Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 923

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Chapter 923: Yun Xi's Determination

"Pafu, you can't eat things randomly!"

"Pafu, quickly spit it out," Yun Xi watched in astonishment as Pafu swallowed all the black candies in one go.

In a land not far away, there was a sweet little creature named Pafu. Pafu loved candies, especially the big black ones. One day, Pafu found a pile of candies that were even larger than his own size. But to everyone's surprise, he ate them effortlessly. It was as if there was a hidden hollow inside Pafu's belly, where all the candies disappeared.

Yun Xi, a kind-hearted person, called out to Pafu. Covered in lush green, Pafu hid in Yun Xi's embrace, refusing to return the candies he had devoured. Yun Xi gently rubbed and squeezed Pafu, trying to coax him. Eventually, Pafu reluctantly gave back one black candy, still craving for more.

It seemed like these black candies had captured Pafu's heart. He intended to keep them as his precious collection. Yun Xi, understanding Pafu's love for the candies, decided to give up persuading him. However, Yun Xi reminded Pafu, "Remember, don't be too greedy. Only one candy a day, okay?"

Hmm, we still need to study these black candies. This is the first time Yun Xi has gotten candies of the fifth and sixth rank.

Of course, Hydera's poisonous wine doesn't count. The divine wine of the gods is on a whole different level. There's no possibility of studying it. It's a special product belonging only to Hydera.

"She's really kind-hearted." After thinking for a moment, Yun Xi understood why the girl in the cape gave him this pile of candies.

She's unexpectedly a good girl, not trying to take advantage of him at all.

Yawn! Soda, who was busy handing out candies, sneezed and looked around, confused.

Well, never mind, the candy business is more important. There are a lot of people coming today to eat Soda's candies.

If things continue like this, it's only a matter of time before they rule the world.

After experiencing this seemingly unimportant little incident, Yun Xi began to observe more deeply and understand the appearance of the White Lotus Secret Treasure this time.

White Lotus Sword Palace has completely closed down. The disciples who possess the talent for White Lotus Secret Treasure, in accordance with their different backgrounds and influences, automatically formed different teams and set off towards the area of the sword.

At the same time, the formal appearance of White Lotus Secret Treasure caused the housing prices in the surrounding area of White Lotus Sword Domain to skyrocket.

The owners of these houses are aristocrats from various prestigious families in God's Domain. They bought these houses in anticipation of the emergence of White Lotus Secret Treasure.

The legendary White Lotus Secret Treasure is said to be a divine object that can unlock wisdom and enhance talent.

The facts have proven that the legends are not baseless. The flowers of Sacred Tree Linjia appeared in the sky and released the blessings of wisdom in the form of a melodious sound. It does not discriminate against any race or background.

Except for a few individuals whose talents have been exhausted and can no longer progress, the majority of people have heard the sound of the bell representing wisdom and enlightenment.

From the lowest innate talent to the legendary highest ten-fold talent, the wise voice of the White Lotus Secret Treasure acts like a filter, automatically selecting the most talented and promising group of individuals within the White Lotus Sword Domain.

These young people, who have been blessed by the White Lotus Secret Treasure, are convinced that they are the chosen ones. With unwavering confidence and the full support of their families and factions, they eagerly enter the dangerous Sword Zone.

The skyrocketing house prices, which were originally due to the White Lotus Secret Treasure, collapse overnight with its appearance.

Many businessmen, who were planning to make a fortune by holding onto the houses that were still under construction and unsold, go bankrupt and jump off buildings.

Of course, the true aristocrats and noble families do not care about such things. Their goal is unprecedented.

Find the priestess!

Defeat the priestess!

Gain recognition from the legendary White Lotus Secret Treasure!

Even if you're just a commoner who's not from a noble family, as long as you show your talent, an organization will immediately come and invite you to join the search for the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

All the major forces who have detailed information about the twin witches' power have urgently gathered experts from other God's Domains to help their own teams seize the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

Unfortunately, this plan quickly failed because these forces soon discovered that the sword area of the White Lotus Sword Domain was covered by a special rule.

Only those who possess the true mark of the White Lotus Secret Treasure can unleash their power in this area.

Heroes who haven't obtained the mark of the White Lotus Secret Treasure will instantly see their strength drop to a very low level and won't be able to fully harness their true power when they enter this sword area.

The sword area of the White Lotus Sword Domain has truly become a mysterious place.

From outside the White Lotus Sword Domain, everything in that area is shrouded in mist, making all the information and calculations obsolete.

On the outskirts of the misty area, organizations from other forces can set up camps and provide logistical support, but once they enter the depths of the mist, it becomes nearly impossible to proceed without the mark of the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

Yun Xi stayed in the outskirts for three days, which turned the whole White Lotus Sword Domain upside down.

Countless merchants went bankrupt and some even resorted to jumping off buildings.

A constant flow of resources from various God's Domains is transported through the star bridge of the Sky Tower.

Originally, there were only a few rare hero-ranked experts in the White Lotus Sword Domain, but now there are hundreds of them!

A small number of hero-ranked experts who were already in the White Lotus Sword Domain and obtained the mark of the White Lotus have become highly sought after by all the influential and noble families, who are willing to do anything to compete for them.

It looks like I have no choice but to go in. Yun Xi spent three days wandering around the camp on the edge of the White Lotus Sword Palace. Finally, he made up his mind.

The once peaceful life in the White Lotus Sword Palace was never the same again after the emergence of the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

Yun Xi, feeling the change in fate, finally remembered that he had been on the run all along.

The emergence of the White Lotus Secret Treasure caused the White Lotus Sword Palace to almost completely fall apart.

The disappearance of the twin witches represented the chaos that had engulfed the entire White Lotus Sword Domain.

In this situation, Yun Xi had a vague premonition that he was being drawn into a whirlpool.

To be honest, he himself was not particularly interested in the White Lotus Secret Treasure, Linjia. Therefore, he couldn't understand why others were so crazily obsessed with it.

Compared to the White Lotus Secret Treasure, perhaps what he cared more about were the twin witches, the White Lotus, and Red Lotus.

How should I say it? It's a feeling that you can't just ignore, and meeting them can be said to be the starting point of changing one's own destiny.

They were bound by the White Lotus Secret Treasure and became the guardians of the White Lotus Secret Treasure. Red Lotus, especially, had a hostile expression towards him.

However, Yun Xi always felt that there was something hidden in White Lotus' hesitant eyes when they finally met.

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