Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 914

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Chapter 914: Astonishing Charm

Pushing open the door to her own room, Yun Xi strolled through the corridor of the Starwings Knights' dedicated girls' dormitory with an unprecedented light and brisk pace.

The black maid uniform that she had never been able to fully get used to not only became more form-fitting after acquiring the memories of the Killing Princess, but its material and luster also became increasingly exquisite and captivating.

Though it was the style of a maid uniform, it made Yun Xi exude the elegance of a princess. This was the aura of the Killing Princess.

Even bathed in blood, a princess is still a princess.

All the members of the Starwings Knights who saw Yun Xi couldn't help but cover their small mouths and looked at today's exceptionally beautiful and captivating "Mei" with shining faces.

Perhaps only Yun Xi himself hadn't realized just how astonishing his charm had become after forming a contract with the Heavenly Demon.

As demonic creatures capable of tempting even Buddhist monks, Heavenly Demons possessed irresistible charm regardless of their type.

By forming contracts with four Heavenly Demons simultaneously, Yun Xi also inherited some of their talents.

The Enchantress's charm.

The Saint Demon's wisdom.

The Asura's strength.

The Impermanent's mystery.

The blend of the four Heavenly Demons' auras, along with the memories inherited from Elise, resulted in the current "Mei."

Beautiful and elegant.

Mysterious and dangerous.

It was a charm that caught one's gaze at first glance, a unique allure of long black hair.

“Huh... Mei... you look so beautiful today..." Even the dimwitted secretary who had always been called the brainless busty one by the Starwings Knights' commoners' faction noticed that Mei today was extraordinary.

“Is that so?”

“Really? It looks plain to me." After repeatedly envisioning various postures of the Heavenly Demons, Yun Xi didn't think that the black-haired maid in the mirror was particularly beautiful.

Compared to the Heavenly Demons, she was just average.

“Her skin... has become fairer..."

“The texture of her hair has also improved..."

“Her... chest has also grown a little..."

"Compared to the muddled sorcery of Ling Ling, Mei Lan examined herself thoroughly from head to toe and came to a conclusion that would make all the girls in the Starwings Knights scream.

Mei has truly become more beautiful.

Moreover, the change in her aura is even greater than the change in her appearance.

That composed feeling, that elegant and captivating aura, she had only seen it before in the Starwings Knights' leader, Hua Yue.

The current Mei truly resembled a princess.

"Oh my, it's not just an illusion. Mei, what skincare product did you use?"

"Yes, hiding secrets is not good. Mei, which product from God's Domain is it?"

"Your... chest has even grown, Mei. Did you use cosmetics with demon dragon blood in them?"

In just that short one minute, Yun Xi was surrounded by the girls of the Starwings Knights.

Topics about skincare, cosmetics, and chest maintenance are the never-ending focus for the girls.

"Um... no... really, there is no such thing..." Yun Xi, covered in sweat, looked at the Starwings Knights members who had enclosed him.

When it comes to skincare products and cosmetics, he really has no clue!

As an upright gentleman, how would he know the topics that these girls are interested in?

He doesn't even know whether lavender essential oil is extracted by frying or boiling.

"Then why do you smell so good, Mei?"

"Yeah, yeah, what kind of perfume is this? I've never smelled it before!"

"This smooth skin, sob sob, Mei, you shouldn't keep it a secret. I've been worried about my skin getting dry lately!"

"Yesterday, my hair wasn't this soft!"

The girls' curiosity was strong, their actions decisive; Yun Xi's struggle was destined to fail.

The girls, who naturally loved skinship, almost melted Yun Xi with their passionate gazes.

Many of them were even wearing pajamas, revealing cute lingerie and beautifully sculpted arms, without a trace of wariness towards Yun Xi.

"Gah! Gah!"

"Look over there, a fool who has fallen into the abyss."

"They're already beyond saving, there's no cure!"

"It's not surprising if they're devoured at any time, day and night without rest, they're doomed!"

Several bloodthirsty birds flew around Robin, issuing malicious cursed prophecies towards the devilish Yun Xi.

"What chaos... my future..." As a mysterious sect's prophet who has been dealing with all sorts of peculiar things since childhood, Robin rubbed her forehead.

She was just here to have breakfast, but she didn't expect to witness such a thrilling scene.

It's obvious that "Mei" made a deal with some undisclosed entity and gained an otherworldly charm.

Looking at the girls surrounding her, one by one, they were all abnormal.

Hmm, it's better to stay far away from her, otherwise, if I get involved too, it will be disastrous for me.

"A gold piece will always shine."

"Mei has always been a charismatic person."

Sitting next to Robin, Hua Yue, the leader of the Starwings Knights, revealed a meaningful smile.

"You all spoil her too much," Robin stirred the sugar cube in her cup.

After joining this organization called the Starwings Knights, I realized it's essentially "Mei's Knight Order."

Unconditional love for Mei.

Being fed Mei's bread all day long.

The day won't start without seeing Mei.

Whatever Mei says is right.

Whatever Mei does is good.

You're all poisoned! It's called "Mei's poison"!

"On the contrary, it's not that we spoil Mei too much, but rather Mei spoils us too much." Hua Yue elegantly drank her breakfast milk and tore open the freshly served Starwings Knights' exclusive cream bread.

Taking a bite of the golden cream bread, Hua Yue revealed a happy and gentle expression.

"In this world, there is no one who cares about us more than Mei."

"If it weren't for Mei, the Starwings Knights wouldn't exist."

"Mei doesn't need the Starwings Knights now, on the contrary, the Starwings Knights can never be separated from Mei."

"Don't you find it strange, this kind of relationship?" As the newest member to join the Starwings Knights, Robin has always been unable to understand why the bond between this knightly order and Mei is so intimate.

It's beyond the description of "comrades of the knightly order" or "friends," but rather a bond that surpasses sisterhood and brotherhood, tighter than blood ties.

What's even more peculiar is that after joining the Starwings Knights, she, who had always been unconsciously ignored as the being of nightmares, has begun to integrate into this group.

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