Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 921

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Chapter 921: The Candy-Giving Girl

On this day, many people were filled with joy.

Likewise, many people were filled with sadness and despair.

Those who received the blessings of the White Lotus Secret Treasure swore to seize this opportunity to challenge the seemingly unattainable twin witches.

The ones who truly understood the power of the twin witches started preparing various resources and making plans. They were willing to do anything, using all means necessary, to go all out for the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

The announcement of the impending battle for the White Lotus Secret Treasure, set to begin in three days, quickly disappeared from people's sight and entered the wild area of the Sword Zone.

Anyone who possessed the mark held a glimmer of hope as they ventured into the originally dangerous Sword Zone in pairs.

Many people took a gamble, hoping to take advantage of the situation.

The powerful children of prestigious families began to enlist the help of their families and even managed to gather a considerable number of hero-ranked experts within the short span of three days.

If it wasn't for the short three-day time limit, more powerful heroes would have entered the White Lotus Sword Domain.

The heroes who were already adventuring in the White Lotus Sword Domain were in high demand and even fought over.

Yun Xi, mingling in the crowd, shook his head as he watched the wealthy youngsters go almost completely crazy.

Whatever these people said, it was all to curry favor with White Lotus and Red Lotus.

Yun Xi had personally experienced the terrifying power of the twin witches in the world of the ancient dragons.

Of course, besides their unexpected power, Yun Xi was also very familiar with the warmth of their skin, and the softness of their bodies.

Due to this incident, the activities in the White Lotus Sword Palace were temporarily suspended. Many disciples of the White Lotus Sword Palace, who were also bearers of the White Lotus mark, joined in the competition for the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

For a moment, the entire White Lotus Sword Domain was filled with an atmosphere of anticipation.

The twin witches, who were guarding the White Lotus Secret Treasure, instantly became the targets of everyone's attacks.

Many arrogant and oblivious nobles clearly did not regard Red Lotus, who has never left the White Lotus Sword Domain, and White Lotus as important. They all seemed confident and pleased, as if the White Lotus Secret Treasure was already in their grasp.

"Why...did the White Lotus Secret Treasure appear so quickly?"

"I had only taken a petal...". Among everyone, perhaps only Yun Xi was greatly puzzled by the sudden appearance of the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

In the ancient dragon world, the petal he used was not a fake. It was a divine object capable of speaking believable lies that could deceive the entire world.

But this time, when the White Lotus Secret Treasure appeared again, the Linjia flower was completely intact, with not a single missing petal.

Could the Linjia flower really grow so quickly?

What happened in such a short period of time?

"Oh! Oh! Would you like some candy?" Just as Yun Xi was pondering, feeling that something was amiss, a friendly voice rang in his ears.

"Candy?" Yun Xi looked at the girl in a cape in front of him, with only half of her face visible.

The girl held a basket full of candy in her hands and smiled at Yun Xi , exuding an irresistibly cute aura.

"Yes, here are delicious candies, for free, no money needed."

"Give me a piece!"

"And give me one too!"

"This candy is really good, very sweet."

The people around naturally took the girl's candies and enjoyed them eagerly.

"Aren't you going to eat? The candies from my home are amazing." The girl, who noticed that Yun Xi was the only one who hadn't eaten any candy, took out a square candy that emitted a sweet fragrance and looked at him expectantly.

This candy... the quality is too high! As a hero-ranked baker, Yun Xi was surprised to discover that this square candy had reached a staggering fourth rank!

This is a magical candy, a small piece can make a person full of energy and filled with a sense of happiness.

The effect of this candy is comparable to the highest level bread that he can make now, using the most special bread in his hero-ranked collection.

Giving away this candy for free, isn't that too generous, young girl? Won't you go bankrupt?

"Delicious, delicious, give me another piece!"

"How much is this? I'll take ten pieces!"

"It's so sweet, I've never had such a delicious candy in my life!"

Similar to Yun Xi, almost everyone who has tasted this candy has been captivated by its tempting sweetness.

"One piece for three coins, no need to fight, there are plenty more." The girl smiled at the people around her, like a smiling angel, handing out valuable high-quality candies one by one.

Yun Xi could feel the happiness emanating from the girl as she handed out the candy.

Hmm, she's a good girl, Yun Xi thought.

"Aren't you going to eat?"

After nearly emptying the candy basket, the girl noticed that Yun Xi was still studying his piece of candy and showed no intention of eating it.

"What is this candy made of?" Yun Xi, a hero-ranked baker, suffered from his professional ailment because he discovered that this candy was made with ingredients he had never known before.

This candy had a slightly blackish squid ink color, but it emitted a delicious honey-like aroma that completely shattered Yun Xi's understanding.

So, there were candies like this in the world!

"Um... well..." The girl suddenly became hesitant and seemed embarrassed to talk about the ingredients used to make this candy.

For some reason, the candy that only Yun Xi received had a slightly different color from the others.

Just by smelling it, Yun Xi could sense the fragrance contained within, which seemed to be somewhat similar to the scent on Elise, the woman.

"I have something better, would you like it?" Yun Xi 's interest in the girl seemed particularly high, and he was very enthusiastic in giving out candy.

"Something better? Better than this?" Yun Xi widened his eyes. These were already fourth-ranked candies, were there even higher quality ones?

As the soul of a hero-ranked baker, his passion burned. He had never seen candies of this quality in his life!

"Wait a moment!" The girl ran to a place where Yun Xi couldn't see, then covered her cherry-like mouth with her hand.

"Yiya! Yiya! Yiya!"

A faint sound churned in the girl's throat, then gathered together.

"Goo... Mmm..." In no time, a square candy with a mysterious and tempting aura, shimmering in a dark light, appeared in the girl's snow-white little hand.

Compared to the candies she gave to others, this square candy was clearly two levels higher, and it was still hot.

"The one earlier didn't seem enough."

"Then, let's use this ultimate battle weapon!"

"In this world, no one can resist the candy I give out!"

After exerting great effort to create a fifth-rank, super soft candy, the girl's eyes became even more confident.

"Here, the best candy."

Running all the way to Yun Xi's side, the girl's smile was exceptionally bright.

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