Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 920

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Chapter 920: Echoes of the Secret Treasure

Just like the first time it appeared at the White Lotus Sword Palace, only Yun Xi was able to hear the sound coming from the flower of Linjia from the beginning.

It was a sound that seemed distant, as if it had experienced countless ages of refinement.

Yet, it was also very close, reaching straight to the heart, igniting the brilliance of one's wisdom.

Yun Xi's heart pounded with each sound, from the first to the third.

By the fourth sound, finally, other people also heard the sound coming from the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

Hua Huo, who was teaching Desert Dragon Zaka about ladylike manners, suddenly felt a jolt throughout her body. She hugged Zaka and flew up into the sky, landing on the roof of the White Lotus Sword Palace. They both looked up in astonishment at the swirling lights in the sky.

From that moment on, people started to pay attention to the signs of the White Lotus Secret Treasure reappearing in the world.

Surrounded by a spiral of colorful light, the twin witches held hands.

Looking down at the White Lotus Sword Domain, they saw a large white sphere floating behind them. Both of them had reluctant expressions on their faces.

When they noticed a certain watchdog on the ground, the big white sphere even twisted its body, as if mumbling something.

The spiral lights in the sky spread out, almost enveloping the entire White Lotus Sword Domain.

At that moment, the parents who had bought houses and moved their children into the White Lotus Sword Domain were truly lucky. They had encountered a once-in-a-millennium miracle.

White Lotus and Red Lotus looked at each other and nodded together.

The moment has come, the twin witches must fulfill their mission.

Long ago, Yun Hai the Sky Sword and the divine witches made a promise.

The divine witches of the White Lotus Sword Domain exist to protect the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

By taking care of the projected image of the White Lotus Secret Treasure and secretly collecting many books, Yun Xi nurtures the petals of the Sacred Tree Linjia.

All of this is for the awakening of the Sacred Tree Linjia.

For some reason, the previously active Sacred Tree Linjia had fallen into silence, but starting from yesterday, it suddenly became highly lively.

The Linjia flowers, which still had some time before blooming, unbelievably entered a fully mature stage.

Now, the countdown to the blooming of the flowers has begun.

The large white light sphere representing the projection of the White Lotus Secret Treasure proactively contacted the twin witches, who serve as guardians, to begin the ceremony for opening the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

Wearing a red witch's outfit, Red Lotus and White Lotus, dressed in a white witch's outfit, held hands as the maple leaf patterns on their sleeves extended and turned into an invisible chain that bound this pair of twin sisters.

The large white ball of light jumped and suddenly split into two halves, each merging into the bodies of the twin witches.

Back to back, holding hands, the twin witches' gaze suddenly became ethereal, signaling the arrival of an ancient promised time.

"The great beings have awakened in this era."

"The witches of destiny declare and execute."

"Like a gentle swaying sadness, endless entangled memories."

"The sadness that has been dormant here is about to awaken, turning into pale tears and cries."

The thread that connected the two intertwined and turned into a larger spiral.

"Your confusion."

"Your longing."

"Your memories."

"Your soul."

"All confirmed to exist here."


Waiting for you is an eternal illusion that cannot be spoken of, heard, or seen.

Only those who have completed the journey of time and fulfilled the unforgivable wishes of the lost can see the truth of everything.

Dust returns to dust, earth returns to earth. Only the soul remains eternally, unseen but everywhere...

When the White Lotus blooms, all gods step aside!

Pray, for the seeds have been planted and all things begin to grow.

Those who find the twin witches will find the door to the hidden treasure.

Those who defeat the twin witches will obtain the petals of the treasure.

The door has been opened, and the treasure belongs only to those chosen by fate.

With the announcement of the twin witches, beams of pure white light descended from the sky, as if washed by the river of time. Everyone who touched the light heard that voice.

It was the divine sound that unlocked wisdom.

It was the heavenly melody that shook souls.

That is a blessing from the Sacred Tree Linjia.

Those who receive the blessing will naturally see different symbols in their minds.

For every chime of the White Lotus Secret Treasure they hear, there will be a corresponding symbol in the runes.

The simplest one is just a lonely triangle or a circle.

But for those who have the talent for five or six tones, they will receive a five-pointed star, a hexagon, or a five-ring or six-ring symbol.

Hua Huo has runes composed of a total of ten rings.

Yun Xi has incredible runes with thirteen circles and a complex overlapping pattern of twelve pentagrams, which are the most complete and closest to the shape of Linjia petals.

"Is this... a mark?" Yun Xi observed the runes that suddenly appeared in his mind and felt an unprecedented sense of immense wisdom from them.

Compared to the first blessing he received from the White Lotus Secret Treasure, this one was simply insignificant.

"Yes, in three days, the White Lotus Secret Treasure will open." The twin witches appeared together in front of Yun Xi , each looking at him with different expressions.

White Lotus had a sweet and affectionate gaze, filled with tender love that could melt hearts.

Red Lotus had a hostile look, expressing strong animosity towards "Mei" for the first time so explicitly.

"To obtain the White Lotus Secret Treasure, one must gain the approval of the witches."

"You are one of the chosen seeds for the White Lotus Secret Treasure. From now on, we are enemies." Red Lotus stared at Yun Xi with a predatory gaze, as if sensing a formidable opponent.

"What rank is your mark? Fourth rank? Fifth rank?" Clearly, Red Lotus couldn't determine the limit of the runes on Yun Xi's body.

The rank of the mark for the White Lotus Secret Treasure is determined based on the affinity and talent one has for it.

At the moment, the highest rank known is Hua Huo, who is recognized as the strongest swordsman of the White Lotus Sword Palace. She has a rank of ten.

Um... Yun Xi hesitated, unsure if he should mention that he has a rank of thirteen for the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

Seems like this rank is very high, huh?

"I will deal with you in three days," said Red Lotus, looking at the plum in front of her. It has never been much of a match.

The only person who can be called a strong enemy is just one.

The owner of the plum, Hua Huo, has limitless potential and is completely beyond comparison.

If anyone can pass the twin witches' test and obtain the White Lotus Secret Treasure, it would be Hua Huo.

But first, she must defeat the twin witches.

Only those who find the twin witches are qualified to see the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

Only those who defeat the twin witches are qualified to obtain the White Lotus Secret Treasure!

Red Lotus, who has been given the task of guarding the final level of the White Lotus Secret Treasure, is now determined to fulfill her duty as a divine witch. She is filled with fighting spirit.

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