Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 925

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Chapter 925: The Mist Ghost Sword

The final completed Hundred Ghosts Sword was almost identical to what the Killing Princess remembered.

"Hmm, this won't do." Yun Xi looked at the counterfeit God Weapon crafted by his million-bride army, and it was too similar to the original, which wasn't a good thing.

The God Weapon known as the Hundred Ghosts Sword was very famous, one of the legends of the Ghost Sword Domain.

"Let's make a few more modifications." Yun Xi touched the blade of this two-meter-long curved sword with his fingertips, and a layer of misty fog began to appear on the edge of the blade.

This fog didn't come out of nowhere, it was the embodiment of Yun Xi's mist spirit army. More precisely, this counterfeit God Weapon was condensed from the fog created by the million-bride army.

By using the unique commands of the "White Emperor," the originally ethereal mist was condensed and compressed within the confines of a sword. This was the miracle that the mist spirit army had accomplished for Yun Xi .

"Alright, this will do."

Named the Mist Ghost Sword! Yun Xi was very satisfied with this fake God Weapon, it would be enough to disguise his identity.

Anyone who sees this sword wrapped in mist would believe it to be a top-quality spiritual weapon with mysterious powers, and in reality, it was indeed so.

After obtaining the miraculous power of the Million Bride Legion from the Water God's trial, it finally started to unleash its power in the hands of Yun Xi.

The Mist Ghost Sword has similar characteristics to the legendary Ghost Sword and Hundred Ghosts Sword.

While the Ghost Sword and Hundred Ghosts Sword summon all sorts of demons from the underworld, the Mist Ghost Sword summons the clones of Yun Xi's Million Bride Legion.

In other words, when Yun Xi swings the Mist Ghost Sword, misty girls elegantly appear. These are the fog spirit legion responding to Yun Xi's summons.

"Everything is ready, it's time to take action."

Adjusting his black hair, Yun Xi looked at himself in the mirror. With his hair tied up in a ponytail and dressed in white like snow, he felt a sense of transformation.

"Master, I wish you good luck in your martial journey." Elise kissed Yun Xi's dark long hair and disappeared among the long threads of worries with a satisfied expression on her face.

Walking on the street, Yun Xi could feel eyes staring at him from all directions.

"That person is so beautiful!"

"Is it a man or a woman??"

"How can I take care of my skin to look like that?"

"Oh my, do we have someone like that in the White Lotus Sword Domain?"

"No, absolutely not. If we did, I would definitely know!"

Sorry, I am just a simple native of the White Lotus Sword Domain... Yun Xi shook his head helplessly. This simple action caused many girls to scream.

Hmm, it seems that it's not just girls, but also some male voices?

Sometimes, beauty is truly a characteristic that transcends race and gender.

When Yun Xi arrived at the camp where the princess of the Great Xia was, he noticed that there were a group of curious girls following him, unaware of the truth.

"Who goes there!" A squad of guards from the Great Xia Kingdom stood in front of Yun Xi, looking at him with suspicion, as if he wasn't human.

His extraordinary appearance was stunning!

"I want to join the princess of the Great Xia's team." Yun Xi looked at the tall and strong guards. Even the weakest among them were at the level of elite warriors, and their leader was a true hero-ranked expert.

Having a hero-ranked expert as the leader of a small team truly showed that the Great Xia was the most powerful domain in the Sky Sword God's Domain.

"Are you the holder of the White Lotus Secret Treasure?" The leader of the squad looked at Yun Xi with doubt and gave a direct order:

"Hand over your weapon!"

"Submit to our inspection!"

Yun Xi shook his head. If he was easily restrained here, then there was no point in choosing to join the princess of the Great Xia's faction.

Yun Xi gripped the Mist Ghost Sword on his back. The sword, wrapped in mist, emerged from its sheath, leaving behind a mysterious and ethereal trail.

Even without using the sword techniques passed down by the Killing Princess, Yun Xi's swordsmanship had reached a level that ordinary people couldn't imagine.

As he unleashed the Sky Flying Sword, Yun Xi saw a world belonging to the divine swords.

Although he hadn't fully mastered the power of divine sword techniques, having experienced the world of divine swords, Yun Xi's swordsmanship had already reached an awe-inspiring level.

However, he had always compared himself to his invincible childhood friend, Hua Huo. Therefore, he never realized the extraordinary level of his swordsmanship.

At least, as a hero-ranked team leader, equipped with the special "Bright Sword Armor" from the Great Xia dynasty, Yun Xi couldn't even react before his armor was sliced open.

As for the other members of the royal guard, they couldn't even "see" and were defeated.

"Ah..." the young captain gasped heavily, looking at the sword mark on his chestplate, where the Bright Sword Armor, made of meteorite iron, had been cut through.

Xia Hu had been a captain of the royal guard in the Great Xia Dynasty for thirty years, and this was the first time he had seen such a cold and deadly sword technique.

As a fourth-rank rank, he couldn't even counterattack, and could only watch helplessly as the terrifying sword mark crossed his chest.

Just an inch more, and it would be a fatal wound.

It was terrifying, so terrifying, this almost Dao-like sword skill.

"Now, can you let me in?" Yun Xi had no choice but to ask, as he needed to disguise his identity. He chose the sword style and techniques of the Ghost Sword Domain.

Swordsmen from the Ghost Sword Domain were often seen as cold and mysterious, even the greatsword maid in the Killing Princess's memory was a true ice-cold beauty.

This is about the type of swordsmanship they practice. The swordsmanship of the Ghost Sword Domain is related to the underworld, and they often deal with creatures from the underworld. Being involved with the underworld for a long time, they will inevitably take on an otherworldly aura.

Choosing this style and identity was a carefully considered decision by Yun Xi.

As long as he plays the role of a hero-ranked swordsman from the Ghost Sword Domain, he won't have too much contact with others.

Reducing contact with others allows him to act alone better, without revealing his true identity.

"The swordsmanship of the Ghost Sword Domain?" Just as Yun Xi expected, after he demonstrated the mysterious swordsmanship of the Ghost Sword Domain, he quickly caught the attention of the team's leader.

Xia Ling is the princess of the Great Xia.

The holder of the Twin Dragon Sword is a wielder of the God Weapon.

In this trial for the White Lotus Secret Treasure, he is considered one of the most promising geniuses to obtain it.

"Why, someone as skilled as you, come to our place instead of joining the team from the Ghost Sword Domain?" Xia Ling could clearly recall that among the teams competing for the White Lotus Secret Treasure, there was one that came directly from the Ghost Sword Domain and carried its true teachings.

Yin Su, a female swordsman ranked third in the White Lotus Sword Palace, was one of the holders of the Ghost Sword, a fragment of the Sky Sword.

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