Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 928

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Chapter 928: The Dancing Sword

The power of the dragon soul was a completely inhuman power.

This power is a special ability that comes from combining the soul of a black dragon, who was killed by the ancestors of the Great Xia, with the energy of the Great Xia dragon vein for hundreds of years.

In theory, as long as the Great Xia dragon vein continues, the dragon soul power in the Black Flame Dragon Armor is limitless!

By harnessing the power of the dragon soul, one can enter a special state called the "Dragon Soul Moment" and instantly boost their body's reaction speed and strength by ten times!

However, it is very challenging for a human to fully utilize the power of the Black Flame Dragon soul as it puts a lot of strain on their physical body. Unless their own power matches that of the black dragon, it is impossible to use it for a long time.

Xia Jie only activates the dragon soul power in the Black Flame Dragon Armor when facing a real strong enemy, and the duration is usually limited to five minutes.

It's not that he doesn't want to use the dragon soul power for a longer time, but with his hero-ranked body, five minutes is the absolute limit for the Dragon Soul Moment!

Quick and decisive!

The colors of the world began to look dull in Xia Jie's eyes. There were only three simple colors: black, white, and the red of the enemies.

This wasn't the view of a human, but the view of the Black Flame Dragon Soul.

Stripping away all unnecessary things, focusing only on destruction and hunting down opponents in a black and white realm.

"I see you!" Xia Jie shouted as Yun Xi appeared behind him with unpredictable speed. Xia Jie swiftly turned around and locked onto Yun Xi's position, launching a powerful downward strike!

He became much faster... Yun Xi swung the Mist Ghost Sword and took a step forward.

With a flicker of black sword light blazing with fierce flames, Xia Jie cleanly tore apart his intended target, turning it into a black pillar of fire.

Something feels wrong in the touch! Xia Jie immediately sensed that it didn't feel like cutting through flesh and blood.

The one ignited was just an illusion formed by condensed mist.

Like a dream or an illusion, the reflection in the mirror is just like the hazy image of flowers and moon on water. This is one of the abilities of the Mist Ghost Sword, summoning an immortal mist spirit girl to take the place of Yun Xi, the man.

As for Yun Xi, his figure disappeared in the misty air.

"Where did he go?" This time, even Xia Ling couldn't see Yun Xi's position, which made her more convinced that Yun Xi's God Weapon is one of the "hundred ghosts."

"Up there!" Xia Jie's reaction speed, increased tenfold, allowed him to hear the faint sound of air being torn apart.

Like the graceful flight of a swallow.

The incredible skill of the Flying Swallow Sword - the Aerial Six Swallows Return - was something Yun Xi had always envied, thinking that he would never be able to use it in his lifetime.

Xia Jie roared, swinging his pair of dark swords like burning windmills, using the most reckless means to directly clash with the nimble sword light.

One sword, two swords, three swords!

Four swords, five swords, six swords!

Xia Jie, who appeared tall and strong, should have been more powerful. He used a large dark sword in both hands, which was heavier than Yun Xi's Mist Ghost Sword. However, he was the one who got pushed back.

Six Swallows Return hit exactly the same spot on the dark sword. It showcased Xia Ling's incredible sword skills, which fascinated her with its perfect control over the body.

After performing six consecutive aerial strikes, Yun Xi gracefully landed on the ground. Another mist spirit girl appeared, taking his place.

"Using the same move won't work a second time!" Xia Jie, who was taught a lesson by Yun Xi's aerial strikes, leaped into action. The dark sword spun, emitting a sharp and piercing sound.

"Behold my righteous impact!" Like a comet crashing into the ground, Xia Jie descended from a height of tens of meters, unleashing a powerful and overwhelming strike that affected a wide area.

Even Xia Ling couldn't help but nod in approval, applauding her arrogant older brother's attack.

Yun Xi, now known as the mist spirit, suddenly gained incredible power. This was partly due to the Dragon Soul within the Black Flame Dragon Armor, but it was also a natural gift to be able to harness such power.

Boom! The ground where the dark sword struck exploded, sending out a shockwave of black flames in the shape of a circular ring.

As the black flames touched the ground, it instantly burned and crystallized, leaving behind traces of the released Dragon Soul power.

The mist spirit girl, who had been standing where Yun Xi landed, evaporated again, just as Xia Jie finally spotted Yun Xi's new location.

