or actively ram into their opponents.

Now, after losing tens of thousands of their companions, the crystal bees that emerged again have started to learn how to dodge and focus their attacks.

Although these crystal bees are still far from being a match for Xia Jie and Xia Ling due to their strength, Yun Xi has long realized the pattern of these opponents growing stronger over time.

"Hahaha, I can level up again!"

"This time, I'm going to level up three times in a row!" Xia Jie, filled with excitement from the killing, commanded his twelve Black Cavalry, ruthlessly slaughtering their enemies, with an unstoppable killing spree, becoming godlike in their killing spree, like monsters.

Even Xia Ling, who is less impulsive than Xia Jie, has become faster and stronger in her attacks.

The killing value of the two, even made a faint red light emit from their bodies.

"Be careful!" Yun Xi instinctively sensed that things were starting to go wrong.

"The timid coward, who doesn't even know how to fight monsters, quickly go back and guard the house!" Xia Jie, a skilled and fearless warrior, held the powerful Dark Sword +9, displaying an aura of contempt for the world.

"What's wrong?" Xia Ling frowned as she looked at the faint red light emanating from her body.

This kind of lingering scent of slaughter, she felt it for the first time, as if she had been marked by something.




Countless crystal bees accompanied by hundreds and thousands of crystal Grass Spirits and Big Grass Spirits appeared in a frenzy, rushing towards Xia Jie and Xia Ling.

This wave of attack increased in intensity tenfold!

"You are digging your own grave!" Xia Jie, whose eyes were bloodshot, completely fell into a state of war frenzy and fearlessly activated the Dragon Soul moment under the protection of the twelve Black Cavalry.

Time suddenly slowed down in Xia Jie's eyes, and the fearsome Black Flame Dragon Spirit wrapped in black flames became even more powerful under the cover of the red light.

The dragon soul in the Black Flame Dragon Armor seemed to be very satisfied with Xia Jie's desire to kill, and rarely cooperated actively with the Great Xia's wild prince.

"Eat my Black Dragon Wave!"

Compared to Xia Ling's sword-spirit transformation technique, Xia Jie's Black Dragon Wave lacked that kind of spirituality, but its destructive aura continued to increase. This was the true nature of the black dragon, incredibly brutal!

As the embodiment of the black dragon, Xia Jie rushed into the center of the crystal bee army, which numbered in the tens of thousands. The burning black flames turned all the crystal bees within a few dozen meters into ashes.

"I am the chosen one!"

"These small monsters, no matter how many come, are not enough for me to kill!"

At this moment, Xia Jie undoubtedly reached the peak of his life. The power boosted by the bonfire made him see the possibility of surpassing his own limits. All the crystal bees in front of him became his killing targets.

The twelve Black Cavalry closely followed Xia Jie, also engaging in the frenzy of killing.

But their hearts did not skip a beat, which surprised Yun Xi a little.

These dark knights, surprisingly, had a stronger will than the prince of the Great Xia, and they seemed unaffected by the aura of killing in Crystal Creek Valley.

"Boom!" A massive black pillar of fire shot up into the sky as Xia Jie raised his dark sword high. Under his feet lay the corpses of thousands of crystal bees.

This is what it means to be a hero-ranked and possess a legendary God Weapon. They have absolute dominance over those beneath them.

Only heroes can resist heroes.

Only legends can resist legends.

Under hero-ranked, everything is considered insignificant, and this is a truth recognized by countless people.




More crystal bees emerged from their hives. These strange creatures, with their transparent bodies, seemed to have no concept of "fear" and would fight until the very end.

"Come on, little darlings!" Xia Jie, at the peak of his excitement, was fearless.

Now, whether it was ten thousand or twenty thousand crystal bees, he could defeat them all!

It was an unparalleled feeling!

What he didn't notice was that the numerous dead crystal bee bodies were being absorbed into the massive glowing spots on the enormous crystal bee hive.

As humans, they were unable to enter the crystal bee hive, so they had no way of knowing its secrets.

In his most peak state ever, Xia Jie even believed that he could achieve the incredible feat of killing ten million crystal bees on his own.

Yes, just like Yun Hai the Sky Sword, Xia Jie believed he could do it too.

"Follow behind me!"

"I will take you flying!"

With overflowing confidence, Xia Jie waved his hand. With five minutes left in his Dragon Soul moment, now was the time to go on a crazy killing spree.

This time, he alone had to defeat at least a hundred thousand crystal creatures!

"Although my brother may seem a bit reckless, he does have his own strengths," Xia Ling said as she watched Xia Jie charge into the enemy's central army, raising her Twin Dragon Sword.

"Sometimes, you just have to believe in him."

Without a doubt, Xia Ling chose to trust Xia Jie over the unfamiliar Yun Xi, and decided to continue the slaughter.

The twin swords transformed into streaks of light, once again joining the battlefield.

"..." Yun Xi shook his head and did not stop Xia Ling.

He carefully observed the battlefield, preparing for the worst.




The crystal bees, continuously being killed, began to perform a strange dance. It was a constantly changing figure-eight dance. As the death toll increased, a certain special pheromone began to spread.

Once upon a time, the crystal bee army was joined by a special Grass Spirit, the Big Grass Spirit. But one day, the Big Grass Spirit disappeared without a trace.

The red light on Xia Jie and Xia Ling became even brighter.

When the combined Killing value of the two reached a critical point of "one hundred thousand," Yun Xi heard a voice.

It was an angry, furious, and full of hatred voice.

The owner of that voice came from the deepest part of the bee hive.

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