Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 927

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Chapter 927: Black Flame Dragon Soul

Is this person very strong?

Due to the comparison with unbeatable childhood friends or the twin witches, and even having connections with Hydera the Water God, Shaya Longnis the Sky Sword, and Casina the Battle God, Yun Xi is not very confident in his own abilities.

Compared to the legendary rank Hydera the Water God and Casina the Battle God, he is naturally far inferior.

Hua Huo, the twin witches, is not an opponent for her.

As a fighter, she hasn't advanced to the hero-ranked yet.

However, she somehow understood that the prince of the Great Xia is probably not her match.

It's a kind of intuition, developed through being killed hundreds of times in the trial world, whether she can "crush" her opponents or not.

In the brutal trial world, she either gets beaten to near death or has to complete almost impossible tasks to increase her combat power and challenge the strongest enemy in the end.

After going through such cruel trials, facing normal enemies feels strange to her.

Is the prince of the Great Xia, the holder of the God Weapon, very strong?

He must be strong, but she can't help but feel that he's not much compared to Hua Huo.

He didn't feel the same "extraordinary" feeling that Hua Huo and the twin witches gave him, probably not even close to what the Queen of Assyria from the ancient dragon world could make him feel.

So, there was no need to be afraid.

If he couldn't "torture" himself, then he could be defeated just like a green hippo.

"Hmph, soon you will know the true meaning of absolute power," Xia Jie said, waving his finger to make his invincible Black Cavalry retreat.

He didn't need to rely on the power of those forbidden weapons, he could crush this effeminate figure from the Ghost Sword Domain himself.

That delicate appearance was just not human-like, and it didn't look comfortable at all.

A man must be strong! Just like him, even if he was called a tyrant, he didn't care at all.

"Watch this, my Black Flame!" The surface of the Black Flame Dragon Armor suddenly burst with countless black flames, and a black double-handed sword appeared in Xia Jie's hands.

"Let my righteous dark sword pass judgment on you!"

The black flames burned fiercely, wrapping around the black sword and releasing a terrifying pressure.

Is it a special kind of powerful weapon? Maybe it doubled the strength. Based on his instincts, Yun Xi knew Xia Jie, the prince of the Great Xia, was a formidable fighter.

However, this increase was still within the realm of "normal." It couldn't hold a candle to Hua Huo's tyrannical Emperor Dragon Sword, which even a single glance at would send shivers down one's spine.

The flames that wrapped around the black sword were probably not as powerful as the flames ignited by the king of the original Dragon World.

"It's been a while since I went all out."

"Let me enjoy myself a bit more, you sissy!" Xia Jie pulled out the dark sword with a smirk on his face, as if he were toying with ants like a child would.

How could a mere swordsman from the Ghost Sword Domain compare to him, the heir of the Great Xia dynasty?

Although the Ghost Sword Domain had once given birth to a Sky Sword, its overall strength was incomparable to that of the Great Xia.

The Great Xia, which surpasses the Great Han, the Great Tang, and the Great Zhou, is the strongest sword domain in the Sky Sword God's Domain, the highest point among the four top sword domains, a legendary place!

As the designated successor of the Great Xia, he is the pride of the Great Xia Dynasty, the owner of the Black Flame Dragon Armor, and will undoubtedly become the emperor of the Great Xia.

The Ghost Sword Domain is just a middle-ranked sword domain, and its heritage cannot be compared to that of the Great Xia Sword Domain.

The Black Flame Dragon Armor is one of the God Weapons that is connected to the dragon energy of the Great Xia Dynasty, and with the protection of the Great Xia dragon veins, he has absolute suppression power over all God Weapon holders in the Ghost Sword Domain.

Unfortunately, Yun Xi's Mist Ghost Sword looks like a God Weapon from the Ghost Sword Domain, but in reality, it has no connection to the Ghost Sword Domain whatsoever.

Because it is a non-existent "fake God Weapon," it naturally does not suffer from the inherent rank suppression of the Great Xia God Weapons.

So Xia Jie thought that by using the powerful Black Flame Dragon Armor, he could intimidate Yun Xi, but he was just overthinking it.

The Water God once fought against Shaya Longnis the Sky Sword in their world.

In the world of the Primordial Dragons, there was a fierce battle between the original green dragon and the protagonist.

Just a God Weapon in the hands of Yun Xi was not enough to compare to the pressure he felt from his childhood friend.

Yun Xi, who was used to facing challenges, found the power to be nothing more than a light rain.

The Mist Ghost Sword created graceful trails as it summoned the enchanting figure of the mist spirit girl, catching Xia Ling's attention.

She had witnessed the power of the Hundred Ghosts Sword before, but Yun Xi's sword had a completely different style.

Were those beautiful and captivating ghost shadows actually a branch of the legendary Hundred Ghosts Sword? (Actually, they weren't).

"Such evil power cannot compare to the righteousness of my Black Flame!" Xia Jie proudly raised his dark sword and unleashed a dark flame sword energy.

The mark left by the Mist Ghost Sword flashed and disappeared. Yun Xi, with light and nimble steps, swiftly bypassed the oppressing black flame sword energy of Xia Jie and instantly rushed in front of him.

The footwork of the Flying Swallow Sword - Earth Shrinkage, when evolved to the perfect realm, can transform into the sky-soaring steps of the Sky Flying Sword.

The footsteps that once soared in the sky, even if only a partial and incomplete part, made Yun Xi's movements untraceable.

It was a footwork that caused Xia Ling's pupils to suddenly shrink. She had a deep impression of this footwork.

The figure that defeated her in the Sword Palace ranking battle also possessed such footwork. She couldn't even predict where her next step would land.

It was as if it defied the human physiological structure, making the earth shrink.

"Black Flame Dragon, reveal yourself!" Xia Jie, sensing an imminent crisis, roared and unleashed one of the skills of the Black Flame Dragon Armor.

The Great Xia was wrapped in a dark dragon shadow. He clashed with Yun Xi's Mist Ghost Sword head-on. In a flash, Yun Xi moved behind the Great Xia.

The dark dragon shadow quickly turned its head and opened its large mouth, spewing corrosive black dragon flames.

The ground instantly melted. Compared to the Great Xia's reaction, the dark dragon shadow was clearly faster and sharper. This was the special characteristic of the Black Flame Dragon Armor, a God Weapon belonging to the emperor.

Originally, this God Weapon was crafted from the remains of a slain black dragon by the Great Xia dynasty's unparalleled expert. After being immersed in the Great Xia's dragon energy for hundreds of years, it even gave birth to a trace of dragon soul.

"Now is the time for the dragon soul." Xia Jie, who summoned the dark dragon shadow, took a deep breath, getting used to this world where time had slowed down.

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