Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 915

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Chapter 915: Shocking Treasure

This isn't right, no one knows better than Robin how terrifying the curse entangling her is.

People, always subconsciously forgetting her presence, unable to remember her name.

She's like air, even on bustling streets, she's like an invisible phantom, unnoticed by anyone.

For assassins, this is probably a desired talent, but Robin doesn't want to be an assassin, she longs for true friends.

For her past self, that was truly a luxury wish.

Now, this wish has been granted.

After joining the Starwings Knights, the girls in the Starwings Knights would all greet her proactively and see her as one of the order's members.

They can see her, not ignoring her presence.

It's just such a simple thing that anyone would take for granted, but for Robin, the Blooded Killer of the Ten Leaves League, ranked in the top ten in the entire Eastern God's Domain, it is deeply moving.

Perhaps, she's also been poisoned.

Named "Mei," the incurable disease.

"Get used to it sooner, and you'll probably understand what I mean soon."

Seeing Robin's conflicted expression, Hua Yue shrugged.

In this Starwings Knights, Robin is not the only one with secrets.

"Should I also learn to apply makeup?" Even Robin herself had forgotten that she had such girlish hobbies when she was still human.

Becoming an assassin wasn't what she liked, but rather she had nowhere else to go except for the Ten Leaves League.

In the world of the imperial court, aristocracy, and Blooded, only the Blooded could accept her cursed existence.

She never personally killed anyone, she was just a tragic witness.


"This is trouble!" Finally escaping from the encirclement of the Starwings Knights' girls, Yun Xi realized that he seemed to be attracting more attention today.

Countless female disciples of the White Lotus Sword Palace were chasing after him, asking what special skincare products, cosmetics, and breast enlargement medicine he used.

He didn't have any of those things, so why did his chest get bigger? It's totally not his fault!

Pafu! The tiny Pafu emerged from Yun Xi's chest, its translucent green body visibly larger.

There, this is the culprit behind Yun Xi's enlarged chest.

And who knows what special nutrients Pafu absorbed, Yun Xi woke up to find the tiny Pafu's delicate body had started growing.

Along with that, Yun Xi's own chest measurement increased a size that he himself didn't even notice. It was truly a trivial matter for him as a male.

Unfortunately, that was his own perception. He thought that the slight and insignificant change was dreamlike for the girls.

Overnight, without using any secret padding or other props, it truly and instantaneously grew larger. It was simply a miracle!

Completely unaware of the Starwings Knights' obsession with the chest, Yun Xi was destined to become the target of attention.

Now, he couldn't even attend classes, so Yun Xi could only hide once again in his own paradise – the White Lotus Secret Treasure room.

Coincidentally, he also needed to inquire about his progress in cultivating the Paranirmita Vasavartin Scroll from the Big White Light Sphere.

In the empty secret room, the white, soft light sphere floated in the center of the room like a cloud, occasionally lazily turning its body, enjoying the utmost leisure.

Ever since handing the introductory chapter of the Paranirmita Vasavartin Scroll to that little guy who always came uninvited, the Big White Light Sphere had been leading a carefree life.

Originally, the White Lotus Secret Treasure room was a forbidden place for outsiders, with the highest level of secrecy in the entire White Lotus Sword Domain.

Except for the moments when the top ten graduates of the White Lotus Sword Palace, who had obtained recognition, came here for enlightenment, this treasure room would never be open to outsiders.

Even the twin witches, who were divine priestesses, only entered this room once a year.

On average, out of 365 days a year, the Big White Light Sphere, as the projection of the White Lotus Secret Treasure, had less than 24 hours of contact with beings like humans.

The rest of the time, it could sleep in whatever posture it liked, transform into whatever appearance it desired, completely indulging in carefree leisure.

Until that bastard kid with the Sky Sword mark started treating this place as his own rest area, running over every few days to complain to it and even squeezing and rubbing it.

In its entire life, the Big White Light Sphere had never been so disrespected by anyone, and unfortunately, its setting prevented it from retaliating against this guy.

Finally, it could only throw away the the Paranirmita Vasavartin Scroll that couldn't be practiced by non-monks at all, preparing to out of sight, out of mind.

Today, it was also prepared to have a good night's sleep.

Hmm, as for today, it loved the sleeping posture of moving in a full 360-degree arc, that was its absolute favorite.

“Hoo! Hoo!" The peculiar rhythm echoed in the silent treasure room, it was a type of great Tao Halo rhythm, an excellent lullaby.

"Pa!" With a sound, the door opened.

Yun Xi, dressed in a black maid outfit, barged into a certain light sphere's private space, then hugged the soft and white light sphere, leaning her entire body against it.

Damn it, why did she come again! If the big white light sphere could have expressions, it would definitely be a huge "囧" character.

This damn watchdog, always coming to disturb the great White Lotus Secret Treasure's sleeping time!

"Hoo... Indeed, this place makes people feel at ease." Yun Xi lay on the fluffy big white light sphere, this irresistibly comfortable feeling whether lying or sitting, it was just too amazing.

Truly worthy of being the projection of the great sacred tree Linjia, it was always useful in any circumstance.

"............" The big white light sphere remained silent on this matter, even resistance was impossible, it could only endure.

However, why did this brat come again so quickly? Wasn't he supposed to have gone astray and cried while returning the Six-eyed Heavenly Demon after practicing that the Paranirmita Vasavartin Scroll?

There weren't any serious aftereffects from failing to practice the Paranirmita Vasavartin Scroll, but if he couldn't collect enough emotional power while wearing the Six-eyes Demon Mask, he would have consecutive nightmares for many days.

This was just a small punishment for this watchdog, letting him know what it meant to be out of one's depth and to be incapable.

The Paranirmita Vasavartin Scroll, such a thing, it was impossible for mere mortals to successfully cultivate it.

"Um... Lord Linjia, I've mastered the introductory chapter of the Paranirmita Vasavartin Scroll." Leaning on the big white light sphere, Yun Xi reported good news.

"??????" White question marks appeared one after another on the big white light sphere.

Is this brat having a fever, what nonsense is he talking about all of a sudden?

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