Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 935

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Chapter 935: A Familiar World.

Just five minutes into the mist, Princess Xia Ling of the Great Xia noticed something strange about this path, or rather, this area of mist.

According to logic, a journey of just five minutes should not be far from the starting camp. However, the scenery around them did not look like the border between the Blade Tip Area and the Blade Body Area.

The ground was covered in large, unknown crystals that ranged from just over a meter to over ten meters tall, resembling a crystal valley.

Such unusual scenery would not go unnoticed if they were near the Blade Tip Area.

"Stop," Xia Ling commanded, waving her hand to halt the team's advance.

Those without marks could not unleash their power in the mist, this was a rule of the White Lotus Secret Treasure. That's why only seventeen elites were chosen to join the Great Xia dynasty team in the end.

Among them were three hero-ranked individuals, including Yun Xi , who was recruited.

The hero-ranked team of five from the Great Xia Imperial Guard, who have obtained the mark of the White Lotus Secret Treasure, are all squad leaders.

The others are responsible for logistics support and assistance, and they are elite members at the third rank.

As for the Great Xia Prince Xia Jie, he only trusts a group of twelve Black Cavalry soldiers. It seems that he doesn't trust anyone else.

The team consists of twenty-nine people, with ten hero-ranked individuals, including the Great Xia Prince Xia Jie, the princess of the Great Xia Xia Ling, the five hero-ranked members of the Imperial Guard, and three recruited hero-ranked individuals. Without a doubt, they are the top team for this trial of the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

Due to the special nature of the White Lotus Secret Treasure trial, the team from the Great Xia Dynasty, who all hold the mark of the White Lotus Secret Treasure, can be said to have the largest number of members and the highest cultivation level among all teams.

"Can you report on the team's condition? Have there been any casualties?" Since earlier, Xia Ling had a feeling of unease, as if there was something unseen lurking within this misty area.

"No casualties, but the path we came from has disappeared." Xia Hu, the squad leader who had once clashed with Yun Xi, delivered some bad news.

"Disappeared? Can you determine our current location?" Xia Ling furrowed her brow, realizing that the trial of the White Lotus Secret Treasure was becoming more challenging than she had expected.

Apart from Yun Hai the Sky Sword, no one had truly experienced the trial of the legendary White Lotus Secret Treasure before. It seemed that the difficulty level of this trial was even higher than she had imagined.

"No, all the instruments that indicate directions are not working." Xia Hu looked at the compass in his hand, which kept spinning, and shook his head.

Si Nan.


Astronomical instrument.

All the tools that can give directions, including the Spirit Tools, have lost their effectiveness within this misty area.

The man even wondered if this was still part of the sword region in the White Lotus Sword Domain.

The White Lotus Sword Domain is not a large-scale sword domain, and information about this sword region has been collected by the various powers of the endless god's domains to almost a hundred percent.

Except for the recently emerged Hydera the Water God domain, there is no area in the sword region of the White Lotus Sword Domain that can threaten the Great Xia Dynasty's team.

According to the rules of the White Lotus Secret Treasure, beings like Hydera the Water God are not allowed to interfere in the trial, so there is no need to consider the danger of entering the Water God's world.

Unfortunately, it seems that everyone has greatly underestimated the danger of this trial of the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

Just the misty world that has turned into a crystal valley has rendered all the information collected by the various powers about the sword region in the White Lotus Sword Domain useless.

From the moment they stepped into this mist, all the information about the White Lotus Sword Domain became abnormal.

Here, it feels like a completely different world, showing extraordinary scenery. No wonder Xia Hu would doubt if this is still within the White Lotus Sword Domain.

"The spiritual energy density here is already on par with a paradise." As the princess of the Great Xia, Xia Ling had also been to the spiritual grounds of the Heaven's Path Palace to cultivate and experienced the rapid growth of her cultivation.

There are very few paradises like the Heaven's Path Palace, which is known as the only place in the Eastern God's Domain that can rival the Sky Sword God's Domain. It is guarded by a few Golden Core cultivators who consider it extremely important. The admission quota each year is fiercely contested by numerous forces.

It is said that the cultivation of a Golden Core cultivator requires the support of such a paradise.

If those Golden Core cultivators were to find out about the paradise-like attributes here, they would probably stop at nothing to claim it.

Truly worthy of the legendary White Lotus Secret Treasure, it is truly magnificent when it appears in the world.




The strange low rumbling sound started approaching the Great Xia Dynasty's troops. The well-trained imperial guards immediately formed a defensive formation, entering the highest state of alertness.

"Have they finally arrived?" Xia Ling had been sensing the presence of an enemy for a while now, so she was mentally prepared for their appearance.

The trial of the White Lotus Secret Treasure was no child's play.

"Come on, whoever it is, my Black Cavalry will crush them!" Despite losing to Yun Xi once, Xia Jie's confidence didn't waver in the slightest.

His confidence came from the twelve silent Black Knights by his side. When these black-clad knights unsheathed their spears, the pressure they exerted made even Yun Xi take notice.

The mist spread, and finally, the enemies of the White Lotus Secret Treasure trial appeared before the Great Xia Dynasty's troops.

They were a group of translucent bees, shining in a beautiful amber color like works of art.

On top of their heads, they even wore the adorable name of "Crystal Bees."

But when Yun Xi saw the bees, his face instantly turned pale. He remembered something important. It was the unforgettable memory of inheriting Yun Hai's Quadrant Sword, from the past memories of Yun Hai the Sky Sword.

Bees! Could it be...that place?

Pulling out his Mist Ghost Sword, Yun Xi didn't hesitate to charge towards the group of crystal bees.

"Don't act rashly!" Xia Ling watched as Yun Xi rushed out, her expression filled with worry.

"Hmph, monkeys will always be monkeys, lacking any sense of cooperation." Xia Jie looked at Yun Xi with a disdainful expression, secretly feeling pleased.

Yun Xi didn't have time to worry about the team from the Great Xia Dynasty behind him. If the trials in this world were really as he suspected, then it would be a terrifying world that would leave people feeling hopeless.




The amber-colored crystal bees attacked Yun Xi without hesitation, shooting out their stingers.

So fast! Even Yun Xi, who is very quick, thinks these bee stings are fast. If it were a normal third-level elite, they would be instantly killed.

This is not an easy mode!

It's a hell mode!

Yun Xi, who understands this kind of challenge, instantly understands the difficulty level of the White Lotus Secret Treasure trial.

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