Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 926

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Chapter 926: Xia Jie

Ghost Sword was one of the top swords in the Sky Sword God's Domain. It was a very special God Weapon.

Legend has it that this sword had a nearly three-meter-long blade, and when swung, it would attract endless evil spirits and even turn a whole world into the underworld.

At the same time, the Ghost Sword was one of the very few God Weapons that had a "split form".

The "Hundred Ghosts Sword" was one of the split forms of the Sky Sword's "Ghost Sword", and it was said that there were not just one, but twelve of them.

When the twelve Hundred Ghosts Swords were gathered, they could summon the "Ghost Moon", opening the gate between reality and the underworld, allowing ancient spirits to descend into the mortal world.

The "Night of a Hundred Ghosts" was one of the origins of the Hundred Ghosts Sword, and the Ghost Sword was the divine blade that ruled over this night.

Xia Ling saw Yun Xi's sword, and the ethereal, almost elusive sword light.

She had never seen such a strange and frightening sword in anyone's hands before. In her eyes, there was a momentary blank when observing Yun Xi's sword.

It seemed that in that instant, Yun Xi's sword disappeared. By the time the sword mark reappeared, Xia Hu, the captain of the Great Xia Guards, had already walked back from the gates of the Ghost City.

"I have come for the White Lotus Secret Treasure." (To be precise, for the protection of the twin witches guarding the White Lotus Secret Treasure)," Yun Xi got straight to the point, and this straightforward attitude actually made Xia Ling very satisfied.

"I believe you are the most likely candidate to have come into contact with the White Lotus Secret Treasure." It wasn't just Yun Xi talking nonsense, but Xia Ling was indeed one of the few individuals, apart from her childhood friend and the twin witches, who was closest to the seeds of the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

Her talent, perhaps only second to her childhood friend and the twin witches, was outstanding beyond that level.

According to Yun Xi's judgment, in the past, the White Lotus Sword Palace was ranked in the top ten, and her strength is probably stronger than the other nine combined.

Using the technique of turning a sword into a spirit, it is an extraordinary sword skill.

If Yun Xi hadn't known her childhood friend Hua Huo, he felt that he would never have reached the level in which the princess of the Great Xia resides.

"Your choice is correct," said Xia Ling, gripping the Twin Dragon Sword behind her.

Since receiving enlightenment in the Heart Asking cabin, Xia Ling's mind has cleared up.

She has overcome her past and reaffirmed her life goal.

Defeated by Hua Huo's sword, and a crushing defeat at that, her beliefs were once shaken, but after receiving enlightenment, she is no longer lost.

In this trial of the White Lotus Secret Treasure, she is determined to succeed!

"Welcome to join my team, what is your name?" After confirming Yun Xi's intentions, Xia Ling is ready to accept this master from the Ghost Sword Domain.

"No way, I disagree!" a loud shout rang out, and the prince of the Great Xia, Xia Jie, hurriedly rushed over. It was a crucial moment.

"We can't let this mysterious creature, which has no distinction between male and female, join our team!"

"Sister, you trust people too much!"

Arriving with Xia Jie was a whole team dressed in pitch-black armor, their presence even surpassing the imperial guards of the Great Xia.

They were the strongest legion under the command of Prince Xia Jie, created with astronomical figures, known as the Black Riders.

Compared to the imperial guards who protect the princess of the Great Xia, they possessed more terrifying power and stronger equipment. Each member was equipped with a "Dark Sword Armor" of a higher level than the "Bright Sword Armor".

The strength of their small team alone was enough to sweep through a kingdom.

Yun Xi, somewhat puzzled, looked at this group of Black Riders and sensed a strange scent emanating from them.

They were heroes in a way, but it's doubtful whether they were even human.

Their heartbeats were so faint that they could almost be ignored, their breath almost nonexistent. Covered from head to toe in pitch black armor, they resembled moving steel monsters.

One ton, two tons... Yun Xi observed the tracks they were stepping on and came to a bewildering conclusion.

The weight of the armor on these Black Knights was measured in "tons." This meant that with each step they took, they were carrying a burden ten times their own weight, or even more.

Normally, they moved under the strain of twenty times normal gravity. Once they entered battle, the strength that these Black Knights could unleash was simply unimaginable.

Is this the power of the Great Xia, the highest holy domain in the Sky Sword God's Domain?

"You're here again, big brother," Xia Ling grumbled, hands on her hips, looking displeased with her brother Xia Jie's intrusion.

As the next heir of the Great Xia dynasty, Xia Jie was extremely talented and powerful. His ability to lead armies was unmatched.

However, his biggest flaw was being too controlling and overly doting on himself. This time, he suddenly came to the White Lotus Sword Domain because he heard that she was being bullied.

If she hadn't stopped him, he might have taken his own Black Cavalry army to cause trouble for Hua Huo.

She was not the type of person who would shamelessly use her privileges as the princess of the Great Xia to regain face after losing. Losing meant losing fair and square.

So if she wanted to win, she would win honorably as well!

She saw Hua Huo as her target and would not allow her brother to mess around.

"That Hua Huo is one thing, but this person is absolutely not acceptable!"

"With my Black Cavalry army, it's a sure thing that you will get the White Lotus Secret Treasure. There's no need to involve anyone else!" Xia Jie glared at Yun Xi through gritted teeth.

From Yun Xi's body, he felt a great danger.

This feeling of danger was different from that of Hua Huo, the person he disliked the most in his life, the kind of person who acted like a lady and even wanted to wear makeup like a pretty boy.

This kind of person was the most skilled at harming innocent girls who knew nothing about the dangers of the world. His sister must never be with this kind of person!

Even if it meant using his power as a ruler, he would make this kid leave!

"No, this person is here to join my team. Brother, you'd better go back!" Xia Ling could barely stand it anymore.

Her own brother had become so controlling of her life.

She should be able to choose what kind of team she wanted and who could join it, it was her own business.

"Kid, tell me your name, and let's fight!" The more Xia Ling said this, the more Xia Jie disliked Yun Xi.

"You can only team up with my sister if you can defeat me."

Xia Jie, the prince of the Great Xia, and the future owner of the Great Xia Sword Domain, is extremely confident in his own abilities.

The armor he wears is a genuine God Weapon, and it is a very rare set.

Just like the Twin Dragon Sword wielded by his sister, Xia Ling, this set of "Black Flame Dragon Armor" is a God Weapon that can only be controlled by those with true dragon blood from the Great Xia. It is proof of the inheritance of the crown princes of the Great Xia throughout history.

The "Bright Sword Armor" of the Imperial Guard of the Great Xia and the "Black Sword Armor" of the Black Knights are both imitations of this inherited God Weapon.

At this moment, the black flames in his right hand are burning intensely and roaring!

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