Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 934

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Chapter 934: Opening the Door

In the early morning, endless golden light spread across the heavens and the earth.

Except for Yun Xi who knew a bit of what happened last night, most people knew nothing.

From their appearance, the children from various prestigious families from the endless god's domains seemed completely ordinary. To them, it was just a strange dream they had last night.

Dreams are usually very personal, and there was some subconscious reason that prevented them from talking about it. So no one could discover anything unusual.

At the moment when the sun rose on the eastern horizon, everyone saw a white line flash across the sky of the White Lotus Sword Domain.

Then, in the foggy Sword Body Area, numerous paths leading deep into the domain were revealed, churning violently.

In the sky, the twin witches appeared once again.

"Let's begin, everything is determined by fate," White Lotus spoke first, extending her tiny hand and gesturing towards the crisscrossing paths.

"Each path represents a different trial."

"All paths lead to the ultimate secret realm."

"A great thing is waiting for your arrival."

"The maidens of fate will carry out their mission."

"Like a gentle swaying sorrow, memories entangled endlessly."

"The sadness that has been sleeping here will awaken, turning into pale tears and cries."

"The thread connecting the two intertwines, forming a larger spiral."

"Your confusion."

"Your longing."

"Your memories."

"Your soul."

"It is certain that they exist here."


"What awaits you is an eternal phantom that cannot speak, listen, or be seen."

"Only those who have traveled beyond time, who have fulfilled the wish of the lost, can see the truth of everything."

"Dust returns to dust, soil returns to soil, only the soul remains eternal, you do not know...yet he is everywhere..."

"Those who find the maidens will find the door to the treasure."

"Those who defeat the maidens will obtain petals of the treasure."

"For the one and only flower in the world, let the battle begin!"

Endless white light descended, and all those who had received the "mark" began to show petal-like marks on their bodies, proof that they were chosen to participate in the White Lotus Secret Treasure trial.

From the basic shapes of triangles and circles, to the complex formation of thirteen circles and twelve overlapping stars, they all converged here.

Countless wisdom intertwined at this place.

Endless radiance shimmered here.

After millions of years of silence, the Sacred Tree Linjia, which Yun Hai the Sky Sword had once seen, appeared once again in the world.

The Tree of Wisdom, hidden in the depths of the world's rules, which should not have appeared in this era, finally opened its doors to all those who possessed the mark.

Rule one - the legend rank is not allowed to participate in the trial.

Rule two - only those who possess the mark can enter the final secret realm.

Rule three - the trial participants must obtain the proof in the sword's region to open the doors of the secret realm.

Rule Four: Defeat the Witch to obtain the true White Lotus Secret Treasure.

Other than that, there are no restrictions.

In other words, besides these four rules, killing and plundering are allowed, as they are part of this trial.

The entire sword region of the White Lotus Sword Domain has been transformed into a massive maze by the White Lotus Secret Treasure. The passages, which lead to unknown destinations, are the opened gates of the maze.

"Hmph, no matter who my opponent is, I will conquer them!" Prince Xia Jie of the Great Xia said with an expression of confidence, leading his Black Cavalry to enter the rightmost passage.

"Big brother, it looks like we'll have a tough battle ahead," Xia Ling's team, along with Xia Jie, officially joined the strongest team of the Sky Sword God's Domain, the Great Xia Dynasty.

Yun Xi looked at the camp where many children of prestigious families were located, feeling confused. Since the morning, they had been unusually silent and their actions were remarkably coordinated.

"What happened in their camp last night?"

"Let's go."


The group of noble children, who had developed an unspoken understanding, unanimously chose the central pathway.

In their eyes, green worms were stirring.

Childe Yun He of the Evil God Squad wrinkled his nose in confusion.

"It's strange, why do they smell a bit like us?"

"Indeed, this scent..." Second Young Master Sanquan hesitated, clearly sensing something.

"I smelled it a long time ago, they must be infected," said Prince Black Demon Dog, who was more sensitive than Childe Yun He when it came to noses. He had already noticed that something was off with those humans.

It was odd, too. Last night, the three of them slept soundly, dreaming about the shadow of the great deity Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli, who had disappeared not long ago.

The pure white camel demon swung its hooves, knocking down its foolish followers one by one, as if warning them of something.

But when they woke up, the three demon followers almost forgot what had happened in their dream last night, and couldn't remember what their master had said.

"Did they use forbidden magic?" the archer named Yun Hai frowned as he watched the camp of noble descendants, who were moving like zombies.

Such a large-scale use of forbidden magic was beyond imagination.

"They're just digging their own graves, serves them right for eating too much candy," Zi Yuan shrugged, clearly noticing the abnormality.

The camp of the Ghost Sword Domain was one of the very few that hadn't tasted the Cloak Girl's candy.

The reason was simple - the entire camp of the Ghost Sword Domain didn't need to eat, so their logistical needs were close to zero.

In this world, of course, there was no living creature that didn't need food.

However, in the team of the Ghost Sword Domain, there were no living beings except for a fairy who had temporarily joined in disguise.

At the same time, on the other side of the sword domain area of the White Lotus Sword Domain, located at the boundary between the mortal world and the sword domain area.

Three giant dragons spread their wings and soared in the sky, causing the human legion on the fifty-meter high city wall nearby to shiver in fear.

Desert Dragon Zaka, who rules the desert tribe army and wields the divine sword "the Star of the Sand," is a sandy-brown dragon.

Ice Dragon Zaka, who commands endless icy storms and wields the divine sword "Frost Dragon Teeth," is an ice-blue dragon.

Red Dragon Zaka, the ruler of the endless crimson Dragon Roar Wave and wielder of the divine artifact "Core of Molten Fire," is a deep red dragon.

Hua Huo, the mother of the three dragons, rode on the back of the central Red Dragon Zaka and charged into the passage like a bulldozer.

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