It was far beyond his expectations. Not only was Yun Xi out of his reach, but he was even at a distance where Xia Jie could only see him from the corner of his eye.

Maybe... around two hundred meters away?

When did he move to that spot? His speed was simply unbelievable.

"It's time to end this..." Mist floated from Yun Xi's sword blade. He slowly bent down and took a step forward with his left foot.

In an instant, he crossed a distance of a hundred meters, not paying any attention to the black flames burning on the ground.

Thump! Xia Jie's heartbeat suddenly accelerated, as if warning him of the lethal nature of the upcoming strike.

It was an attack that even he, in his dragon soul moment, couldn't react to. It was like a declaration of death from the underworld, an unstoppable and unavoidable sword light.

Swoosh! Before the dark great sword could even defend itself, the Mist Ghost Sword pierced through Xia Jie's body, skillfully avoiding vital organs such as the heart. It pinned Xia Jie's body to the ground.

Hmm, after all, he couldn't kill him. At least not this prince of the Great Xia.

Yun Xi showed mercy. If this were a real battlefield, Xia Jie would have met his end with that strike, beyond any possibility of survival.

After countless trials of life and death, Yun Xi's swordsmanship has been honed to near perfection, even mastering the techniques of divine swords. Defeating Xia Jie, who solely relies on the power of the God Weapon, was too easy for him.

During his confrontation with Xia Jie, Yun Xi had already noticed that the prince of the Great Xia had very little experience in life-or-death battles, perhaps never encountering an opponent stronger than himself.

In contrast, starting from his first trial against the Green-Hide Hippo, Yun Xi has faced numerous monsters that nearly defeated him, gaining countless times more practical experience than Xia Jie.

In just two encounters, Yun Xi has already discovered Xia Jie's greatest weakness. He simply cannot control the power of the God Weapon, similar to Yun Xi when using the Starwings. However, the power of the Starwings far surpasses that of the Black Flame Dragon Armor by an immeasurable level.

Yun Xi found his opponent very easy to understand.

With just a simple taunt, his opponent revealed a major weakness and launched a wide-range attack. Then, with precision, Yun Xi made a deadly strike, declaring his victory.

"Be careful!"


At that moment, Xia Ling gave a warning. Yun Xi felt his grip on the Mist Ghost Sword tremble, as if it were being forced out of Xia Jie's body.

"Arghhhh!" Xia Jie's body shook violently, emitting an inexplicable roar of anger.

His strong and tall body convulsed relentlessly, his once furious eyes now turning completely frenzied.

"The power of the Dragon Soul is about to lose control!" Xia Ling couldn't believe what she was seeing as she watched the defeated Xia Jie.

Now, Xia Jie had entered a mode called "Tyrant," which was both feared and a terrifying talent.

If Xia Jie only relied on the power of the dragon soul, he wouldn't even rank in the top three among the inheritors of the Black Flame Dragon Armor throughout history.

However, the reason he was recognized as the prince of the Great Xia was because he had a natural and extraordinary talent.

When Xia Jie is in a rational state, he can probably unleash only one-tenth of the power of the Black Flame Dragon Armor.

But when Xia Jie loses his rationality, he becomes like a berserker from the Western God's Domain, surpassing the limits of his own flesh and blood, triggering the true power of the Great Xia's dragon veins!

No one knows how this talent came to be, but Xia Jie is the only confirmed prince of the Great Xia who possesses this "tyrant" talent.

Unlike those berserkers from the Western God's Domain, Xia Jie, when entering the "tyrant" mode, doesn't lose his rationality, but becomes extremely cruel, almost losing his humanity.

"You have angered me, foolish humans!" Xia Jie's eyes took on an inhuman vertical shape, evidence of his fusion with the dragon soul reaching its height.

In this state, Xia Jie was like a rampaging black dragon, exuding a deadly sense of oppression.

So the Great Xia truly possessed extraordinary abilities, as seen from the power of this God Weapon.

Yun Xi finally felt a hint of threat from his opponent.

As Xia Jie entered his tyrant mode, his explosive power, reflexes, and ability to control the dark flame dragon soul all greatly increased. The last point was crucial.

"Hiss!" The black flames coiling around the dark giant sword started to intensify and strengthen.

At this moment, Xia Jie's entire body was encased in black dragon flames, and the deep black armor emanated an irresistible aura.

