Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 924

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Chapter 924: Disguise

Since he had decided to participate in the trial of the White Lotus Secret Treasure, he needed to be fully prepared.

Observing the various camps established in the area of the sword body and the edge of the sword tip under the identity of "Mei," Yun Xi finally chose a camp that he was somewhat familiar with.

The Great Xia, where Xia Ling, the princess of the Great Xia, was located, was one of the strongest forces among the swordsmen who originated from the White Lotus Sword Palace.

The Sky Sword God's Domain, where the sword is revered, is the sacred domain located at the top of the pyramid among the many sword domains in the Great Xia.

Xia Ling herself is the most talented swordsman in this White Lotus Secret Treasure trial, besides her childhood friend Hua Huo.

Yun Xi decided to hide his identity and join the princess of the Great Xia's camp.

This was a carefully considered choice, as if talent was the only factor, his childhood friend would be the strongest.

However, Yun Xi's goal this time is the twin witches, and he feels that if he travels with Hua Huo, they might end up in a bad situation.

Traveling with the Starwings Knights as "Mei" is also an option, but Yun Xi decided to go on this journey alone.

The premature appearance of the White Lotus Secret Treasure gave Yun Xi a sense of danger, as if his peaceful life was about to end.

This sense of danger led Yun Xi to decide to take on the trial of the White Lotus Secret Treasure completely on his own.

The Starwings Knights of today are like young saplings just sprouting leaves, in need of careful nurturing. It is not the right time to hastily join the White Lotus Secret Treasure trial.

Since I have decided to act alone, I cannot use the identity of the greatsword maid "Mei" nor my true identity as Yun Xi .

Fortunately, there are so many people entering the White Lotus Sword Domain this time, making it very easy to disguise our identities.

Most factions do not question one's background, as long as they are sure you have the mark of obtaining the White Lotus Secret Treasure, they will warmly welcome you to join.

Due to the uniqueness of this White Lotus Secret Treasure trial, even cannon fodder is in high demand.

Without the mark of the White Lotus Secret Treasure, one doesn't even qualify to be cannon fodder.

And so, Yun Xi began his solo mission.

"Elise , are you not finished yet?"

Since a while ago, Yun Xi has been having his own Heavenly Demon help him with his disguise. It has been half an hour, and it seems Elise is still not done.

"Just pretending, because the princess of the Great Xia doesn't know who Yun Xi is, so why would it take so long?"

"Not yet, not yet, Master, don't worry," Elise said excitedly, making small gestures on Yun Xi.

Summoned out of the Heavenly Demon realm, it's rare to have the chance, and unless she completes the goal with 300% effort, she won't be the Starry Celestial Demon!

Enchantress's charm!

The wisdom of Saint Demon!

The power of Asura!

The mystery of Impermanent!

At this moment, Elise wasn't alone in the battle, the power of the Heavenly Demon gave her unprecedented confidence and determination.

The task of disguising the master must be completed perfectly beyond the target!

About an hour later, Yun Xi looked at the mirror and saw a charming and unparalleled young man, with a questioning expression on his face.

Who is this person?

With fair skin that almost exceeds the boundaries of gender, dark and bewitching eyes, and a hint of untamed and exotic aura, this doesn't seem like the "ordinary" appearance he asked Elise for.

If this is what you call ordinary, then everyone must be blind.

"Well, master, you said you wanted something ordinary. For Heavenly Demons like me, this is quite normal," said Elise as she pulled on Yun Xi's hair.

His black hair slowly grew longer, even without the disguise of the greatsword maid. Yun Xi's hair reached his waist and was almost touching the floor.

And yet, Elise still found it insufficient. She stuck out her tongue and gently licked Yun Xi's hair. Soon, the three thousand strands of hair became as black and shiny as his eyes, full of a demonic charm.

"Hey, this is going too far!" Yun Xi exclaimed as he looked in the mirror at the boy with almost floor-length black hair and wearing white clothes. He looked nothing like himself.

This aura, this appearance, where did this enchanting person come from!

From head to toe, this disguise had nothing to do with the word "ordinary."

Perhaps only creatures like Heavenly Demons would consider this "ordinary."

"This is the best disguise, my master," said Elise. She was lost in her masterpiece, and if it wasn't for Yun Xi insisting on being "ordinary," she planned on incorporating some of Enchantress' characteristics into it.

"A disguise...this is a bit too flashy," Yun Xi touched his face.

The touch of his skin felt real, and the power of the Heavenly Demon was truly incredible, reaching the level of being indistinguishable from reality.

"Not at all flashy, master. You already have the qualities for this," Elise felt that this posture hadn't fully showcased Yun Xi's charm.

After all, the master was someone who could form contracts with four high-ranking Heavenly Demons at the same time, even being able to control "Impermanent" as well.

This appearance was just a partial representation of the master's true power.

What the Heavenly Demon excelled at was uncovering the hidden side of human nature, that which nobody else knew.

"Well, I'll reluctantly accept this," Yun Xi eventually agreed to Elise's adjustments.

In the end, as long as the disguise was unrecognizable to anyone, it would be fine.

At least, now he doesn't even recognize himself, and the princess of the Great Xia is probably the same.

"Next, it's about identity and weapons." Yun Xi, while asking Elise to tie up his black hair behind him, began to search for an identity and style from the memories of the Killing Princess that could disguise himself.

Coincidentally, in the memories of the Killing Princess, there was a greatsword maid who came from the Sky Sword God's Domain and looked somewhat similar to him now.

The greatsword maid possessed the cursed sword "Hundred Ghosts" from the Ghost Sword Domain, which was second only to the "Bloody Waltz" among the greatsword maids.

Among all the greatsword maids, this greatsword maid from the Ghost Sword Domain was also an exception, just like the Killing Princess.

She always loved wearing a snow-white sword dress and used the curved cursed sword to slay Demon Human.

The swordsman from the Ghost Sword Domain believe in the fate that "everyone eventually dies, but death is not the end, it is just the beginning." That's why they never fear death in battle.

In the history of the Ghost Sword Domain, there was once the Sky Sword, who was the legendary owner of the Ghost Sword.

The divine sword, Ghost Sword, symbolizes death and supernatural creatures.

It is said that when this divine sword is wielded, it will open the gate between reality and the underworld, summoning endless ghostly creatures.

The Hundred Ghosts Sword is one of the manifestations of the Ghost Sword, leaving a "very impressive" impression on the Killing Princess.

Now, Yun Xi begins to create the "Hundred Ghosts" sword.

The sword is two meters long.

The curve and thickness of the sword's blade...

Endless mist churns around Yun Xi , and the figures of young bride-like girls start to appear, helping Yun Xi forge this fake and non-existent "Hundred Ghosts" sword.

This is one of the abilities possessed by Yun Xi as the White Emperor, the miraculous power derived from the million-bride army.

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