Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 922

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Chapter 922: Exchange

"Gulp!" Seeing the black candy in the cloak girl's hand, which seemed to emit a hint of heat, Yun Xi couldn't help but swallow his saliva.

With the professional eye of a hero-ranked baker, he swore that this was definitely a fifth-rank candy!

At the same time, it was the most delicious thing he had ever seen in his life.

The profession of a hero-ranked life occupation was already rare, even the fourth-level magic cookies from the colossal Ten Leaf Alliance were in short supply.

A fifth-rank candy could be a life-saving item when necessary!

"Eat, eat, it's free." The girl in the cloak tempted Yun Xi with a look that said, "This is a free treat."

"Oh... this is too precious!" Whether it's candy of rank four or rank five, they are things that money can't buy.

Yun Xi himself is a skilled baker of hero-ranked pastries. It takes a lot of effort to make golden cream pastries of rank four.

There's no way this rank five candy in front of him could be a free gift!

Speaking of which, the candy given to others just now were all high-quality ones starting from rank three, and some even approached rank four.

Who is this rich and generous young lady, giving out free treats here!

"No... it's just cheap candy, I have lots of them at home." The girl in the cloak told a white lie. If Yun Xi weren't a skilled baker himself, he might have actually believed her.

Correction: This is not just rich, it's like being as wealthy as a country!

The 5th-tier candy is so generous, giving it away to others is quite impressive!

"How about I trade bread, wine, and you?"

Yun Xi follows his principles and never takes advantage of others' things for free.

"Well, that's okay as long as I get to eat the candy!" The cape girl laughed like a child.

"Then, I'll trade these 4th-tier golden cream bread and some fine wine." Yun Xi really wanted those two candies.

Exchanging 4th-tier candy for 4th-tier golden cream bread is a fair trade.

Hydera's poisoned wine in exchange for a 5th-tier candy may seem like a loss for him, but Yun Xi really wanted that 5th-tier candy, so he had to let it go reluctantly.

"This bread is nice." The cape girl sniffed Yun Xi 's golden cream bread and had a surprised expression.

For some reason, Yun Xi felt like she didn't seem very happy.

"This drink..." Yun Xi received the cup of poison from Hydera, shimmering with a mesmerizing green color. The cloak-wearing girl couldn't help but gasp and cover her mouth.

"It's the legendary elixir of the gods!!!!"

It was a scream filled with disbelief and astonishment, simply beyond one's imagination!

"Oh my! Oh my!" The girl's voice sounded panicked as she ran out in a frenzy and crashed into the nearby makeshift camp, making strange noises like "clatter! clatter!"

Yun Xi looked at the girl, who fled in haste, with a perplexed expression. She seemed to have suffered a great loss.

This transaction, it was clearly in her favor.


"Gulp... Ugh..."

"Oh my! Oh my!" The cloak-wearing girl covered her mouth as a sweet-smelling liquid kept pouring out from her small mouth.

In front of her, there was a gigantic magic circle.

Eight strange and wicked tentacles extended from the magic circle, continuously delivering power from an indescribable world.

Specially-crafted candies appeared on the magic circle, the very ones that the cloak-wearing girl had sent out.

Originally, everything was orderly, but now the enchantment, with a touch of eerie beauty, was spiraling into chaos.

The eight black tentacles were twisting and tangling, some even forming a heart-shaped knot that exuded a girlish aura.

The reason for this turmoil was that among the "offerings" presented, there were some exceptionally dangerous things.

Hydera's poisoned wine, even in the era of gods, was considered the highest quality and perfect offering. Both the gods of justice and the evil deities loved this deadly drink.

Moreover, the Hydera poison wine brought forth by Yun Xi had been brewed since ancient times. Just a single drop could kill millions of creatures, more than sufficient to serve as a medium for summoning the true form of an evil deity.

So, the cloak girl who exchanged poison wine for candy with Yun Xi , has completed a contract that is absolutely not of equal value.

Normally, this would be a highly profitable transaction, but the cloak girl is not a normal human. She is a spokesperson who came here with a certain mission.

Giving out free candy isn't just about being wealthy enough to not care about these candies, it's for a hidden purpose.

Those who eat her candy are connected to an indescribable existence, planting the seeds for "that one's" arrival.

This is a contract, a contract between candy and another world.

Those who eat the candy will hear indescribable voices, gradually drawing closer to another world.

No one could have imagined that in this world, there would be someone foolish enough to exchange a god-like fine wine for a mere fifth-grade candy.

The cause and effect of the contract have been reversed.

Now, it was the cloaked girl's turn. She had to give something equal in exchange, otherwise the contract would be broken and the guardians of the Sky Sword God's Domain would find out, which would be a big problem.

"I'll give you candy, more candy, isn't that enough?"

As the one who initiated the contract, the cloaked girl had to chew her own saliva and work hard to make candy.

These were not mass-produced candies, each one was a masterpiece, a fifth-rank candy with a hint of divine power, carefully handmade by the girl's true form from the other world.


"Here you go! Remember to eat them all!" Holding a pile of candies almost half her height, the cloaked girl stopped Yun Xi from leaving.

"So many?" Yun Xi looked at the pile of black candies that looked freshly made, completely astonished.

"Altogether there are one thousand and eight pieces: one thousand pieces are level five, and eight pieces are level six." The cloak girl forcefully put the candy, piled into a pointed top, into Yun Xi's hands.

"Remember, I am Su, the candy-loving Su."

"In the future, we will definitely meet again."

"If there is more of that divine wine, feel free to come find me for candy."

After saying that, the cloak girl happily walked away with light steps, carrying a fruit basket to continue her distribution of rewards.

"Do you want candy? Sweet and delicious candy, oh."

"It's free and tasty, no money needed."

After the cloak girl left, Pafu crawled out from Yun Xi's chest, then suddenly expanded its body, swallowing all the black candies, catching Yun Xi off guard.

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