The dark sword, now absorbing immense black flames, became even heavier, and the patterns on the blade underwent a tremendous change.

From Yun Xi's experience in the trial of the stars, if we were to consider the initial dark greatsword as the original weapon, then the current dark greatsword has been strengthened to at least a plus eight.

"Do not let him hit you, or you will die!" Xia Ling warns Yun Xi. Each strike from Xia Jie in this state comes with the burning of dragon flames, which almost ignores the opponent's defense.

In the tyrant mode, Xia Jie possesses overwhelmingly powerful attacks, which is why he is recognized as the Great Xia prince's trump card.

However, in this mode, Xia Jie is almost unrecognizable, cruel to the extreme, like an uncontrollable blade.

On the battlefield, once he enters this mode, even the Black Cavalry Guards, who serve as his personal guards, are not allowed to stay by Xia Jie's side. They can only watch as he madly slaughters his opponents.

Xia Jie's reputation as a tyrant has spread throughout the Great Xia army because of this.

For an army that values strength, they not only do not reject Xia Jie but also support this cruel and strong prince.

His talent in swordsmanship is actually not as good as Xia Ling's, but once he goes berserk, his combat power is immeasurable.

Yun Xi nodded, realizing that Xia Jie's attack at this moment had caused him great harm.

"Hahaha!" Xia Jie raised the dark giant sword in his hand and let out a laugh that was not human-like.

"Accept your punishment, foolish humans!"

Yun Xi observed the dark giant sword and was certain that his opponent had been enhanced to the maximum value, probably by tenfold.

No wonder Xia Jie is so confident now. This is a turning point.

The dark giant sword at this moment is covered in never-ending black flames. Even if touched by a trace of it, it would probably be burned to ashes.

"Now is the time for killing!" Xia Jie, who had entered the tyrant mode, didn't have anything in this world that could affect him except for his sister.

In this mode, he finally gained the ability to control the black dragon's flames.

"Eat my Black Dragon Wave!" He raised his left hand high, and countless black flames roared out of Xia Jie's body, forming a menacing dragon shadow as they flew towards Yun Xi.

"Turn to ashes!" This was Xia Jie's command, his judgment on Yun Xi.

Yun Xi shook his head, realizing that he would have to use even more power.

The Flying Swallow Sword didn't seem to be enough.

So, he decided to use a higher-level sword technique, one that came from Heavenly Demon Elise's memories. Even in the face of mythological creatures like Cerberus, he could wield this sword technique with ease.

This sword technique may not have reached the level of divine sword skills, but it was definitely one of the strongest below divine sword skills.

The Princess Elise, also known as the Killing Princess, is skilled in using the Dancing Sword. It moves gracefully like a dance, with spinning steps on the battlefield.

Elegant and magnificent, Elise always appears effortless, symbolizing the never-ending dance of a beautiful princess.

"Tap!" The Mist Ghost Sword rises, and Yun Xi's figure turns into a fleeting phantom as he enters the battlefield filled with black flames.

The black dragon shadow sweeps across the land but cannot stop the beautiful dance steps. Using only three dance moves, Yun Xi crosses the area covered by the dragon shadow and appears before the undefeated Xia Jie.

The Dancing Sword from the Killing Princess once again shines in this world.

With his black ponytail flying, Yun Xi's Mist Ghost Sword spins forward to the melody of a waltz, striking Xia Jie's Black Flame Dragon Armor once more.

In his rage, Xia Jie lifts his dark sword, which is ten times more powerful. He launches a furious counterattack against Yun Xi.

However, his dark sword, which is capable of delivering a deadly blow, cannot even capture Yun Xi's shadow.

Yun Xi, who was dancing the waltz, easily avoided all of Xia Jie's attacks as if guiding a dance partner, rendering Xia Jie's violent strength useless.

It was a princess-like dance on the edge of a blade.

It was a perfect sword technique that dazzled Xia Ling.

Yun Xi could see every movement and sword trajectory of Xia Jie clearly.

The Dancing Sword was an incredible sword technique that displayed graceful princess-like dance moves even on the bloodiest of battlefields.

The mist spirits called forth by the Mist Ghost Sword danced gracefully with Yun Xi.

After three minutes, Xia Jie fell to the ground, his dark greatsword impaled before him, a symbol of the end of a hero.

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