Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 936

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Chapter 936: The Sky Sword's Footsteps

The Mist Ghost Sword moved gracefully, effortlessly slicing down one crystal bee after another in the simplest and easiest way.

The defeated crystal bees turned into specks of light, disappearing into the mist.

"That's all?" Xia Jie, leading his twelve Black Cavalry, looked at the wave of crystal bees with a disdainful expression. The Black Cavalry, dressed in black sword armor, were not afraid of the bee stings from these crystal bees at all.

The sharp bee stings couldn't penetrate the black sword armor, let alone the Prince of the Great Xia's Black Flame Dragon Armor.

Even if thousands of these monsters came, they would just be scratching an itch for him.

He couldn't believe that he was a little nervous when this effeminate-looking guy went out to fight earlier. Now, it seemed like it was all unnecessary worry.

Just a group of crystal bees, probably at the level of the third rank, couldn't cause any trouble.

"Why are you acting so impulsively? This is not like your usual style, Yun Que ," Xia Ling watched Yun Xi with confusion as he joined the battle against the crystal bees.

How could skilled fighters from the Ghost Sword Domain, who possess the Hundred Ghosts Sword, be scared by a group of third-tier crystal bees?

The fighting power of these crystal bees is even weaker than the guards of the Great Xia in Xia Ling's team.

"I think we're in big trouble," Yun Xi took a deep breath. If things were as he imagined, the signal from these crystal bees would be disastrous.

"What trouble? These crystal bees? Even if there were ten thousand of them, they'd be a piece of cake," Xia Jie almost laughed at Yun Xi's exaggerated reaction.

Just a group of crystal bees that fight based on instinct, but here we have ten hero-ranked fighters. Do you really need to be so surprised?

"Have you read the notes left by Yun Hai the Sky Sword?" Yun Xi retorted to Xia Jie.

On the third day of March, there were three hundred crystal bees, fifty Grass Spirits, and twenty Big Grass Spirits.

On the fourth day of March, there were two hundred crystal bees, sixty Grass Spirits, and forty Big Grass Spirits.

On the fifth day of March, there were four hundred and twenty crystal bees, seventy-three Grass Spirits, and fifty-two Big Grass Spirits.

On the sixth day of March, there was a great massacre. There were one thousand crystal bees, four hundred Grass Spirits, and one hundred and fifty Big Grass Spirits.

As Yun Xi kept announcing the increasing numbers, Xia Ling could sense that something was wrong, and her expression became grim.

"Millions of crystal bee kills... Millions of Grass Spirit kills..." The notes on Yun Hai the Sky Sword, which had been read by White Lotus, were not a secret in the Sky Sword God's Domain.

Now, she finally understood why Yun Que's reaction was so strange when she saw these crystal bees.

"Millions... Millions..." This time, even Xia Jie's face turned pale.

Being hero-ranked meant having absolute dominance over those ranked below, and it was not impossible to face hundreds or even thousands of opponents alone.

But when the numbers reach the level of "millions" and "tens of millions", it's different.

Normally, humans can't gather a legion of that size, and no country can produce so many third-ranked elites.

But this isn't a normal world, it's a trial in the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

The common knowledge of the human world doesn't apply here.

In other words, they could really encounter legions of monsters in the millions and tens of millions!

Even hero-ranked experts, except for some special races, get tired and need water, food, and rest.

And this is the enemy's home field.

"If I'm not mistaken, killing as many monsters as possible is meaningless here because the monsters use a respawn mechanism."

Their number is not in the millions or billions, but infinite. Yun Xi , who has rich experience in this trial mode, knows that if you cannot meet the requirements to break through, no matter how much you kill these monsters, it will be useless.

In the past, Yun Hai the Sky Sword was forced to unleash his hidden potential by these infinitely spawning monsters. He transformed from a powerless failed pharmacist into the later the Sky Sword.

A young man, who was originally kind-hearted and aspired to become a pharmacist to help others, had to learn the divine sword technique because of a group of seemingly insignificant little bees. He achieved the accomplishment of killing millions and billions, and eventually became the Sky Sword.

No wonder when Yun Xi arrived in this misty field, he always felt a strange sense of familiarity in the scenery here.

This place is exactly like the canyon in Yun Hai the Sky Sword's memories that he couldn't find a way out of, except that after millions of years, the original rocks have turned into crystals.

The beginner monster, the bee, has evolved into an elite monster called the crystal bee, gaining the power of the third order.

If Yun Hai had encountered this type of bee in the beginning, he would have died thousands of times without being able to kill even one. This would be even more tragic than when Yun Xi faced the green-skinned hippo in the dark forest.

Wait, Yun Xi just realized that if even the beginner monster bee has evolved into the current crystal bee, then what level have the stronger Grass Spirit and Big Grass Spirit evolved to?

Moreover, these three monsters are just the beginning of the creatures in this valley area. As Yun Hai the Sky Sword's memory fragments continue, he will encounter even stronger and more terrifying monsters.

"Infinite spawning, how are we supposed to fight this? Isn't this cheating!" After learning about the mechanism of monster appearance in this valley, even someone as arrogant as Xia Jie is overwhelmed.

His twelve Black Cavalry were unbeatable, but he still needed to eat and sleep, even though he prepared a lot of supplies for the Great Xia Dynasty's trial of the White Lotus Secret Treasure, which could sustain the team for more than three years in the most extreme conditions.

However, the opponents were endlessly respawnable monsters, so no matter how many supplies they had, it wouldn't be enough! As long as they were still flesh and blood, it was certain that they would be defeated when fighting against these infinitely respawnable monsters. After all, monsters could continuously revive, while the flesh and blood had their limits, unless they reached the legendary rank. No one dared to say they were immortal.

"In Yun Hai the Sky Sword's notes, there is a requirement that needs to be fulfilled in order to leave the initial area," Xia Ling quickly remembered from the Sword God's notes. Although the Sword God's notes were incomplete, missing the records of the later stages, they still revealed some of the elements that Yun Hai the Sky Sword had cultivated back then.

"Yes, I remember that in order to leave the valley, we need to kill a thousand crystal bees... a million Grass Spirits... and five hundred thousand Big Grass Spirits," Yun Xi, a young man, clearly remembers these numbers. They are engraved in the legacy of Yun Hai's Quadrant Sword.

However, when Yun Hai the Sky Sword achieved this feat, his opponents were not these crystal bees!

This world seems like the scenery that has evolved for millions of years after Yun Hai the Sky Sword left. And Crystal Creek Valley is the starting point of his legendary tale.

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