Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 913

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Chapter 913: Whispering of the Heavenly Demons

"Alright! Stop!"

After roughly thirteen rounds of visualization, Yun Xi found it difficult to restrain himself.

The allure of Elise's Heavenly Demon form was even more terrifying than what was recorded in the Paranirmita Vasavartin Scroll.

Naturally enticing, the slender figure of the Enchantress was captivating.

With a divine temperament, the Saint Demon occasionally revealed her snow-white skin.

Full of aggression, Asura seemed ready to charge at him at any time and have their way with him.

Wearing a beautiful Western-style dress, the petite Impermanent exuded a sense of forbidden desire.

With each transformation, Yun Xi felt his noble and righteous heart face a great challenge.

No matter which Heavenly Demon form Elise assumed, they were equally enticing and made one desire to commit forbidden acts.

Moreover, he knew that no matter what he did, no matter how he sinned, he wouldn't be punished. It was simply maddening.

Now, Yun Xi could understand why Buddhist monks who practiced the Paranirmita Vasavartin Scroll would tread on thin ice and be cautious.

In just a single thought, one could descend into the eighteen layers of hell!

"Yes, master." Unlike her own reckless mothers, Elise knew when to unleash the power of the Heavenly Demon and when to stop.

This must be an epiphany from the great stars.

"Today's session ends here. I'll come back next time for further contemplation," Yun Xi wiped the sweat off his forehead, fortunate that there was no concept of time in the Heavenly Demon illusion. The Paranirmita Vasavartin Scroll truly deserved to be the scripture of Buddhism.

"Elise is always ready to answer your call, master."

"No matter when, master can summon Elise," Elise said with a mischievous smile, digging a big hole for Yun Xi.

"Hmm, I'll need your help in the future," Yun Xi, completely unaware of the terrifying entity he had created, left the ambiguous Heavenly Demon illusion with satisfaction.

After Yun Xi left, Elise's gaze instantly changed.

It was a very, very dangerous yet incredibly pure gaze, like a pitch-black abyss of profound stars.

"Oh my, this is really a blood loss!"

Enchantress's figure appeared behind Elise, pouting discontentedly.

"This is fate, irresistible."

Saint Demon's figure also emerged, she who had once been the last victor, had regret in her eyes, but more importantly, a calm acceptance of this fate.

"I yearn for battle, leave the fighting to me!"

Asura, who had also accepted this fate, licked her lips and revealed a bloodthirsty gaze.

Silent amidst them was Elise, her Six-eyed Heavenly Demon still in a fragmented state.

Under the scouring of the memories of the starry sky, Impermanent suffered the impact of more than ninety percent of the enormous memory fragments, teetering on the brink of collapse.

In order to survive and to continue existing, the four Heavenly Demons had no choice but to join forces and sign a completely unequal contract with Yun Xi.

The result of the contract was the birth of "Elise", a brand new Heavenly Demon with the combined power of the four Heavenly Demons.

However, the original Enchantress, Saint Demon, Asura, and Impermanent did not disappear, but coexisted with the newly born Elise.

Or rather, the young Starry Celestial Demon Elise was actually a manifestation of a part of each of the four Heavenly Demons.

From this perspective, Elise is both the child of the four Heavenly Demons and the four Heavenly Demons themselves.

"Elise, never did I imagine that I would also have a day to acquire Impermanent's true name," Enchantress looked at the silent Impermanent with curiosity on her face and asked, "Wasn't Impermanent's true name sealed away?"

"That's because the absolute inequality of the contract allowed her true name to be known. This is probably Impermanent's only weakness," Saint Demon logically analyzed the reason for the leak of Impermanent's true name.

So Impermanent has this weakness after all, I never knew before.

Asura licked his lips and eagerly looked at Impermanent wearing a broken mask:

“Do you want to fight?”

“I've never fought Impermanent before!”

Asura, as the most combative race among the superior Heavenly Demons, never feared any opponent, not even Impermanent as a Supreme Heavenly Demon.

“Die.” Impermanent coldly looked at the challenging Asura and slowly extended a finger.

Asura, who was locked on by Impermanent's finger, suddenly started to deform drastically, as if something extremely terrifying was about to burst out from within him.

A strange rhombus shape protruded from Asura's chest, becoming more and more apparent.

Three seconds later, Asura's body shattered with a crisp sound.

“Impressive, this is the first time I've seen Impermanent make a move, truly invincible!” Enchantress exclaimed excitedly as she watched the dismembered Asura.

“Impermanent, the most mysterious Heavenly Demon with unparalleled power.” Saint Demon didn't miss any details, recording every move Impermanent made and analyzing frame by frame.

“Come, let's fight again!” After being instantly killed, Asura resurrected in the same spot ten seconds later and charged towards Impermanent once more.

Elise shrugged her shoulders and decided to ignore the Heavenly Demon war behind her.

Moms are really energetic, even though they've become one, no one can kill anyone.

Hmm, I better continue practicing and wait for the summoning from my master!

“Good morning, Mei'er!” Yun Xi, who woke up from the Heavenly Demon illusion, hugged her Golden-Haired Princess tightly and took a deep breath.

Ah, definitely feels like the day hasn't started if I don't take this breath every morning!

“Master, is there something good happening?” Mei'er also happily absorbed Yun Xi's scent, even more vigorously than Yun Xi.

“Hmm, I've made some progress in my cultivation.” Yun Xi jumped off the bed and put on her greatsword maid attire.

Not bad, indeed different from before!

Perhaps due to inheriting memories from the previous greatsword maid, the Killing Princess, the girl in the mirror appeared even more graceful and confident than usual.

This is the true princess, the most dazzling crown at the ball.

Even though her whole body was stained with Cerberus' blood, she was still captivatingly beautiful.

“I will remember, I must kill any Demon Human I encounter.”

“And also, take care of that Cerberus.”

Inheriting all the memories of the Killing Princess Elise, Yun Xi became more adept at using the black maid attire.

This black maid attire, stained with Cerberus' blood, also revealed its full functionality to Yun Xi for the first time, representing her passing its test and becoming a true greatsword maid, inheriting the honor and mission of the Killing Princess.

Yun Xi finally realized that this black greatsword maid attire had three completely different modes.

The "maid" mode in its normal state.

The "Princess" mode when wearing the kingdom's crown.

And the battlefield-exclusive, ruthless and fearsome "Slaughter" mode.

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